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Posted October 27, 2005 at 10:03:00 AM by Bean
I get a lot of people saying things to me like "Hey I read your blog" or "My friend at work reads your blog" or "My pet gerbil reads your blog." Maybe it doesn't happen all THAT often, but it did happen last night (Hi Brianna) and it happens often enough to make me wonder what types of people are reading these deeply personal, meaningful, heart-felt thoughts of mine.

So if you are reading this, let me know. Even if you don't know me, even if you are a lurker, even if you are too damn shy to admit to me that you are a fan of Blogger Man, just do it. Add a comment with your name (first will suffice), your location, how you came to read this blog, and your bra size (women only, optional).

Spanks, habba joy.
Posted October 21, 2005 at 01:41:00 PM by Bean
As a result of my previous rant about the music industry, I am officially unveiling Beancast.

It's all indie music, so you probably wont like it. But, if you are lucky, you can catch Blogger Man on there, or maybe even a little banjo riff. So go there now, and check out the sweet-ass page template I came up with and drew from scratch. I heart Photoshop!
If you watch one stupid internet video today, it should most definately be this one.

Had me elling out ell, big tim.
Snowshoe Reservations
Posted October 19, 2005 at 12:47:00 PM by Bean in the Vacation category
Ah naw, hell naw, I done up and done it. Snowshoe is booked! There will be 5 of us (me, Stef, Brad, TP, Brad's co-worker), from January 19 (Thursday) - 23 (Monday).

Now for the monies:
We have a 2-bedroom suite at the Mountian Lodge, and it comes with 5-days of lift tickets for 4 people. It costs $1636.72. Then we'll need to add in lift tickets for the fifth person. Since I'm not sure whether or not we'll actually ski on the day we get there or leave, I only pre-purchased lift tickets for the fifth person for 3 days. If we end up wanting to ski more, we'll all have to pitch in to buy his ticket. No big whoop. Anyway, the 3-day ticket runs $171.00. Next, we'll all need rentals. If we pre-purchase them before November 1, they will be $26/day. If we buy them when we get there, they will be $30. So, assuming that we all ski for 4 days, that's going to run a total of $520.00. So, it's kinda broken down in a funny way. After taxes and whatnot, I have a $966.20 fee already on my card which is holding the room and lift tickets(5 days for 4 of us, 3 for the other). $811.43 more will be due when we get there. Add to that the $520 for rentals and another day's lift ticket for that 5th person ($42) and we are looking at a grand total of $2339.63, or about $468 each. I'm sure the end amount will vary slightly, but I trust everyone will hold up their end and not eff me over on this one.

Lastly, we need to decide what our arrival/departure schedule should be. Check-in is 5pm (or when the room is ready) and check-out is 11pm. We can ski the day we get there or the day we leave, or both. What do you all think?

Color me STOKED!
4 8 15 16 23 42
Posted October 18, 2005 at 09:02:00 AM by Bean in the Lost category
I think it's fair to say that I am more addicted to the show Lost than I have ever been to any other show in my life. And dammit, it's about time I devote a blog to it.

I'll start off with a brief summary of the show for those of you not currently in the know. A plane rips apart in the air and 42 survivors wake up on a beach. They make due with what they have and try to just survive until they can be rescued, but then some crazy shit starts happening. As their hopes for rescue start to fade, they realize that there is much more to the island than they know. Then, as the show continues we find out more and more about the "Losties" and discover lots of connections between them, the island, other inhabitants, and the mysterious numbers. Season 1 ended with lots of open-ended questions, and season 2 (only 4 episodes in so far) is doing a great job answering some of them while keeping the story line fresh, interesting, and in my opinion extremely addicting.

If you didn't catch season 1, download it and watch it tonight. Then go here and download the first 4 episodes of season 2. I guarantee you will be hooked.

And now, for those of you that are fans of the show, here is a summary of some of the stuff I've been reading about the show. There are a lot of forums out there for discussing theories on Lost and lots of people as obsessed as I am. If you've not seen the show but plan on it, you may not want to read all of the following comments as they may spoil the fun. The following is in no particular order.

Randy, Hurley's obnoxious boss at Mr. Clucks is also Locke's annoying boss in the flashback where he is working at the box factory. The actor who plays Randy (Billy Ray Gallion) is credited in both episodes. Here's a good screen-cap.

Dipper Grid
Late is season one, a shot of the night sky reveals that the Big Dipper is backwards. There are other references to stars and whatnot that I'll mention below, but what's cool about this (besides the fact that it's backwards in the first place) is that if you create a grid of numbers and plot out 4 8 15 16 23 42, you get this. A stretch? Yes. But still pretty neat.

When people were starting to use the numbers as coordinates for latitude and longitude to locate the island, the makers of Lost stated that "people should be looking for the answer in the sky and not on the ground." The orientation mentions that there are 6 research stations (most likely all on the island). The ones we've seen so far (based on the Dharma logos) are the swan (the original hatch) and the arrow (the one revealed in season 2, episode 4). The swan and arrow are both constellations of Apollo (candy bar reference?)Cygnus = swan (duh)
Sagitta = archer/arrow (new bunker)
Corvus = crow (?)
Crater = goblet (One of Danielle's maps made reference to "Le Cratêre")
Ophiuchus = serpent handler (doctor?)
Orion = hunter (?)
My bet for the other four station symbols: crow, goblet, serpent, hunter.

