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Monster Face
Posted April 11, 2007 at 06:05:13 PM by Bean in the Hallobean category
For Hallobean 2006, I built a big monsterous face to hang above my car hole. It was based roughly on a distorted image of my own face that I used for my Hallobean 7 logo. Here's the step-by-step.

First I worked off of a printout and scaled the face up a bit, adding a little more distortion and some better horns.

Next I scaled that up again, to a big piece of cardboard (from an old box). I took more cardboard and rolled it up for horns and held it all together with duct tape.

I folded the face backing so that the forehead part bulged out a bit, to reduce the amount of foam to fill in that area, then applied the first layer of spray foam. Spray foam is great stuff, literally, and it is very versitile when it comes to filling, insulating, and even forming and texturing props. After a few more layers and some crazy spray paint skills, I was done with the shell.

I embedded light sockets into the eyes and put in dim red bulbs. I also mounted small speakers in the forehead and held it all together with a generous helping of foam. The lights and sound ran up to a CD player (running a monster growling loop) and some volts by means of a motion detector. I just use the circuit from cheap security lights and drop an extension cord in place of the lightbulb socket. Keep it set on "test" and it'll run your plug for 5-30 seconds, depending on the brand.

Here's a shot of the monster face hung outside at dusk. The monster hands coming over the tombstone (it would have looked better without cars) were made out of 100% spray foam and spray paint.

The motion detection works well, and I was very happy with the overall effect.
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More Donkeys
Posted April 09, 2007 at 09:53:31 AM by Bean
Saw this m1-reference on trachbang, and just knew I had to bust out with some donkey photochopin'. I have to admit, that both of these pictures made me LOL as I was making them.

The REAL m1 dancin with grandma

The REAL m1 dancin with the fake m1
Posted April 09, 2007 at 09:32:14 AM by Bean
Me, Stef, and her cousin Ben took Stef's sister Stacie out for her official 21st-In-Richmond bar-hopping extravaganza a few weekends ago. Good tims! Stacie was appreciative, and sent us this thank-you letter:
dear ben and stef

thank you for comeing last was realy fun. it was fun coz we got to play wii and go to bars. i liked the bars coz it was fun. thank you for buying me drinks to. they were good. i liked all the Dirty Sluts and Washington Apples.

the best part waz going to beat up that one guy but the one guy was not there. so we sat and drink and waited and it was a lot of fun. i liked when we were playing pool and u tryed to play that trick on me. it was really funny. my dad did the chalk trik. that was realy cool.

i liked it when ben called the lady Baby all night. i liked the fries. they were good.

the patron was my favorit.

wel thank you again for coming it was a lot of fun coz it was a lot of fun!!
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