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Lost: The Constant (S04EP05)
Posted February 29, 2008 at 06:15:04 AM by Bean in the Lost category
So it's official: Lost definitely involves time travel. Fabulous. Last night's episode was very Desmond-centric, with little bits of everyone's favorite twitchy physicist, Dan Faraday sprinkled in for good measure. It took place almost 100% off-island... if fact, if you were just tuning in you might not even know there was an island.

Desmond and Dan
Ever since the big EMP discharge from the end of season 2, Desmond has had trippy visions and apparent time jumps. Well, after leaving the island via the helicopter, he got worse. His consciousness kept bouncing back and forth between 2004 (current time in the show) and 1996 (when he was in the military). Apparently, Dan knew this was going to happen and sent 1996 Des on a mission to find 1996 Dan. Minkowski and 1996 Dan's mouse, Elowise, both died from time-jumping too much and short circuiting. 1996 Dan and 2004 Dan work together to help Desmond stay alive by finding a "constant" - something that is in both 1996 and 2004, something to ground him and keep him sane - Penny. Des 2004 finally gets to talk to Penny, live via the phone on the boat, thanks to Des 1996 getting her digits. She knows about the island, and she's still looking for him.

There were lots of graphs, notes, etc in Dan's journal in 2004 and on his chalkboard in 1996. We also get our first real look at the freighter and a few more freighter people, Keamy and Omar. And, in 1996, we get to see Mr. Widmore buying a painting (and mysterious unopened ledger/journal) of the Black Rock. I bet the painting or book has a secret map in it!
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Two Hearted Ale
Posted February 23, 2008 at 07:59:57 AM by Bean in the Beer category
I spent Wednesday evening cleaning carboys, sanitizing kegs, and generally straightening up my brewing equipment and area. Needless to say, a few pints of beer were required to get the job done. In the end, my final keg blew foam opening a spot for a new keg of commercial beer. After a trip to Liquor Barn last night, I am happy to say that I now have a half barrel of Bells delicious Two Hearted Ale on tap. Tasty!

5 gallons of Sunnybrook Kolsch is on deck. IBADS brewed it 2 weeks ago and m1 documented the process. It should be ready to drink in a few days.
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Lost: Eggtown (S04EP04)
Posted February 23, 2008 at 06:30:08 AM by Bean in the Lost category
On the Island - The Barracks
Locke has Ben imprisoned in his basement, but Ben is working his mental games on him. Kate and Sawyer free Miles so he can talk to Ben, but all he does is say he'll keep Ben's survival a secret for 3.2 million bucks (blackmail?). Kate and Sawyer bone. Locke, dictator of the barracks, banished Kate and sticks a grenade in Miles' mouth.

On the Island - The Beach
Daniel and Charlotte play cards. Jack can't get a hold of the freighter, so he has Charlotte try a different freq. After a full day, they claim that the helicopter hasn't arrived. Uh oh.

Flash forward
Kate is on trial for all of her crimes. We learn that the story the O6 are using is that 8 survived the crash, Kate rescued them from the water, and 6 made it off the island. Seems to be an attempt to keep Kate free. Kate's mom refuses to testify against her, so she goes free. Kate seems to have adopted Aaron, who is the fifth O6 member. Jewfich knew it!
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Lost: The Economist (S04EP03)
Posted February 20, 2008 at 02:01:20 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Ultra-compact Lost recap - ready, go!

On the Island
Sayid, Kate, and Miles headed to New Otherton to recover Charlotte. Locke used Hurley as bait and captured Sayid and his crew. Ben has a secret closet full of clothes, money, and passports. Sayid trades Miles for Charlotte, and Kate stays with Locke. Hurley is still fat. Miles runs an experiment and finds some weird space/time stuff. Sayid, dead Naomi, Desmond, and Frank take off in the helicopter and head to the frigate.

Off the Island
Sayid made it off the island - he's one of the O6. Sayid is the next James Bond. He kills some dude while playing golf. He hooks up with Elsa in an attempt to get close to someone else, so he can kill them too. Elsa knows all about it, and in the end, Sayid offs her too. Elsa has a bracelet like Naomi's. And the biggie: Off-island Sayid is working for/with Ben, hunting down people on his "list".

This episode will play again immediately preceding the new episode tomorrow night. I'm not sure if it will be an "enhanced" version or not.
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Interview: Fooie
Posted February 12, 2008 at 11:03:27 AM by Bean in the Interviews category
Fooie McGoo runs Mindsquirt. He used to live in good ole New Albany, but now inhabits Batesville or Lawrenceburg or some such nonsense.
You are interviewee number five. You are, however, the first one to actually ASK to be interviewed. So what gives? Do you have something grand to say?

