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FatDuck Results
Posted April 06, 2009 at 10:50:23 AM by Bean

Congrats Scuba Steve for losing the most weight (by both percent and pounds)!
Stef and I watched the BSG series finale last night. I thought it was okay, but I'm having trouble trying to put everything together. I decided to start with a basic time line of civilizations and whatnot... at least as far back as I can.

It has to start with a very vague "given": A planet called Kobol existed, and on it there were at least 2 races... human and cylon. It's unclear if the cylons were robotic, humaniod, or both. It's also unclear is there was a 3rd race.. the "Lords" of Kobol.

So, on Kobol, the cylons split ways with the humans and depart to find their own planet. During the 2000 years that passes before the remaining humans on Kobol depart for the 12 colonies, a lot happens with the cylons (called the 13th tribe). They find Old Earth, live there, (maybe transition to humanoid form), switch to sexual reproduction (shedding resurrection), and invent their robotic cylons. So they basically turn into humans... at least that's how it seems. The Cylons that they create eventually rebel and destroy Old Earth. The final 5 are humanoid cylons that reinvented resurrection just before the rebellion, and survived the attack by resurrecting on board an escape ship. They departed for the 12 colonies to "break the cycle", i.e. warn them to be nice to their robotic slaves, or face rebellion. Alas, they arrive too late and find a war raging. They contact the cylons and convince them to end the war in return for resurrection and humanoid cylon technology. The 12 colony cylons had at this point already attempted to create hybrids for the transition into humanoid form, but failed. So the war ends, the cylons and final 5 retreat and form the home colony, and life goes on... for 40 years. During that time, the final 5 create 8 models of humanoid models for the cylons and outfit them with resurrection technology. The first of the new humanoid cylons created (Cavil) assists the final 5 in creating the remaining models. He eventually betrays the final 5, boxes them, and plants them in the 12 colonies for kicks while reprogramming the remaining models to erase any sense of where they came from. As their leader, he wages the second war that destroys most of humanity in the 12 colonies, leads the chase that makes up the bulk of the series, the grab for Hera, etc. In the end, we have a few Old Earth humanoid cylons, a few newer cylon-made humanoid cylons, a few thousand humans from the 12 colonies, and a planet full of apes... aka our ancestors here on New Earth.

Is that right?
Bean's Big Brew 2009
Posted April 01, 2009 at 06:00:31 PM by Bean in the Beer category
Here's something!

Brew 30 gallons of delicious beer on Saturday, April 11, 2009, in my basement.

We will be brewing all day... that is to say, from about 10am to about 10pm. We will also be drinking all day... that is to say from about 10am to 10pm. Lunch and dinner will be the traditional IBADS fare - Domino's. I'll provide homebrew and Miller Lite on tap until it's gone... then we can improvise.

Lineup (recipes pending):
Amber - for Geoff and Jessica's upcoming wedding
St. Chuck's or OHP - for in house replenishment
Saison - to use up some of the fancy Belgian yeasts I acquired.

I can't do it alone. I will need other brewers... people interested in helping, watching, or learning... and people to drink with me while I wait out the mash. I've talked to many of you who have expressed interest in brewing beer, so this is for you. Everyone is invited - just let me know you are coming beforehand. Come on down, stay a while. We've got spare bedrooms.
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