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Knobstone - Take 1
Posted July 20, 2010 at 01:57:07 PM by Bean
Lat weekend, Mothereffer/cuz and I decided to go hiking and camping along the Knobstone Trail. We took a minimal set of equipment (no tents) and hiked in from the Jackson Road trail head which is about a 6 mile hike from the Deam Lake trail head by my house, our final destination.

The first few miles were pretty rough. There's quite a bit of up and down as you hop from knob to hollow to knob to hollow. We stopped about 3.5 miles in (2.5 miles from the exit) and set up camp. We chose the bank of a dry creek bed as out site, as it had obviously been used before and there was already a fire pit with a few logs around it for seating. Brad built a small lean-to style shelter and I hung my hammock from some trees and got a fire going.

Then it started raining.

Then it started pouring.

Then the thunder and lightning kicked in... and lasted for about an hour and a half.

Brad's shelter kept the water from falling on him, but the rain was so torrential that most of bank pooled up with inches of water and soaked him from underneath. I had packed a poncho, so I put it on and sat in the rain and waited for the storm to pass. Our blazing fire got put completely out and the dry creek started flowing a little bit, then a lot. By the time the rain stopped, the creek was 40' across and not something I'd try to wade through. It was neat to see the water level come up so quickly, and then go back down just as fast.

After the rain, we dried off our stuff, ate some pudding, then tried to get some sleep. I can't speak for Brad, but I know that I got a solid 3-4 hour in before dawn woke me.

In the morning, we ate some granola bars, drank some water, and hiked out. The hike out, thankfully, was quite a bit easier than the hike in.

Good times! We will be back.
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