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Halloween Night 2006
Posted October 31, 2006 at 07:04:56 PM by Bean
Tonight is Halloween, but I'm not in a Halloween mood. The fact is, I got burnt out setting up for, participating in, and cleaning up after HalloBean 7, which was Saturday night. So tonight, I am sitting in front of the TV, drinking a delicious pint of St. Chucks Porter, and making Stef answer the door to hand out candy. I put away all of the pneumatic props, took down the big hallobean monster face, and unplugged all of the motion sensors. Halloween, for me, was over as of the early morning hours of October 29th, as I dozed off in a post-HalloBean haze.

HalloBean number 7, I think, was a great success. Everyone that was able to show up seemed to have a great time. I've got pictures, and I plan on posting them soon, but I am waiting on other party-goers to send me their pics too so I can post them all in one album (m1, ocifer notty, I'm talkign to you).

Happy Halloween, everyone - only three hundered and sixty some-odd days uintil the next witching season!

Lost: Every Man For Himself (S03EP04)
Posted October 26, 2006 at 08:54:21 AM by Bean in the Lost category
A quick summary. Please comment with your thoughts.

First of all, I'm pissed off that they are now showing that Desmond has the ability to see the future. This just may be the shark jump that I knew was inevitable. Up to this point, there were alway possible pseudo-scientific explinations for the things on the show. But now, well, nothign is off limits. Perhaps aliens and/or God will land on the island next and really mix things up!

Two Islands
After conning Sawyer to proove a point (I think), Ben shows him that they are actually on another, smaller island that is a few miles off shore from the main island. This is to keep him from trying to escape, I assume.

Coleen was shot by Sun a few eps back. In this show, she is rushed back to the Others Island (on a submarine, no less) for treatment. Juliet convinces Jack to help, but they are unable to save her. In passing, Jack sees some x-rays that turn out to be of Ben. He has a giant tumor on his spine and will die if he doesnt get it operated on. And it just so happens that Jack is a spinal surgeon.

Lost of other stuff happened, but I just dont have the time to post it all. Check out for some interesting discussion and some screen-cap invcestigations.
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My New Lost Theory
Posted October 23, 2006 at 02:50:17 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Planning Snowshoe 2007
Posted October 19, 2006 at 12:06:18 PM by Bean in the Vacation category
Well, as winter gets closer and closer, I can't help but think about snow. And when I think about snow, I think about skiing. And when I think about skiing, I think about Snowshoe, WV.

Last years trip was, in my humble opinion, a raging success, and I'd like to make it an annual event. If we go around the same time frame as last year (early-mid Jan), I think we should be looking at about the same cost, which is about $550. This would be for 4 nights and 4-5 days on the slopes. If more people go or if we decided to cut back to 3 nights, the cost would go down accordingly. Looks like the rooms are filling up pretty quickly, and the longer we wait, the higher the price.

So, who is interested in going this year? Chime in with suggested dates, etc. I'd like to get a headcount by October 24 so I can get some real figures as far as cost, then solidify the reservation by October 26.
Lost: Further Instructions (S03EP03)
Posted October 18, 2006 at 10:14:13 PM by Bean in the lost category
Third Lost blog in a row. I'll break the pattern this week.

Tonight was Locke-centric, which is great, cause he's a very central/interesting character. I have to admit that I am still a bit confused on what happened in this episode, but I'll do my best to break it down for ya, beanblog style:

They're Not Dead!
The ep starts, as many other do, with an eye opening. This one happens to be Locke's. Locke? Yep - alive. Apparently when the hatch ex/imploded, the four occupants were somehow spit out into the jungle. Locke see's Des running through the jungle nekked, and eventually makes it back to camp where he's reunited with Charlie for some fun trippin'. We are also reunited with a very damaged Mr. Eko about 40 minutes in. So, in short, the hatch was destroyed and left a big crater, but somehow all of the people in it are still alive. Sound familiar? As in - A plane broke apart many thousand feet in the air and yet over 50 of the passengers managed to survive the carnage.

