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Home Lane
Posted January 30, 2007 at 09:16:31 AM by Bean in the Obsessions category
Stef borrowed a projector from work yesterday. We moved the dining room table and set it up to project sweet, juicy Wii goodness all over the dining room wall. Even without sound, the results were very good - a Wii Bowling Alley! And here's Another vid.
Wii Revolution
Posted January 25, 2007 at 08:33:04 AM by Bean in the Obsessions category
The long-awaited next generation Nintendo console was originally rumored to be called "Nintendo Revolution." It was released just before Christmas and called "Nintendo Wii"... but after playing it for about 20 hours in the past 3 days, I think "Revolution" is more fitting. So far, I am hella impressed with the Wii that my great wife Stef has managed to borrow from her great co-worker Jerry.

The Wii Remote and Nunchuck have a lot of sensors in them so that gameplay does not have to consist of just pushing buttons - instead, you swing 'em, twist 'em, jab with 'em, etc. I've been itching to get my hands on a console so as to try out this interface and ninnerwebnet the results on my blorgetubes for all to read. So, here is my report: Nintendo Wii is so so so fun to play that it makes me wanna... BURN THIS MOTHERFUCKER DOWN! I a currently trying to procure my own.
Snowshoe 2007 Aftermath
Posted January 18, 2007 at 04:41:09 PM by Bean in the Vacation category
I went to Snowshoe, WV last week with Mothereffer, Matt, TP, Dirtass, and Contanister. The drive out was pleasant (no thanks to Tom Tom), and I found the scenery very nostalgic. This trip was the second in a newly forming tradition that is in fact a long dead (10 years, anyway) tradition, born again like the glorious phoenix.

Okay, maybe it did rain the whole time, and maybe there was a serious injury. Yeah, I guess "glorious phoenix" part was too much. But it really was a rekindling of a tradion from my highschool days, one which Contanister and Mothereffer both participated. And it was a fun trip, I think, for 5/6 of us. Unfortunately, Matt busted his ankle up pretty bad on the first full day of skiing. We headed home a day early, just as the weather turned from rain to lots of rain. Matt had surgery yesterday, and I'm sure Mothereffer will comment or blog about it in mo betta detail at some point.

As for the skiing - it really was not that bad. Despite the rain, the snowplow drivers made sure to resurface the snow each morning and keep it soft. The rain didn't really affect the snow until the day we were leaving. Some of the run's were not open, but there were still plenty to choose from. We each had our favorites. As I got mo comfortabler on the snowboard I rented, I came to enjoy what we called the "X", which were the following items, in order: Upper Hootenanny, Lower Hootenanny, Soaring Eagle Express, Upper Flume, Mid Flume, Lower Ball Hooter, Ball Hooter. The path began and ended about 30 feet from the door to our lodge, which made it easy to stop in for some food or drink and be back on your way in minutes. Rikey! I did this, along with a few minor variations for 2.5 days.

Here's some pictures and whatnot:And I almost forgot... we stopped in Charlestown and went to Hooters on MacCorkle.
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