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I got a sweet new banjo from my dad for Christmas. It's a real pretty, closed-back Fender and it sounds great. I'm trying to ween myself away from my old comfortable 5-string-open-back walltark special and onto this sweet new action. I'm still learning to play... slowly, but surely. Here's a 12mb video of me showing off my new (out-of-tune) banjer. Best part is the end, so wait for the download.

The following bonuses are in the video ass wheel:
  • Me wearing my Lost shirt (gift from Stef).
  • A new beard a'brewing. I need some ideas on creative shaving patterns.
Movie Review: Narnia
Posted December 22, 2005 at 08:25:45 AM by Bean in the Movies category
Downloaded and watched Narnia last night. The quality was a little low because I had to compress the video to fit on a single disk, but it was bearable. The movie, on the other hand, was not.

For all the shit this remake stirred up, what with the religious references and all, it really just didn't have much that impressed me. The story was tired, predictable, and of course had a happy ending where everyone who died or was hurt throughout the entire movie comes back to life as the white witch bitch evil villian bites it. I was expecting an epic, along the lines of LOTR or even a little more kid-friendly like Dark Crystal. Instead, I got a 4 little english twits playing in the snow with a goat-dude and some beavers.

I'm glad I didn't pay for it!
Fizzle to tha AT
Posted December 19, 2005 at 10:24:18 AM by Bean
I swear to god, I must have eaten 5 pounds of food last night between the hours of 6 and 9pm. And it's not like there was some party going on or anything... I just ate leftovers, junk, cookies, and a grapefruit while watching CABLE. Seems like the same thing happens every Sunday for me, leading up to a full, fat, and bloated feeling all day Monday.

So, like many people, I'll be resolving to eat less food in 2006. And my twost resolution will be to start this new deal today, rather than gorging myself for the next two weeks. I eat fine through the day... usually a small breakfast, normal lunch, and normal dinner. But it's the post-dinner time that kills me. Desert, snack, more desert, more snacks, then a little something before bed, and hell, one more desert. NO MORE. Food will be strictly vorboten after 7pm. Ready, set, go, fail. Hopefully, I'll avoid step 4 this time.
Movie Review: Aeon Flux
Posted December 19, 2005 at 08:46:55 AM by Bean in the Movies category
I didn't have the opportunity to watch the old Liquid Television series, so this movie was completely new to me. Aeon Flux was the first movie I ever downloaded on my new cable modem connection at home! Netflix be-damned, it's all illegal downloads from now on!

The beginning of the movie was hard to follow, but once things started coming together, it got a lot better. There are quite a few nice action scenes and effects (including a sweet black chick with hands where her feet should be). The giant blimp that held everyones DNA was a little on the WTF side of things, but the ending, in my opinion, was great. The premise (spoiler) of the story, for those who haven't seen it and probably wont, is this: A nasty virus cause a world-wide disastrophe and almost wiped out mankind, until we found a cure for it. Unfortunately the cure had sterility as a side affect - not a good thing when every surviving human on the planet takes it. So, in a panic, somebody develops human cloning techniques, builds a small fortress/city, and implants cloned embryoes into chicks when they come in for a manuhmanuh exam. 400 years pass, the masterminds continue to clone everyone in secret while cloning and teaching new versions of themselves the truth, the last human city grows larger, and the nth generation clones start feeling weird. Eventually, Aeon Flux catches onto this, and in a mish-mash of plot twists, ends up destroying the DNA bank which was the source of the clones, and discovering that the natural ability to breed has finally returned to humankind. On a scale from 6 to 9, I rate this movie 8.5.

I downloaded the 16 original episodes of Aeon Flux last night and plan on watching them this week ass wheel.
Hicks Down Under
Posted December 15, 2005 at 10:06:59 AM by Bean
Do you come from the land down under?

Here is a stupid tiny video I took a few months back when Hicks, Barkley, and I berwed some tasty beer. They brought some homebrew to the event, along with about a billion bottles of random, good beer purchased at a big liquor store in Columbus. It was more beer than I thought the three of us would be able to drink - but after 12 hours of brewing, drinking, eating, and drinking more, we noticed that the beer supply was, indeed, dwindeling. By 2 or 3 AM, we were on our last beers and tearing up some karaoke. Okay, maybe tearing up isnt the best phrase for it.

Hicks Down Under
My Lost Theory
Posted December 07, 2005 at 09:31:24 PM by Bean in the Lost category
I've got a theory about Lost. It's a great base for a show and leaves the canvas wide open for creative writing. I really hope I'm wrong about it, cause I like to be suprised.