Fun Trippin'
When he wakes up, Locke is mute. He convinces Charlie to stand guard while he eats some psychotropic plant and meditated in a sweat lodge. He has a wicked trip and comes out with the attitude that he mus "clean up his messes" - as in go save Eko, who is currently held captive by a giant polar bear in a cave. WTF? Anyway, so, basically, that's what he does. He goes and find this big cave, rescues Eko from the polar bear (after flame-throwing it with some hairspray), and heads back to camp. He then announces to the rest of the Losties that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are captured, but that he will bring them home.

Hurley is this episodes' saving grace. Finally, a character starts asking questions and telling other people what he's observed. Perhaps his biggest role in this ep is as an observer: He hears Desmond reference a speech that Locke gives BEFORE Locke gives it. When he then actually hears the speech, you can see his mind churning, trying to figure something out. And then, the ep ends. I hope he continues to talk to everyone and ask questions.

Re: Des talking about the future as if it already happened. A lot of people are suggesting that the failsafe implosion deally may have given Desmond some kind of power to see the future / precognition. I don't buy it. I think something else happened after/during the implosion. Perhaps John was programmed to give that speech. Perhaps while they were "out" after the failsafe, the others (or some other group) took them, programmed them, and dropped em in the jungle. Des knew the speech was coming because he was programmed too. All of the hatch inhabitants do seem a little different, as if they've been brainwashed or something. I mean, if you just got blown up, and suddenly woke up in the jungle, wouldn't you be asking more questions of yourself and your fellow hatchies? Eh.

The Commune
Apparently, after Locke's bout with depression from having his dad steal his organs and his girl dump him, he joins a commune. The commune grows lots of good things: peaches, corn, marijuana. They also have a lot of guns. Weird - it's a new side to Locke. He picks up a hitchhiker and brings him "home". We later find out that the hitchhiker is a cop attempting to infiltrate the commune, and that Locke was chosen as the in since his psych profile shows him as prone top coercion. Again, Locke gets walked all over, and end up blowing it. Rough.

Pet Peeves
Why is it that before all of the action surrounding John happens, he trips out? I hate the fact that the writers now have an all-purpose "out" for anything that happened with him, the bear, Eko, etc. It's just like the phantom voices that Jack heard in the last episode being questionable because Juliet said he was dehydrated and could be hallucinating. "Oh, well that clue didn't actually mean anything, John was just high." If this trend continues, consider the proverbial shark jumped.
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Lost: The Glass Ballerina (S03EP02)
Posted October 12, 2006 at 10:50:43 AM by Bean in the Lost category
This episode was Sun and Jin-centric, with flashbacks focussing mainly on the time just before they boarded flight 815. There were definately some new character twists introduced, so here we go:

The Sailboat
Sun, Jin, and Sayid took Desmonds sailboat around teh side of the island in an attempt to help Jack and his crew with their assault on teh Others. When they were unable to meet up, Sayid went ashore and discovered the decoy camp that the others had set up. He realized that they were most likely captured and decided to try a tricky plan. They found the Pala Ferry dock and set a big fire to attract an Others scouting party. The plan was to ambush them, but of course the Others snuck right by and stole the boat. Now those three are stuck at the dock with no boat.

The Glass Ballerina
In the opening flashback, we see a young Sun break a glass balerina figurine. When her father asks her about it, she lies and says the maid did it, knowing the maid would be fired. Later, we see details about her affair with Jae, and her role on the show shifts from a very innocent character to one that is capable of great deceit. Here's a good thread about her over at SWLS (my new favorite lost site).

More Sun, and Jae
While on the boat, Sun lie to Jin in an attempt to help Sayid with the ambush. Jin knows enough english to catch her, and tells her that he knows she betrayed him. At this point, we still dont know who her baby is from... is it Jae or Jin? Speaking of Jae: when Sun's papa found out about her affair, he assigned Jin to take him out. Jin roughs him up and tells him to leave the country, but doesn't kill him. As he's leaving, though, Jae's body flops onto the hood of his car. Backup hitman murder, or suicide? Also, Jin never found out about the affair (I dont think) - he was just following papa-in-law's orders. Anyway - lots of questions as to who knows what and who loves who with regard to Sun and Jin. Also, there are previous ties between Sun dad's company (Paik Heavy Industries) and Hanso/Dharma.

