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Lost: S2 Finale and Recap
Posted May 31, 2006 at 11:57:25 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost is a great show. It has a lot of good things going for it. Unfortunately, to ensure that it lasts 5 seasons, we' have to deal with quite a bit of frustration and unanswered questions. I as pretty let down by the S2 finale at first, but it has grown on me over the past week. So, here comes the finale recap, along with some general season 2 notes.

The Short n Sweet Recap
A few losties swim out to investigate the boat. In it, they find Desmond, drunk. He bolted to his boat 2 weeks ago and sailed due West, but ended up back at the island. Desmond is suprised to find that the button is still being pushed. We get a series of flashbacks for Desmond showing him being seperated from his true love (Penelope Widmore) by her overbearing father, Charles, and we find out how he got in the hatch and who the eff Kelvin is. More on this later. Sayid decides to use the sailboat to help suprise the others during the Michael-led "attack". Locke and Desmond decide to try and stop Eko from pushing the button after Locke shows Des the Pearl logs, and in short, they succede. More on that later, too. Sayid tries to sneak into the others camp for some recon, but finds that it is all fake. The attack party gets captured (sans Sayid), Michael gets Walt back (and a boat), and Hurley is set free. About this time, the drama in the hatch comes to a head, Desmond uses the "failsafe" and a big BANG happens. Everyone see's it, but we don't really know what it is. At the very end, we see an off-island scene of some Portuguese guys in a monitoring station. The detect the BANG and call Penelope, who is still looking for Des, it seems. There is a very good recap here if you want more deets.

Aparently, Desmond was in teh military and then in jail. While in jail, he tried to keep in contact with Penelope, but her father (Charles Widmore) intercepts all of his letters. When he gets out, Charles picks him up and instructs him to stay away from Pen. Desmond decides that in order to get his honor back, he has to win this big boat race around the world that is sponsored by Charles Widmore - so he begins training. At some point, he runs into pre-island Libby, who conveniently has a spare sailboatd to give him. Libby's story is that her husband died before he could use it. Her hubby was named Dave. Theories on Dave's connection to Hurley's Dave can be found at the fuselage. Some time later, Pen manages to locate Desmond. He explains the situation and how he needs to reclaim his honor - then storms off. Eventually, Des ends up crashed on the island - but the details are blurry. He gets picked up by Kelvin at the beach. Kelvin turns out to be the same CIA spook (Kelvin Inman) that trained Sayid to be a torturer back in the Gulf War. Kelvin and Desmond push the button for about three years. Then one day, after seeing a rip in Kelvins suit, Des figures out that there is no "quarentine" outside and follow Kelvin outside. Kelvin has been repairing the boat and is about to take off. In a struggle, Desmond kills kills Kelvin and runs back to the hatch. When he gets there, the electromagnet is kicking in and shit's flying everywhere. He keys in the numbers and it all stops - but we later find out that this is the day flight 815 crashed.

More on Kelvin
Kelvin is a shady character. He talks about his first hatch-mate (Radzinsky) and how he couldnt handle the stress and ended up taking a shotgun blast to the head. The way he led Des outside seemed staged, and we never see his "dead" body after Des runs back to the hatch. Kelvin drew the hatch door map, and taught Des how to hotwire the blast doors. This hotwiring is how Locke and Des keep Eko out of the computer room long enough to let the timer expire. I have a feeling we'll be seeing Kelvin Inman again.

Hurley Bird
At one point when Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer are hiking through the jungle, a ginat-ass bird swoops down at them and screeches "Hurley". It was a little strange, and I have no ideas on what it was all about. Perhaps it ties in with Kate's Horse, Sawyer's boar, and/or the polar bear. There some theories and screen-caps at Lostpedia.

The Lost Experience
This Summer, the creators of Lost are sponsoring an alternate reality game called The Lost Experience. I am following it, but not super-closely. It's interesting, and it does tie into the show, but it is not a necessary companion. It deals more with Hanso than the island, and it spans many media outlets: TV, Internet, Published Books, Newspapers, Telephone/Voice Mail, etc. I'll probably blog about this later this summer.

