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Lost Season 4 is Over
Posted May 30, 2008 at 06:35:06 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Mothereffer and I took yesterday off of work and watched Lost all day long. 12 hours straight. I think we got in about 11 episodes, a mid-day ice cream break, and the "3-hour finale event". We rewatched some of the classic episodes, then concentrated on 3-4 Desmond-centric ones, then did a spotty recap of all of season 4 leading up to the live show. It was good tims, to say the least.

I'm not going to do a recap just yet, but I have a few points to make.
  • The very literal and unavoidable introduction of time travel over the past season has made trying to "figure out" Lost nearly impossible.
  • The show has always had a "free will versus fate" theme embedded in it, but I think we got to see a lot more of it this season, along with the concept of course-correction. Is the smoke monster the physical means of course correction?
  • Visit Sledgewebs Lost Stuff for good screen caps and discussion.
  • During the finale last night, there was a suspicious commercial for Looks like another ARG this summer.
  • Also, Hurley is still fat.
Tank Update
Posted May 20, 2008 at 04:06:46 PM by Bean in the Obsessions category
I've been itchin' to post some good pics of my redone 75G cichlid tank.

I swapped blue gravel for 50% crushed coral and 50% pebbles and put down some light diffuser paneling on the bottom of the tank. I set up the rocks so that they supported a deep base of coral/rocks in the rear of the tank and left an open area in the front. I built two separate rock piles (THR on the left, random stuff from the LFS on the right). I also painted the trim on the tank black, to match the stand. To top it off, an art teacher friend of mine made me a custom background oil painting. The painting matches the rock formations and plants in the tank and really adds a great custom look!



I plan on replacing my single tube light with twin tubes at some point in the future. The Fichcam (ie only) looks into the right side of the tank, if you care to take a live peak.
Lost: Cabin Fever (S04EP11)
Posted May 09, 2008 at 10:40:23 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Mothereffer/Bleach decided to write a Beanblog-style recap of last night's episode of Lost. Enjoy:

This episode of LOST continues the fast paced plot development that has defined Season 4. For us few die hard fans, who have dealt with time changes and writers strikes, the complications have been minimal compared to the content we are getting this season. "Cabin Fever" proved no different. What a great episode.

Locke's Backstory
We learn that Locke was born a healthy baby against all odds. His mother is almost killed by a car crash, causing Locke to be born prematurely. Locke manages to fight off several newborn complications and beats the odds. We then see that Richard Alpert has made a return to baby John Locke at his birth. This scene confirms a couple things. A) Richard indeed does not age and B) Locke's connection with the island is not just happenstance. Richard then visits Locke when he is around 5 or 6 to see if he is the chosen one. A Dalai Lama type ceremony ensues. Right before the current Dalai Lama dies, he gives an approximate location of his next birth place. Belongings of his are then presented to children matching his description. The child who picks out the right belongings, without hesitation, is the new holy leader. Richard was clearly doing this with Locke. Locke chooses a knife, which is apparently not correct, and Richard leaves in a hurry. Is Locke the reincarnation of Jacob? What is Locke chosen to do?

Everyone's favorite Marine: Keamy – Who would not like to kill this bastard?
First of all, I am not sure how he survived the smoke monster attack. It seemed as if he should be toast. Nonetheless, he does indeed survive and make it back to the freighter. At the freighter, he is told by the captain that Michael is the one who has let Ben know Keamy's name and background. This makes the usually happy go lucky Keamy upset to say the least. I for one thought Michael was a goner. Keamy tries to shoot Michael a few times in the head but the gun jams. Is this the island protecting Michael from death? Arguments can be made either way, but with each escape from death, it seems the island is not letting him die. Keamy is hell bent on getting back to the island and getting revenge. The pilot (Frank) says the he was hired to fly scientists back and forth. Keamy decides to show he is serious about getting back to the island by killing the doctor. The doctor had washed up on shore the day before on the island. The time delay is revealed once again. Frank is then convinced to take the marines back to the island. Looks like Frank is a good guy and might even be helping Michael out.

Sayid and Desmond
It is simply worth mentioning that the captain of the ship (Captain Gault) appears to be helping Sayid and Desmond. I believe that Sayid has earned his trust by turning over Michael. He gives Sayid a boat to take back to the island. I do not think that this boat is how they get off the island because Hurley alone would sink the damn thing. Desmond decides he cannot go back to the island because he has been there for 3 years. Who can blame him. He may have told Michael a little earlier though.

The Cabin
Where to begin. The Cabin was apparently built by Horace who was killed in the purge. He appears in a dream to guide Locke. Locke pulls a map from his dead pocket that will lead them to the Cabin. Does the cabin move? If it is always moving, then how does an old map show them where it is? They arrive at the cabin, Ben and Hurley decide to not go in. They partake in one of my favorite scenes of all time. The candy bar sharing! If you watch Ben’s mannerisms during this scene, you will see why is almost everyone’s favorite character. He is a great actor. Once Locke is in the Cabin he runs into Christian Sheppard who announces that he can speak for Jacob. Claire is also in the Cabin and appears HAPPY to be there, WITHOUT HER BABY! What is going on here? John emerges from the Cabin and declares that he needs to “move the island”. DUN DUN DUN. The island can be moved! What a revelation.

I really enjoyed this episode! Hope my recap lives up to the traditional Beanblog fashion.
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Biscuits and Gravy
Posted May 05, 2008 at 03:38:17 PM by Bean in the Recipes category
I blogged about Momma's B&G a few years back, but I realize now that I left out a major instruction! This is a special 2-part blog with one common thread - you love it, I love it, everybody who isn't a commie or a terrorist loves it: biscuits and gravy!

Part 1: The Missing Ingredient
As I mentioned, my original post outlines the basic method of making sausage gravy, but fails to identify what I consider to be the key ingredient: Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour. It's delicious. I use it to make a roux from the leftover sausage fat and then thicken with milk once it has darkened a little. No further seasoning is needed. Simple, low ingredient count, and the best B&G I've ever tasted.

Part 2: An Experiment
As I was whipping up a batch of sausage gravy last week, I took a taste just as it was thickening up. I blurted out "This gravy is so god damn good I just wanna eat it" insinuating that biscuits, the first half of "B&G" are not even needed! Well, I decided to test it out this evening. I warmed up and ate a plate of gravy. It tasted great! Next, I warmed up a biscuit covered in gravy and ate it. I'm here to tell you that the biscuits ARE needed. The biscuits add a cruicial texture element to the mix.

So in summary: When you follow instruction in Part 1 and make your first batch, don't overreact at how good a sample tastes and eat the whole batch before the biscuits are done.
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