Chain Gang
Back at the Hydra Station, Sawyer and Kate are made to do some serious manual labor. Digging hole, and moving rocks. They are roughed up quite a bit, and Sawyer pulls off some bad butt-kickin only to be stopped by Juliette, who captures Kate at gunpoint (again). There is a big sloppy kiss between Kate and Sayer too. In the closing scene, we see that Ben is closely monitoring (via CCTV, much like The Pearl) Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. This has got to be a big psych study.

Alex, Again
Alex comes back again, secretely asking Kate about Karl (the boy who helped Sawyer attempt an escape). Either there are splintering factions of Others, or it's all part of the charade. Hard to tell.

And Finally
We find out conclusively that the island has communication with the outside world.

That's all I'm writing for now. If you have more, please add it.
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Lost: A Tale of Two Cities (S03EP01)
Posted October 05, 2006 at 08:19:41 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost opened season 3 last night with a fizzle, not a bang.

Scene 1
In my opinion, the openeing scene was the only saving grace of this episode. We got to see the others living their lives on the island, in what appeared to be a little comune/utopian society. It was a little niche of civilization centered in an island jungle. Then we hear the magnet rumble (from Desmonds first mishap) and see the plane coming apart in the sky. Henry (the aparent leader of this group) went from normal to absolutely serious when he realized there could be survivors, and sent Ethan and Goodwin to the respective crash sites to gather info and make lists. It was nice to have that part of the backstory filled in. We finally know that the plane was not brought down on purpose.

Jack's Flashbacks
It just wouldn't be Lost if there werent flashbacks. This episode showed Jack's recent past, as his wife left him for another man and his relationship with his father (and everyone else aparently) fell to peices. Eh.

The Captive 3
Sawyer was put into a big cage with a bunch of levers and dohickeys. When he finally pushed them in the rigth order, a machine spit out a fish cracker, some corn, and water. Zeke tells him "It only too the bears 2 hours" - somewhat explaining the polar bears. Kate was treated to a shower, a nice dress, and breakfast on the beach with Henry. She was notified that the next two weeks would be very unpleasant for her and then led into a cage next to Sawyer. Jack is in the Hydra hatch (under water) caged up behind glass. He attempts an escape, but is captured again by Juliet (his captor). He plays stubborn for a long time, but finally gives in when he finds out that Juliet knows everythign about him, his family, his job, his ex-wife. He asks if his ex is happy, and Juliet says "yes, she's very happy." WTF?

Zeke, aka Mr. Friendly may be gay (tells Kate "you're not my type" with a funny look on his face when she's about to shower). Henry's real name is Ben. Ben left Juliet to die during Jack's attempted escape. She seemed none to happy wityh him after she managed to contain Jack. There are some that think Juliet may switch sides and help Jack. I wonder who the kid that helped Sawyer escape (very temporarily) was. Another captive, or part of the setup?
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Peeing In Bed
Posted October 02, 2006 at 08:57:05 AM by Bean in the Flashbacks category
Last night while watching the FOX Sunday night lineup, I saw a commercial for Goodnites Diapers. These diapers were for 12 year old kids who wet the bed. The whole theme of the commercial was along the line of "Don't worry if you still wet the bed, just wear these diapers and you'll be fine!"


When a twelve year olf child still wets the bed, you need to fix the problem, not just slap a diaper on them! I have a particular interest in this as I was a bedwetter up until the age of 24. Okay, not 24, but 10 at least (I think). My point it, when I was wetting the bed, my biggest concern was how to stop, not how to sleep better through the night. I remember when I was finally able to STOP peeing while I slept, and it was a great day, much mo greater, I am sure, than having mom bring home a big fucking carton of teenager diapers!

Anyway, what ended up working for me was some electronics-laden jock-strap deally that would buzz real loud when pee closed the circuit between two electrodes. That woke my ass up when I started to pee, and within a week, I was cured. It was something like this, but a different brand.
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