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Boring Blog
Posted November 26, 2006 at 11:35:32 AM by Bean
What a long break... 19 days without a blog! Where's the Lost blog, you say? Well, I havent decided if I am going to continue doing them or not... but I have until Feb, when the next new ep airs. Anyway, I was very dissapointed with the S3 "mini-season". It was just a bunch of fluff and no real substance.

Thanksgiving in Richmond was fun. I think I gained a few pounds. Time to try and lose some. I think Stef and I will be joining the Y soon. It's expensive, but with the metro pass I'll be able to head to downtown Louisville and work out or play racketball at lunch. Both of the Y's near us have pools and rball courts, so there's that.

I know this blog is boring, but I had to beep a blip on the blip screen so you can tell I'm still hear. More exciting blogs to follow, I hope!
I got up 30 minutes early to go vote this morning. I voted straight party. Can you guess which one?

When I go to the BMV to renew plates or my license, I am always reminded what an average cross section of society looks like (makes me shiver just thinking about it). Everyone in town has to come in, or they can't drive a car. This stood out in stark contrast with the "cross section" I waited in line with this morning at the Carr Township voting place. Most everyone was, well, normal. Not scary. Somewhat clean. It was refreshing. Is it bad for me to be happy that the scruds I usually see at the BMV don't bother to vote?
HalloBean 7 - It's Over!
Posted November 03, 2006 at 09:17:07 AM by Bean in the Hallobean category
As My loving wif has already blogged, HalloBean 7 is in the books. Good tims had by all, etc. Pics are up at
Lost: The Cost of Living (S03EP05)
Posted November 02, 2006 at 08:36:10 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Dead Eko
Eko has lots of flashbacks, all leading up to the final scene where he confronts his past demons. The smoke monster apparently takes on the appearance of Yemi, Eko's dead brother, and Eko explains how he has not sinned, but only done what he needed to survive. After that, Yemi says "You talk to me as if I am your brother" in an angry voice, upset with the "confession" and walks away. When Eko chases him, the smoke monster pops out, grabs him, and flings him around, eventually slamming him into the ground, killing him. As he dies, he told John "You're next." Opens up a lot of new theories on what smokey is. What do you think?

Jack and Juliet
Jack continues to try and manipulate Ben and Juliet, and apparently succeeds. After confronting Ben about the tumor, Ben reveals that this whole thing was a ploy to get Jack to operate on him. Now Jack thinks he has some power. Juliet also gets a secret message to Jack telling him to do the operation, but botch it, to get rid of Ben. Apparently there is dissent within the Others. But, who really knows if it's all just an even more elaborate con. At one point, Ben asks Jack if he believes in God. Jack asks the same question of Ben, and he replies "Two days after they found the tumor on my spine, a spinal surgeon fell from the sky." Finally puts a little weakness into Ben's character.

The Most Interesting Point
...was, in my opinion, that we finally found out what John saw back in S1 (I think) when the monster grabbed him. He was talking to Eko about it and said he saw a "bring light, it was beautiful." Of course, Eko replied "That's not what I saw." Again, opens up lost of possibilities. What do you think?

The Pearl
We basically learn NOTHING new about the mysterious eye-patch guy on the Pearl station monitors. Kinda frustrating - since that's what they played up in the previews. At any rate, there's definitely another player in the game now, and he left his fake eye in the Arrow hatch. Radzinsky?

Next week will be the mini-season finale. Pizza and beer at my house!
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