Widmore, Widmore, Everywhere Widmore
The name Widmore comes up a lot in Lost. Charles and Pen Widmore are featured in Desmonds flashback. The Widmore family and corporation play large roles in the book Bad Twin and seem to be big players in the Lost Experience. Henry Gale's baloon has Widmore written on it. Sun's pregnancy test is from Widmore Labs. And in one of Charlies flashbacks, Widmore Construction has a banner up in the background. In Bad Twin (and in other ares of the Lost Experience), we find out that Widmore, Hanso, and Paik-Heavy (Sun's dad's company) are all in cahoots.

The Foot
At one point during th episode, Sayid see's a big statue of a four-toes foot on the shoreline. It seems pretty arbitrary. I was pissed at first because they show it, but give no explination at all, and leave it hanging for the summer. It'll probably play into the islands history in future seasons. See a picture and read some theories at Lostpedia. One theory I like is that the statues used to be Anubis, the Egyptian dog-headed God of Death (4-toed). This would tie into the Heiroglyphics on the counter.

Michael, Walt, and The Boat
During the hike to attack the others, everyone in the attack party finds out that Michael betrayed them. In his defence, Michael keeps claiming "I had no choice" - much like Danielle when she talked about having to kill her crew. Perhaps the same scenario played out with Danielle 16 years ago. Anyway - After the others capture everyone, they actually live up to their end of the deal. Micheal and Walt are reunited and sent on a bearing of 325 where they will be "picked up". Will they be back? Interesting thing about the compasses and whatnot: when there are two competing magnetic sources (two points of attraction), the only way to NOT end up goign in a circle is to head directly into one of them. Assuming that the island and magnetic north are competing, 325 is undoubtedly the compass direction in relation to the island's pull that leads to magnetic north. Or a trap... who knows. Also, whatever happened to "They'll never give you Walt" ?

Here's a theory I found on thefuselage regarding Penelope and Desmond: Pen found out that Desmond was going on the boat race, so she setup the encounter with Libby and the "free" boat. It was Pen's way of helping Desmond. The boat has a tracking device so she can keep track of Desmond. Pen can use some sort of GPS tracking system to follow the boat. She lost track of Desmond somehow (an incident? EMP fried the tracking device?), but the GPS system detected the electromagnetic anamoly in the area Desmond was last. So, she knows that if she can locate that anamoly again, she can locate Desmond. She has people monitoring the area he disapeared in, and when the BANG at the end of the episode happens, they detect something. The final scene of the show is of the guys calling Penelope and alerting her. Now we have someone actually looking for the island. Could the fallen Widmore ballon that the real Henry Gale was in be one of her scouts? Read more about Pen here.

The Button
In the end, it seems that Fake Henry wanted the button to NOT be pushed. When he was in there with John, he pushed it to avoid killign himself, but planted the seed in John's head that the button did nothing - knowign that down the road, John would let the timer expire. But did Desmond foil the plan by using the failsafe that Kelvin showed him? Fake Henry doesn't really show much emotion during the BANG, so it's hard to tell what his plans are/were. I personally think he is tryign to shut down the hatches, one at a time, which might explain how some of the hatches have power and some don't - he has already gotten to some of them.

Okay, so near the end of the finale, John and Desmond lock themselves in the computer room and plan to let the timer expire. Once Desmond see's th elogs from the Pearl, he realized that his screwup 60 days ago may have caused the plan to crash, and decides that he doies indeed want to push the button (because it actually does do somehting). John, still convinced it's all a setup, destroys the computer. All the while, Charlie and Eko are trying to get in. They even use dynamite, which pretty much knocks them out. As the timer expires, everythign metal starts flying around and getting crunched. Desmond, in a last ditch effort, crawls to the failsafe and turns they key. The screen goes white, and we are shows scenes of various people covering their ears and watching the sky turn bright white for about 5-10 seconds. Afterwards, the hatch door lands on the beach. We don't really know what happened, but here's my theory: The BANG was triggered by the failsafe, not the magnetic buildup. There is a strong magnet or electromagnet below the Swan, and the 108 minute cycle is in place to allow it to discharge or flip polarity. If it is allowed to grow unchecked, it'll get really strong and perhaps do bad things. Desmonds failsafe triggered a large EMP that somehow disabled the whole thing.