Messier objects are non-star entities that wereoftenn mistaken for comets in the 1800's and categorized by Charles Messier. The following objects (and theconstellationss they appear in) were pointed out in a Lost thread I read yesterdayM4 - the constellation Scorpius (scorpion- not familiar with this constellation)
M8 - Sagittarius (archer)
M15 - Pegasus (winged horse)
M16 - Serpens (serpent? not familiar with this one)
M23 - Sagittarius (archer)
M42 - Orion (hunter)
M108 - Ursa Major (bear or big dipper)

Dharma Logos
They are all over the inside of the hatch, and even on the shark. Here's the one from the new hatch (arrow).

Yeah, I could keep going, but this blog is long enough. If this shit interests you, here are a few forums you can read ABC's Lost Forums or The Fuselage (run by the creative team behind Lost)

Habba enjoy!
Those of you familiar with the Hapland games are in for a treat, assuming you liked them. has released another game in similar style, with some Lemmings influence!. Habba enjoy Escape from Rhetundo Island. (Requires Flash 8).
Posted October 14, 2005 at 11:29:00 AM by Bean
Many of you probebly frequent the LJ40 site, which shows the latest 40 images posted to LiveJournal. It's a great time killer, and every now and then you get a real treat. Well, when following a link to the popular hosting service, I noticed that you can click on any hosted pic to go to the "next" pic in line. It's basically an endless string of click-pic-click-pic, etc. Here's a starting point, if you are interested in
Beards 3
Posted October 14, 2005 at 09:44:00 AM by Bean
Okay, so no beard, but a mustache. Also, a tiny mustache that is in no way meant to make me look like Hitler.
Posted October 13, 2005 at 01:10:00 PM by Bean in the Beer category
After a long hiatus from brewing, IBADS is back.

This Saturday, Barkley, Hicks, and I are brewing twin 10-gallon batches of sweet sweet nectar of the gods - St. Chucks Porter and Third Round ESB. Special guest for the first part of the session is tee to tha mother effin pee. Should be good tims.

Look for the ESB to be served at HalloBean.
Posted October 13, 2005 at 11:43:00 AM by Bean
Every time fall kicks in and winter is on the horizon, Stef and I begin to create our movie queue. We sign up for NetFlix in October or September and keep it for 3-4 months since the winter weather forces us to remain inside more ofton than in the summer. It works out well - we cram a year's worth of catch-up into 3 months.

Well, the time in near, and we are about to sign back up. The question I pose is: What's the best deal I can get when signing up? I know there are some promos that get you 1 month free or something, and there are some that give you free stuff (from a 3rd party) if you sign up for NetFlix or something like that. Anybody?

Also, any can't-miss reccomendations to throw in the queue? I don't have my list here, but I'll update this post when I get home, cause I know you are all on the edges of your seats.
Snowshoe Followup
Posted October 06, 2005 at 10:57:00 AM by Bean in the Vacation category
Okay, the time to book is now. I need to knwo who is in for this little trip. I've done some research based on 8 people. Here is the breakdown.
Jan 19-23 (12-16 is MLK day = mo $$)
2 x 4-person condos (2 bdrm + kitchen), on the slopes. Lift tickets for the whole time we are there (4 days) Ski rental for the whole time we are there (4 days, snowboards are a little more) $480 per person The price went up since I checked last, and I was told it will make a big hike Nov 1. Spaces are filling up and options are becomming more and more limited. This is a long weekend package - if we want to lower the price, we could possibly get a mid-week package or only go for 3 days instead of 4.

We have to book this by Oct 10.

Leave a comment if you are IN!
Big Sushi
Posted October 05, 2005 at 09:33:00 AM by Bean
In true copy-another-blog's-subject style (spanks m3), Stef and I decided to try an all you can eat sushi place last night. We headed to Ichiban Samurai in Louisville, KY and shelled out about $57 total (with tax and tip). Here is what we ate.
  • Rolls (large, 8-pc rolls)
  • Salmon skin roll
  • spicy salmon skin roll
  • spicy yellow-tail roll
  • California roll
  • Ichiban roll
  • Nigri Sushi (biggest pieces I've ever seen)
  • 4 x Masago (smelt egg)
  • 2 x Scallop
  • 2 x Red snapper
  • 2 x Kani (crab)
  • 2 x Smoked salmon
  • 4 x Unagi (eel)
  • 2 x Albacore
This place didn't fuck around with giving you little bits of fish on big rice balls. The nigri sushi was easily 4 inches long. It dangled over the edges of the rice ball. Needless to say, we were both stuffed. Now, the question is, did we get money's worth? Someone please do a price breakdown and let me know.
HalloBean Update
Posted October 04, 2005 at 02:05:00 PM by Bean in the Hallobean category
Evites are out! is updated!

My evite list came from my gmail contact list, which is very out-of-date. If I've added your old email address, let me know and I'll remove it. If I failed to invite you, follow the link from the hallobean website and invite yourself, yo!
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