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Lost: Season 5 So Far
Posted February 26, 2009 at 07:47:26 AM by Bean in the Lost category
At first, I was disappointed with the introduction of time travel into the LOST world. There have been hints at it throughout the show, but season 5 really brings it to the forefront. Time travel, much like the flash-backs and flash-forwards of seasons past, allow the writers to tell a story in whatever order they like... leaving out big chunks only to fill them in later. At this point, I've accepted the fact that time travel is going to play a major role in the final "answer" to LOST, so I am embracing it in all of it's paradoxical glory. Following are a few very short recaps of the first 7 episodes of this season. I'm happy with them so far, particularly the scenes where we get to dig into the island's mysterious past. Each episode links to a much better recap done by someone with more spare time than I.

Because You Left
The season opens in the period of old timey Dharma, around 1980 - Dr. Marvin Candle wakes up, checks on his baby, and heads over to the arrow to make a video. He's interrupted by a team that is in the process of discovering the "exotic matter" and the frozen donkey wheel. The best part is: Dan is there! Back in the real world, Ben and Jack are busy trying to convince the O6 to return to the island. On the island, the Losties that were left behind (the Lefties) seem to have come dislodged in time, and are jumping back and forth between the future and the past. Locke has some interaction with Richard, and in the final scene, Daniel talks to hatch-bound Desmond (circa 2003ish?) and tells him to go see his Mom - Eloise - right before another flash.

The Lie
A lot of this episode follows the adventures of Hurley and Sayid back in the real world. Neither of them want to go back to the island, but we all know what's goign to happen eventually. Some of the Lefties get captured by The Others in 1954, and get accused of leaving a bomb behind on the island. The title of teh episode refers to teh scenes where we see the O6 planning the "lie" that they use to return to the real world. In the end, we see Eloise Hawking (Faraday?) workign some math and using a ginat pendulum to locate a way back to teh island, and letting good old Ben know.

Desmond and Penny have a little boy named Charlie - how cute. Desmond wakes up suddenly needing to go see Dan's mom - as if a new memory has been planted in his head (by Dan in the past). When he goes to Oxford looking for Dan's mom, he finds some poor girl that's had her brain fired by Dan's experiments, and learns that the woman he seeks in in LA. Who knew? Back on the island, we meet said mom, along with Charles Widmore. They are both Others in 1954. Locke and Richard continue their complicated conversations that span the past 50 years... their paths cross many times. As it turns out, "Jughead" is a big H-bomb that the Army left on the island in 1954. It's leaking, and Richard thinks that Daniel and his crew of time-leaping buddies are the Army, coming back to retrieve it. Dan plays along so he can get a look at it, then tells them to just bury it. Also, everyones noses are statign to bleed form all teh time jumping.

The Little Prince
While there is a bunch of off-island plot movement in this episode (most related to Kate, Sun, and Aaron), the real treats were the scenes with the Lefties on the island. We find out that the Lefties have jumped to a time period that they have already been in! Sawyer witnesses the birth of Aaron, Locke see's the hat5ch light from the nigh Boone dies, and nosebleeds continue. We also see Jin get rescued by none other than Danielle the bat-shit crazy French lady, back when her crew initially found the island.

This Place Is Death
We get to see a lot of Smokey/Temple shots in this episode as Danielle's early days on the island are explained and she goes insane. Her crew gets taken, infected, or obsessed with the smoke monster and she feels like she needs to kill them. She tries to Kill Jin too, but he flashes again and is reunited with the Lefties. He's been floating in the ocean and jumping along with them the whole time. More nosebleeds occur. The off island crew all end up meeting at Eloise's church, getting ready to get their instructions on how to get back.

This episode reveals the Lamppost hatch and brings the 06 (5?), along with their proxies and Ben and a bunch of other people onto Ajira Flight 316 (piloted by noe other than crazy Frank), which flies over the island. As they pass over, some of the O6 (maybe all of them?) "flash" and end up on the island circa 1980. They run into Jin, who has apparently found himself a job working for Dharma. It's unclear whether or not he recognizes them.

The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham
This episode is mostly fill-in. We see John get off the island, talk to Ben and Widmore, try to get the O6 to go back, and eventually die. The first and last 5 minutes of the show, however, are the real guts. Flight 316 apparently crash lands on the Hydra island (Frank is a good pilot) after the 06 flash off the plane. Everything is eerily reminiscent of the 815 crash - complete with Locke's resurrection mirroring that of Christian Shepard. Looks like a whole new set of characters!

And I'm spent. Please add your own comments!
Feburary Trips
Posted February 11, 2009 at 08:18:43 AM by Bean in the Vacation category
I'm going on two vacations in the next few weeks and I am super STOKED about both of them.

Texas: Feb 18 - Feb 23
Next Wednesday, mothereffer and I will be hopping on a plane bound for The Lone Star State. We'll be visiting with cousins (including the fabled Larry Feathers) and aunts and uncles for 5 days. Our hosts have all kinds of fun stuff planned, including but not limited to: a trip to Humperdinks for some grub and some locally brewed beers, dinner at Medieval Times and Traildust, a visit to the Conspiracy Museum (if it is still around) and maybe some golf. More than anything, though, I'm looking forward to hanging out with cousins that I've seen very rarely in the past 15-20 years.

Colorado: Feb 27 - Mar 3
A mere 4 days after arriving back from Texas, I'll board another plane, this time with the wif, destined for the Denver/Boulder area. We're meeting Stutzenator at the Winter Park ski resort and kickin it there for 4 days (one of which is my birthday - thanks Stef!). Stef doesn't ski, so she's going to be investigating alternative activities while Stutz and I tear the mountian to shreds with our superhuman-like snowboarding skills. This will mark my first real snowboarding trip "out west" and I am about to pee my pants just thinking about it! It would be awesome if any of you Colorado bloggers would like to join us for one or more days! Holla back!

PS - I'm stoked for LOST tonight, and will be blogging a recap of the first 5 eps soon.
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