I actually didn't think you would say yes. I thought the interviews were reserved for family members and the like. You are a good person.The other issue is that things just slowed down at work, so this should be a good way for me to earn my well-deserved salary. I really have a lot of time on my hands. For instance, it is almost 10:00 and the only thing productive I have done so far is eat an orange and partially answered this question.I don't anything grand to say upfront. I have always wanted to be interviewed though. I have noticed that most celebrity interviews are pretty unentertaining. I always think "My interview would be much better than that". I doubt anyone would read them at all if they weren't in a movie or what-have-you. Maybe we should pretend for the rest of this interview that I starred in a movie. It is called "Jerry and Robby the Friendly Robot" which is a movie about a lonely boy who built a robot to be his friend. I think I was the unsuccessful inventor in that movie, who was jealous because of my inability to create a robot friend for myself for 15 years since my childhood, and I conspired to destroy the robot. Eventually I was inspired by the love between the boy and the robot, and decided to stop using my forces for evil. It was a very heartwarming movie. I also had a sinister mustache.

What properties do you look for in a good orange?

I'd say I look for a perky and bright peel. When I taste the inside, it should taste like an orange would taste.I tried eating an orange like an apple once when I was a kid to see if it would work. It wasn't long before I realized it was a mistake for all concerned. I also used to eat the core of apples. I was real show-off.These days I tend not to eat oranges that much because I have a hard time peeling them. I'll eat oranges more just as soon as they develop an orange you can open like a bag of chips.This time I started peeling the orange with a disposable scalpel that I stole from a surgery suite across the hall. They do surgeries over there to instruct medical students how to place arterial stints and do angioplasties on filthy swine. By stealing the scalpel I might have saved a piggie's life! See, there IS hope after all.

What properties do you look for in a good pig?

It should taste like bacon. Every portion of the pig should taste like bacon. If I went over and bit a live pig on the rump, it should be as though I just put a delectable piece of bacon in my mouth.

I concur. You are quite the wood-worker. Where did you pick up these skills and what do you have planned next?

Thanks for noticing! I enjoy it quite a bit for a lot of reasons.I used my dad's shop and he really has a lot of great tools, which makes it easier. Any skills I have with woodworking tools are overshadowed by my ability to hurt myself with them.I picked up those skills from my dad, brother, and taught myself a lot. My dad learned carpentry and home-building at a young age from his dad and uncle and taught all of his kids the same way. My brother is 10 years older than me, so he had been there first and helped me come along. Dad always had a commercial rental building or a piece of land to develop for us to learn on. He would drag the whole family along and I was the youngest, so I bet I was helping in some capacity as young as 7 or so, although I don't remember.You could say that furniture building is just a refined extension of building houses. I mean, once you have some general skills in making wood fit together, and know how to use certain tools, it is easy to extend that from wall building to making a fetching dresser.I don't know about making any new projects. If I could think of a good one I would. I recently made a cheap toy box for my daughter but I haven't painted it yet. It was nice because it only took 6 hours or so. I don't have the time for much more than small projects like that these days, which is too bad, because my dad has some beautiful walnut that is ripe for the plucking.I might make an entertainment center some day soon, but that may hinge upon our next TV purchase and where we move next. Also bookshelves. I can't have enough of those. I hate getting rid of books and we have reached critical mass on our books. Maybe I could somehow make shelves out of books by dipping the books in resin and creating a composite! sweet!

One final question: Who should I interview next?

You need someone compelling. Maybe someone of historical importance...George Washington, I think. He freed the slaves, you know.Or a B-list celeb. How about Webster? I have seen him on the Surreal Life and he is wacky. That show should have been named Wackster.Thanks for the interview. A good time was had by all. I won't be overtly hurt if this interview never makes it to your blog. However, I will secretly be contemptuous of you and passive-aggressively retaliate over the course of many years. I am still paying back brad for never returning my socks by not flushing when I go to his house.
[Note: This interview was originally conducted on 2007-02-28]
Lost: Confirmed Dead (S04EP02)
Posted February 11, 2008 at 06:15:59 AM by Bean in the Lost category
This episode centered around the arrival of 4 new people to the island. They seemed to be a hodge-podge group put together by the Spooky Dharma Guy (SDG) that went to see Hurley in the hospital.

Naomi, Leader of the Pack
Naomi, the culturally-ambiguous chick that dropped in from the first helicopter back in S3 seems to be leading the group. It appears that she was hired by SDG and has at least some military experience. After catching a knife to the back from Locke, she manages to get a tracking beacon going and warn the rest of her group about the hostility she encountered. The rest of her group, Charlotte, Frank, Miles, and Daniel, arrive after she dies via yet another out-of-control helicopter.

Charlotte is seen in a flashback discovering a polar bear skeleton in Tunisia... a polar bear wearing a Dharma Hydra station tag. There is also a scene where she reads about flight 815's discovery... at the bottom of the Indian ocean... full of dead people.