Desmond and Locke
Desmond feels like Locke saved his life, and Locke feels like Desmond saved his. This is revealed in a flashback where Desmond is contemplating killing himself in the hatch and John just got done watching Boone die. Des hears John banging on the hatch door and is relieved to find out that someone is on the island with him, and John is revitalized when Des shines the big spotlight up the hatch.

Lostie Loose Ends
As was the case in the Season 1 finale, the fate of a lot of Losties is left open. Are Michael and Walt gone or will they come back. Did Desmond, Lock, and Eko die in the hatch crunch/EMP? Why is Charlie acting weird (he comes back to cap at the end and acts like nothing happened). What will Hurley do? What will the others do with Kate, Sawyer, and Jack? Are Sayid, Sun, and Jin still on the sailboat?

Season 2
Most of this season has been spent learning about Dharma, the hatches, and the others. We learned that the others are very manipulative, good method actors, and very organized. But at the same time, they don't seem to have the whole story. There is more to the island. I have a feelign that S3 will delve into the islands past, and reveal another mysterious layer on which to focus. Atlantis?
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A Bold Prediction
Posted May 25, 2006 at 04:59:08 PM by Bean
I am going to make a (not so)bold prediction:
Buy the year 2015, time travel will not be commonplace.

I will be alive in 9 years. (I am hopefull)
I will still use a gmail account. (I'd say there is pretty good chance. I had my previous email for 7 years, and it was just with some little ISP)
If time travel was possible and somewhat affordable, I would do it. (Bigtim)
I will not cheat and/or fudge numbers (Obviously)

I put a gmail calendar reminder for 2015 to remind myself to go back to this URL to leave a comment exactly 1 minute after I post my first comment. With the above assumptions in mind, we may or may not see the following scenario: 2 comments on this blog, the first from me, and the second one from FUTURE ME exactly 1 minute later. I can hardly wait to see the results!
Cats > Dogs
Posted May 25, 2006 at 02:43:46 PM by Bean
Here's the transcript of a recent IM exchange between m1 and myself:
m1: you sure you want to go canoing instead of staying at 4625 whitivew with moose?
bean: so what are you doing this wekened?
bean: yes
bean: I am sure
m1: fuck
bean: no yuri ?
m1: yuri is canoing
bean: oh yeah
m1: as is everyone else i know
bean: leber?
bean: HA
m1: burned bridge
bean: hahaha
bean: what about bro
m1: m2 is camping in bfe aka no cell phone
m1: nobody knows when he'll be back
bean: arr
bean: so is moos gonna be going to a kennel or going canoeing ?
m1: my current best bet is she-jeanconkey
bean: hmmm...
m1: there is no way i'd be able to get a kennel at this late hour
m1: for a holiday weekend
m1: she's not allowed at the campground
bean: tp ?
m1: tp is plan b
bean: no
bean: tp has plans to go to bloomington I think
bean: lake monroe and whatnot
m1: fuch
m1: fuch a lake monroe!
bean: teh bruche ?
m1: teh bruce is sevreely afraid of dogs, especially teh moose
m1: sim bossman/lady
m1: sim everyonje, actually
bean: ma/pa ?
m1: ma/pa is plan c, just promoted to b due to lake monroe
bean: haha
m1: that's a fuck of a drive though
bean: indeed
bean: put he to sleep
bean: her
m1: hahhaa
m1: that's plan d
bean: haha
m1: plan c is let her shit all over japs' house for 24 hours
bean: I dont knwo many peeps around here that could do it
bean: why not let her shit all over your apt for 28 ?
m1: fuck that, shit stinks!
bean: you seem to be low on options
m1: i think she-jctmh may be my only hope
bean: in fact, I may submit this convo as proof that cats > dogs
So I did. My cats are going to enjoy a weekend of self-reliance - no human interaction required.
WE'RE DEBT FREE! (sorta)
Posted May 25, 2006 at 10:54:05 AM by Bean
Stef and I have been on the Dave Ramsey plan for about 15 months now. As of yesterday, we've finished step #2 - we are debt free except for our home - no car payments, no student loans, no home-equity line, no credit cards, NO NOTHIN'! We paid off around $25K total.