Most of the visions that people have had on the island have been of someone they knew but that we did not know the status of. They could have been ghosts, mental projections, images generated by the viewer or the person being viewed, or even by some mysterious third party.

With the visiona of Walt by Shannon and Sayid, we make an assumption that Walt is not just some crazy image in Shannon's head, but an image visible by both Shannon and Sayid. We think, then that Walt may be projecting himself or something may be projecting him on behalf of the island. we basically rule out the idea that it originates from Shannon.

And with Jack's dad, we are left with plenty of options - it could be a ghost, it could be all in Jack's head. Maybe it really is his dad... we don't know, because there is nobody else around to see him. Lost of feasable explinations.

But, the kicker that started the wheel in my mind churning but was Hurley's vision of Jin. When I rewatched EHH, it all began to make sense. Jin, as we know... was not dead, so no ghost, and he was not projecting himself to Hurley or anything - we'd have seen that from the Tailies point ov view. That really only leaves one other option - this image is definately originating from within Hurley. Nobody was there to see it, as was the case with Shannon at first, but I think that the guy in the chicken suit, Jin, Jack's dad, and Walk were ALL projections from within the initial viewer, somehow made real by somehting on the island. Once made real, they are visible by everyone.

I think it explains a lot. And the more I dwell, the more it fits. The polar bear was created from Walt active mind while reading the comic... the monster was probably somebody's nightmare, made real. Even Danielle and Desmond could be fake (or atleast made-up)... thoughts and wishes from inside the losties heads. Locke really wanted to find some kind of bunker or reason to go on and dreamed up the whole Dharma thing, Desmond, the hatch, and the computer. Sayid dreamt of a French woman, and Danielle was created. Walt, on the raft, must have had a nightmare about being taken by pirates and Mikes fear of sharks and Sawyers desire to be a tough-guy hero result in them barely surviving at sea. The tailies may even be somehitng dreamed up by jin... or someone else (see below).

Hell, maybe the who shebang started when someone on the flight though about a plane going down in flames (Kate?) and as it became real, someone else dreamt of surviving the crash and landing on a tropical island ala Lord of the Flies (Walt?)... who knows. It a flexible premise, I know, but it fits so well. All that would be left then would be a mystery as to what was this force that has been bringing peoples thoughts, dreams, wishes, and fears into reality?

I know it a pretty all-encompasing theory, but each unexplained event can be traced back to an individual. Here are some other supporting theories:
  • Rose's strong belief that Bernard was still alive may have, in fact, created the whole tailies crash site and caused the survival of more flyers.
  • Charlies desire for a fix created a downed Beechcraft conveniently stocked full of heroin. He also really wanted a guitar, and happened to find one dangelin' in a tree.
  • Locke wanted to walk so bad, so after the crash - he did.
  • Kate's horse from her memory was made real, and seen by someone else. She even said that it was the SAME horse - that she knew it. This one fits perfectly, just like Sayid's vision of Shannon's Walt.
  • Hurley is fat, and fat people love food. His mind created the bunkerfull of food. He's crazy too - bonafide (was in a amental institution) - obsessed with 4 8 15 16 23 42 and that's why those numbers are popping up all over the place.
I could just go on and on. Or you can... if you leave a comment.

It's like the end of Ghostbusters where they try not to think about anything because they know it will become real and attack them. They think of harmless marshmallows and end up fighting the Stay Puft dude.

I posted this on The Fuselage. You can see the thread here.
Christmas, Christmas Time is Near
Posted December 07, 2005 at 09:49:30 AM by Bean in the Flashbacks category
Had a wicked flashback last night while listening to that Chipmunks Christmas song on a commercial on TV.

I don't have a whole lot of clear memories from my childhood, so it's a real treat to let myself fall into a memory like I did last night. I remember my parents old record player - it was one of those big table ones, and it's had a smoothe black top on it. I used to take the top off and prop it up on stuff so I could use it like a slide. I bet I was about 8. We had the record single (45?) of the Chipmunks and I remember when I'd bust it out. It was almost like hearing that song officially ushered in the holiday season for me. School letting out... tree's coming down and going up... the smells and tastes of mom baking chocolate chip cookies and other Christmas treats. As a kid, it was the greatest. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore kicked off a 3 week long Christmas-break celebration. Their high-pitched carolling even outweighed the glorious sound of the 3:15-school's-out bell.