Frank Lepidus was supposed to be the pilot on flight 815, but had someone substitute at the last minute. After seeing footage of the sunken debris and the bodies within it, he realized that the pilot did not have a wedding ring on his hand. He calls Oceanic but is given the run around. I assume that the missing pieces will be filled in later, but it looks like Frank is on to something, and he apparently goes looking for the real flight 815 as the pilot of our little newcomer group.

The 4th member of the group, Miles, seems to be either a ghost hunter or a scam artist. Not sure how he got recruited by SDG, but he seems like the opportunistic type, and may be in it for noting more complicated than money. Some people think his flashback might be tied to Eko, but that happens anytime there is a black character in someones flashback, so I don't know. Near the end of the ep, Miles whips out a picture of Ben, saying that the reason they are there is to find him.

And finally, there's Daniel Faraday. In his flashback, he begins weepign when he learns about the wreckage of flight 815. When asked why he was crying by his wife, he replies "I don't know." He's a squirmy character... weak willed, and I suspect he'll get manipulated by Ben, if not others as well.

Escape Imminent?
The whole group ends up being captured by the Losties... surrounded in the forest much like the way the Others surrounded the Losties back in S2. Very deja vu esque. Also, the big ending: Frank (pilot) did not crash the helicopter. It's still working just fine. Time to go!
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40 Days
Posted February 06, 2008 at 07:14:18 AM by Bean
Let it be know that I am giving up two items for Lent this year: pop and ice cream. Ice cream floats are especially verboten.

I'm not a practicing Catholic by any means, but I like to take the Lenten season as an opportunity to exercise some restraint - a trait that I sometimes lack.
Lost: The Beginning of the End (S04EP01)
Posted February 01, 2008 at 06:27:02 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Season 4 of Lost premiered last night, following a repeat of the season 3 finale Wednesday (with commentary) and a recap episode that was pretty good. This one centers on Hurley - and it starts out like any good show should: with a car chase.

Hurley, Post-Island
We now know that Hurley, along with Jack and Kate, gets off the island. Hurley apparently sees something (a vision of Charlie most likely) that makes him freak out and takes off in his car, only to be apprehended after a chase, deemed crazy, and put back into a mental institution. He cries out ""Don't you know who I am, I'm one of the Oceanic 6!" as he's being arrested, indicating that only 5 other people got off the island with him. Hurley continues to see visions of Charlie, always trying to tell him that he needs to go back and help the ones left behind on the island. The message trying to bubble into Hurley's consciousness mimmicks Jacks thoughts at the end of season 3: we gotta go back.

Going Back
When Jack comes to visit Hurley in the institution, it becomes clear that the off-island portion of this episode takes place before Jack begins his downward spiral. I think that one by one, the "Oceanic 6" are all going to break down and realize that they have to go back... to rescue the others. Hurley in this episode, Jack in the season 3 finale, and I assume 4 more in the coming weeks. The on-island portion of this episode plays on this point heavily in the scene where Hurley makes his big speech about how Charlie sacrificed himself to save the rest of them.

The previews for this ep centered around Naomi's people coming to the island to "rescue" the Losties. Locke is suspicious, so he throws a knife in Naomi's back (back in s3). Once the crew at the beach learn about the "Not Penny's boat" message Charlie left as he died, they too grow suspicious of the so-called rescuers. This eventually splits the groups in to two, with Locke leading Hurley, Sawyer, Claire, and many more towards the Others' town, and Jack leading Kate and the rest towards rescue. For some asinine reason, Jack allows Locke to take Ben with him (even after pledging to kill him once the get rescued). The episode ends with two people parachuting from yet another crashing helicopter, landing, and meeting Jack's group.

Jacob's Cabin
Hurley gets lost cause he's fat and can't keep up with the group. He stumbles upon Jacob's cabin, and can't seem to get away from it. When he peers through the window, he sees Jacob in the rocking chair - only this Jacob looks an awful lot like Jack's dad, Christian. More discussion here. As Hurley is peeking in, a face pops up in the window (Locke?) and scares the shit out of him causing his to turn and run away. Eventually, he falls down and Locke finds him, leading to them joining up to try and convince everyone to run from Naomi's people and the aforementioned split of the group.

In Closing
We also got to meet Big Mike (Ana Lucia's ex-partner) again, as well as meet a shady Oceanic representative... but this blog is already too long. Overall, the biggest reveal in this episode came in the first 5 minutes: 6 survivors of Oceanic flight 815 get off the island - not all that new since we already knew Jack and Kate made it off. Good episode, but pretty poor when compared to the last few season openers. Here's a rundown of teh ep on lostpedia.

Thoughts? Comments? Did you like it?
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