Math nerds and naysayers often think that the plan outlined here (warning: PDF) is a bad one - because it doesn't always make sense when you look strictly at the numbers. But I can tell you that it does work for me, and when it does, I get stoked, and when I get stoked, it works even mo betta.
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Lost: Live Together, Die Alone (S02EP24)
Posted May 24, 2006 at 10:59:11 PM by Bean in the Lost category


Brewing Nightmare
Posted May 24, 2006 at 08:15:34 AM by Bean in the Beer category
Last night, I kegged 10 gallons of homebrew. As I went to hook up the CO2 lines to begin force carbing it, I realized that one of my fittings was the wrong type. I went ahead and hooked up the one keg (chocolate stout) and went to get parts to replace the bad fitting. So far, so good. My plan was to simply cut the bad fitting off, replace it with the new one, and zip tie it in place. Unfortunately, my hoses and valves were set up in the one configutaion that would not allow this to happen smoothly. I've got a 3-way block with shuttoffs on the "out" side of the CO2 tank, and one of the three lines has a T in it so I can have 4 gas lines. The T does not contain a check valve. Also, the chocolate stout keg was filled extra full, meaning that the gas-in dip tube was actually below the surface of the beer. Are you following this?

Bottom line: When I went to snip the bad fitting, teh existing pressure in the stout keg forced beer out the submerged gas line, through the T, up to the cut line that I was holding, and out the cut - resulting in approximately 1 quart of sweet, sweet nectar being sprayed all over the following things:
  • Me
  • The cold room
  • All of my kegs, valves, and lines
  • The basement floor
  • And did I mention me?
I was stunned, and it took me a few seconds to shut it off. What a mess. What a nightmare. Not only did I have to clean everythig up, but the gas lines, valves, and T's all had to be taken apart, cleaned, sanitized, and reassembled.
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B Double E Double R U N
Posted May 22, 2006 at 11:58:02 AM by Bean
Saturday, Stef and I ran a little 5k race in New Albany. The Friday before, I kinda forgot about it (or atleast blocked it out) and went out drinkin' and socializin' with friends. I ended up at Sportstime for a few rounds, and then back to Fooie's house for a few more - and unfortunately, I didnt eat much of a lunch or dinner. Circa 2am, I arrived home and hit the sack. After what seemed like about 2 seconds, I opened my groggy eyes up and saw Stef putting on her running shoes. What the? Oh yeah. It was 7am, and I was still fairly drunk. Being the trooper that I am - I got up, laced up, and headed out. Next thing I know, I hear the "BANG!" of the starter pistol and begin running, somewhat unaware of my surroundings. 24 minutes later, I crossed the finish line and tried to figure out what just happened. I was disoriented the entire day (most of which was spent either asleep or laying down).

Posted May 22, 2006 at 09:06:08 AM by Bean
In completely random and unrelated news:

I assume that my readership is probably 100% American. That being said, I have a question for you all. Here it comes, and really think about it before you answer:

Based on your current experiences and knowledge, do you think that America is the best place in the whole wide world to live?
Lost: Three Minutes (S02EP23)
Posted May 17, 2006 at 10:06:02 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost aired in a slightly-extended episode tonight, leading up to the 2-hour finale next week. The episode was similare to the recent Claire-centric one - the typical Lost flashbacks only went back days, rather than months and years, and showed us more detail on past events, from new points of view. Michael took center stage this time. Also, in related news: since I haven't blogged a non-Lost blog in a while, I'll mix some other stuff in with my sweet recap action.

13 Days Ago
Michaels flashbacks show him communicating with "walt" on the computer some more. He is told to go north. He conks Locke, locks Jack in the gun shed, and hits the road. He's soon captured by the others and questioned for 10 days or so. Eventually, they show him Walt (for 3 minutes) and convince him to make a deal. He has to go back, free Henry, and bring Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate back to camp, at which point he would be set free, along with Walt. Sayid figures his plan out and tells Jack - now they are planning to use their knowledge to gain an advantage when they attack.

Another Boat
At the end, we see a sailboat drift towards the beach. "We're saved!!!" I'm sure it'll come into play next week. Could it be Desmond? Or atleast his boat?

3.1 Miles
Stef and I are going to run a 5k Saturday morning in downtown New Albany. Anybody wanna join us? Sunday, we're going to the speedway for Bump Day. I bet the cars go > 3.1 miles. Anybody wanna join us?

