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And So It Goes..
Posted November 07, 2011 at 06:37:13 PM by Bean in the Beer category
I spent a good portion of the evening in the basement trying to catch up on various brewing chores that have fallen by the wayside. The key word in that first sentence is "chores". Until recently, I looked at my time spent maintaining my brewing gear and fermentables as part of the hobby.. preparation if you will. But with increased responsibilities (and stress) at work and a mobile one-year-old roaming the rooms at home, I'm finding it harder and harder to put a lot of effort into my brewing - let alone the tedious maintenance tasks that go along with it.

My kegs sit empty (or full) for months on end. There's mold forming in a few spots inside my cold room. IBADS is a fond memory. My AC is about to go out... and I'll have a heck of a time replacing it in the fall and winter. The beer lines are all crusty with the dregs of beers long drank. There's a leak in my CO2 line that I can't seem to track down. I no longer have the drinking capacity (or friend capacity) to keep 4 taps in regular service, so my faucets get crusty with disuse. I've had entire batches of beer (30+ gallons!) go bad simply because I didn't have time to nurture them along the path to drinkability.

It's with a heavy heart that I admit it, but I have to make a major change - I have to scale back. If I don't, I risk ruining this hobby for myself once an for all. No more 30 gallon batches... no more lineup of taps... no more Schy's Tavern in the basement. As much as I love brewing beer, I just can't drink enough to support my current brewing habit. I'm tearing out the cold room, taking down the bar, and selling off my large batch equipment. Until I'm able to take the big leap into real deal commercial brewing (when I retire), I'm turning my attention to the things that really matter to me... now.

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