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Tripple Plug
Posted May 06, 2009 at 07:12:01 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
I havent plugged any plugs in a while, so here we go.

Soda Water
Okay... it's a replug... I've blogged about this one before. It satisfies the need for something other than boring, tepid water and has no calories, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners. Win-win-win!

Instant Coffee
Lots of people think instant coffee sucks. Most of them have never tried it. I drink one (1) cup of instant coffee every morning, on the way in to work. We no longer have to keep a coffee maker around, nor bother with cleaning it or keeping filters in stock. Also, I can vary the strength of the coffee from cup to cup with ease and go from no coffee to ready to drink coffee in 1 minute.

Resolve Deep Clean Powder
3 years ago, irwin puked on my bedroom carpet and the proceeded to rub it into the carpet in an attempt to clean it. The stain resisted steam cleanign and many different spray on treatments. A few weeks ago, I worked some of this stuff into the 16" circular stain, waited 20 minutes, and vaccumed it up. GONE! Highly reccomend you give it a shot if you've got a stubborn stain that you've given up on.
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