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Archive for August 2008
All The Cool Kids Have iPhones
Posted August 27, 2008 at 04:29:24 PM by Bean
So I broke down and bought an iPhone 3G a few weeks ago. It's the coolest! This is the first time I've had a cell phone that was anything more than, well, a cell phone, and I've gotta say: "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME HOW SWEET IT WAS?!"

I've been Google mappin, GPSin, chattin, browsin the tubes, listenin to music and audiobooks, watchin movies, playin games, checkin email... well, you get the point. Oh, you don't? Okay then, I've also been watchin stocks, voice recordin, wikipediain, takin pictures, makin and takin calls, and lovin the visual voicemail, all at WARP SPEED (or 3G as some might call it).

Of course, there have been a few shortfalls along the way. The battery can get drained pretty darn fast if you leave your extra radios on (it's got the blue teeth, wi-fi, "Edge" and 3G). Also, I've had a few problems with people getting sent straight to voice mail when I have full bars. And last but not least, despite the fact that I am shelling out $70/mo for the high-speed service, the plan does NOT come with texting... no, that's $10 extra a month. Well fuck you AT&T, you can keep your texts. I never used them before, and don't really see the need to, what with both IM and email available.

In summary: RIKEY dis iPhone, and don't send me texts cause I wont get em!
Strassenbrew Beard
Posted August 06, 2008 at 06:29:13 PM by Bean in the Beer category
After my long recess from blogging which has been brought to my attention many times, I've decided to return with a single blog that features three of my favorite things: Strassenfest, homebrewing, and beards, and I'm going to do it using only one sentence (not counting this highly punctuated, run-on, intro sentence)... wait for it... wait for it... GO:

I won two first places in the Strassenfest homebrewing contest while sporting a sweet beard.

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