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Posted January 09, 2009 at 10:08:23 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Stands for Lost Season 5 Premier Party, and it's happening at my house on January 21st. As you may or may not know, mothereffer and I took off work for the season 4 finale back in May in order to spend the day rewatching old episodes, discussing themes and theories of the show, and preparing for the primetime broadcast. It was a great time, so we are doing it again for the season 5 premier, and I think we'll have an additional attendee this time: coworker mike!

My prediction is that it will be a "3 hour event" again, with the season 4 finale first, a 1-hour recap "setup" episode, and the actual premier. We haven't nailed down which episodes we're going to recap before hand, but we've got room for 8 or 9 of them. Any suggestions?

To mix things up a bit, we'll be taking ping-pong breaks between episodes. To mix things up further, we'll apply Lost-themed rule variations:
  • Mikhail Pong Where we all play with an eye patch. This should create some interesting points as we all lose our depth perception.
  • Locke Pong Playing sitting down in a chair.
  • Jack Pong This will have to happen later as we will have to be intoxicated.
  • Ben Pong - Where the rules have changed.
  • Michael Pong - Where you have to yell "WALT" before each serve and "THATS MY SON" if you win.
  • Mr. Eko Pong - Where we have to carve biblical sayings into our paddles.
  • Hurley Pong - Where we eat a bunch of snacks instead of playing ping pong.
Note that these were though of by my LS5PP co-conspiritors... I'm such a plagiarist.
Posted January 05, 2009 at 07:57:01 AM by Bean
So... any creative new years resolutions out there? Who's gonna be the first cool kid to say "my new years resolution is to not make any new years resolutions" ? Oh wait... you've already been beat to the punch by about a million idiot innernetters, all of them equally hilarious in a "I wanna punch you in the face" kind of way.

Sitting here this morning, I thought about giving up ice cream for a year... but I've already had it 3 times in 2009.

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