Poor Hurley
Of course, he's devistated with Libby's death. And now, he's being led into a trap by his buddy Michael. The writers sure are setting up for a "hell yea!" scene when Hurley finally get's his revenge or closure on... somthing... er... everything.

Pretty stoked about the Memorial Day canoe trip comign up. Stef and I are heading to the campsite Friday this year for a bonus night of camping. I am excited with the prospect of grilling some smoked sausage links for dinner, cause that there's some good shit.

"They're Not Who They Say They Are"
Walt blurts this out when he's in the tent with Michael. Maybe the whole campsite is a ruse. Could the whole "get the people on this list" thing be another psych experiment? Could that be what happened when "others" kidnapped people before? Maybe they were just people manipulated into doing horrible things. Then agaion, it seems too obvious to actually be true. Or maybe we are so used to *not* knowing what the eff's going on that even when they tell us, we don't buy it.

Zeke, aka Mr. Friendly, aka Seabilly, aka The Captian - whatever his name is - is clearly not in charge. He's also not in shape, but he can sure throw a bola. The think black chick is the big dog in the others' camp, it seems. She needs a nickname.

Cold Room Update
My cold room is back in buisness - holding steady at 37F - thanks to a new AC unit. Did I blog that already? Anyway, Two-Hearted on tap now, with a 3-beer homebrew linup to fill in in a week or so.

That's it for now. I'll link in some more information tomorrow, when the forums are not crawling.
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Lost: ? (S02EP22)
Posted May 10, 2006 at 10:07:25 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Alright - another Eko ep.

Libby uttered "Michael" as she died. Nobody seemed to catch the clue, but in the preview, we see Sayid suggesting that Michael's been compromised.

The Pearl
Eko's brother Yemi has been contacting him through dreams and through other people, leading him to the big ? from Johns map. Then find it, and it's another hatch (5 of 6, The Pearl) that is a monitoring station, confirming the theory that the button-pressing at The Swan is a psych experiment. Locke loses all faith in the button (and himself), but Eko just believes in it more than ever. Eko gathers up notebooks and logs and they head back home.

Next week, we'll get to see the "others" campsite, and it looks like there's a fight. It's about time.
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Lost: Two For The Road (S2EP21)
Posted May 03, 2006 at 10:19:12 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Great episode, short Beanblog recap:

The Part About Michael
Even though the flashbacks were about Ana, the main story line was about Michael. He gets "found" by Jack and Kate and goes on about how weak the others are and how they should whip their asses. When everyone runs off to get the guns from Sawyer, Michael gets Ana's, kills her (I think), accidentally kills Libby (I think), and then shoots himself in the arm as he lets Henry go. Seems to me that the others probably told him "bring back Henry and you can have Walt" or something in that direction.

Libby, I Barely Knew Ya!
The whole episode, there's this cutesy wootsy flirting between Hurley and Libby. In the end, when Libby bites it, I bet it's gonna send old Hurley dude into some serious depression/tailspin/etc.

Ana's Redemption
By not killing Henry, she found some kind of redemption. Next thing you know: dead. Sure seems like a pattern to me. So how could "redemption" and the whole "good people/bad people" deal come together to have some meaning for this show?

Locke Lied
I believe Locke was planning to let Henry out - which is why he covered for Ana's head wound (so as to not anger Jack, et al, more). He's comes clean when he realizes Ana has the gun, but it too late, and he knows it.

Great episode. Special guest mothereffer joined us for his first "live" show. Oh yeah, and what th eff was up with the Hanso commercial?! Yeah, click it - lot's of new stuff there. Sorry - no cool thread links tonight. is overloaded and I can't get in.
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30 Gallons!
Posted May 01, 2006 at 08:48:42 AM by Bean in the Beer category
This Saturday, IBADS met to break some of our own brewing records. We gathered at Jim Hicks's house up in northern Indiana and brewed and brewed and brewed. The following notable records were set.
  • Most northern brew session yet for us
  • Most beer we've ever brewed (30 gallons in 3 10-gallon batches)
  • Most active brewing participants (5, thanks to the addition of JCTMH)
  • First time we got the pizza guy to try some beer (see pictures for proof)
  • Most cigars smoked (I'm guessing somehting like 15)
Anyway, here's a few pictures. We couldn't get the damn pizza guy to stop drinking!
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