Open this wav file, then sing along.
Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for toys and time for cheer
We've been good, but we can't last
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast
Want a plane that loops the loop
Me, I want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late

Want a plane that loops the loop
I still want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late
Happy Hollidays, everyone.

Nah... fuck that... Merry Christmas.
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Something New
Posted December 07, 2005 at 09:25:47 AM by Bean
I was trying to make a cappuccino this morning, but the steamer arm deally on the machine wasn't working properly, so I couldn't steam my milk. And by "milk" I mean "water and powdered creamer" because I don't have any milk at work. It's a cheap little machine that bosslady brought in, so I knew it would poop out eventually. So here I am, with 2 shots of espresso and no steamed milk, so I did what any coffee-drinking manly man would do - poured them into a cup of coffee. Coffeccino was born.

And here's three things about coffeccino:
  1. It's not a word, but you know what it is. Kinda like contanister.
  2. It tastes like burnt dirt.
  3. It makes you have to go to the poo-room really quickly.
Movie Reviews: Rize and Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Posted December 02, 2005 at 09:18:50 AM by Bean in the Movies category
Rize is a documentary all about west coast "clown dancing" and "krumping". It sucked. If you want to know what that stuff is, google it, but for God's sake, do NOT rent this movie! I give it two thumbs down and a many other degrading rating gestures.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Worse than Rize.
Lost: Collision and What Kate Did (S02EP08/09)
Posted December 01, 2005 at 09:12:34 AM by Bean in the Lost category
The Shooting
2 weeks ago, we flashed back to the shooting and found out that it was, indeed, Ana Lucia that popped a cap in Shannon. In a panic, Ana tied up Sayid (who almost shot her in retaliation) and the Tailies hunkered down to figure out what to do. Sawyers condition was clearly getting worse, so Eko picked him up and carried him to the Losties camp. Eventually, everyone else went too, leaving Sayid and Ana to settle up. They confessed a few things to one another and both admitted to being "dead" inside, then Sayid was freed to go tend to Shannon's body.

We got a lot of Ana Lucia flashback in Collision. She is (or was) a cop. She was shot up real bad on a call and lost the baby she was carrying. Rather than arrest the guy who did it, she refused to press charges or ID him and took her own revenge by shooting him outside a bar. Now with Shannon's death, she's riddled with guilt because she knows she taken someone that someone else loved.

Eventually, the Tailies join the main camp and there is a reunion between Sun and Jin and also between Bernard and Rose. Sayid is devistated and falls apart at Shannon's funeral. Ana refuses to join the group for teh funeral, but she does abandon her plan to live in the jungle once she realizes that Jack is there. It's almost like a reality check for her I think, since she chatted with him pre-flight.

Eko is a great character. It's obvious (with his frequent biblical references) that he is in someway affiliated with the church. Locke shows him and Michael the Swan tape and then Eko comes forward with somehting: the missing splice. He found it hidden in a bible in the other hatch. Locke splices the tape back together, all the while talking about what kind of coincidence it is that Eko had the missing piece and everything. He was probing to see what Eko thought of it all, I think, since we know Locke is all about Fate on the island - and Eko replies that they shouldn't mistake Fate for coincidence (or somehting like that). I think these two will get along just fine.

Dr. Marvin Candle
This chump was the speaker in the tape. When they watch the tape, the missing piece says that if they fail to hit the button, or attempt to use the computer for anything else, another "incident" will happen. In the missing splice, Candle was much more stern than in the rest of it. And, in fact, there are some indications that the splice wasn't even supposed to go in that tape, or in that spot. Check out these two screen caps: original and splice. They are definately different.

Kate's Crime
Kate blew up her abusive stepdad, who it turns out, was really her dad. The guy whom she though was her dad didn't have the heart to tell her. Worst part is: her mom ratted on her. When she goes to her fake dad at the recruiters office, you can see Sayid on the TV in the background. Weird. Also, we see the marshall who ends up capturing her again. I guess he ends up chasing her for quite a while. Anyway, Kate has some crazy flashbacks when she's tending Sawyer and kinda faces her demons right as he wakes up. Then they see a big black horse in the jungle.

The Clifhanger
In the end, right after Eko and Locke watch the spliced film which tells them to not use the computer for communication no matter how tempting it is, Michael uses the computer for communication.
>: Hello?
Who is this?
>: Michael. Who is this?

And man oh man, the preview for next week was totally tits. Feel free to share any thoughts on the show. I left out a lot.
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