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Supersize Me
Posted July 28, 2005 at 09:41:00 AM by Bean
Thanks to Enid Coleslaw for sending me this laff out loud funny video.
Supersize Me (with whiskey)
Posted July 28, 2005 at 08:23:00 AM by Bean
Like everybody's favorite sweatpants nazi, I have decided to blog a blog about a dream that is sticking in my head particularly well this morning.

[swirly blurry dream sequence fade-in]

I'm at work, about to wrap up, and I decide to stroll to the room next door, which just so happens to be inhabited by a sickly, middle aged-couple. I get into a long conversation about water purity and different kinds of water and water filtering systems. In particular, we discuss the various models of Brita pitchers available and wonder if there's any difference between them. I get a weird feeling that the lady is terminally ill, and so I feel obligated to stay and talk a little more. Eventually, I leave and as I get outside, I realize it is 6:30! Wow... spent 2 hours talking to them, and now I'm late for racketball. I rush home (which is actually my parents old home) and get there just as my cousin Brad (mothereffer) is trying to parallel park right up between our mailbox and a tree. He, of course, hits the mailbox and has to call the cops. Eventually we get on our way, but as we are going, I notice that my dad is driving, not me, and that Brad is not in there, and that we aren't going to play racketball. Instead, we have fishing gear and are heading to an old lake my dad knows about. I have made arrangements for my elementary school friend and PBA bowler Mike Wolfe to come along, but we forgot him! We are driving around some old country roads trying to find him and eventually, we see his truck, and he hops out of it and into ours. I, for some reason, am riding in the bed of the truck. We eventually get to the "lake" which is really an old building that apparently has a big pond inside it. As we try to get inside, we are met by a bunch of mexicans who are in the process of turning the old building into a haunted house. We go inside, and it is moderately scary, but still very much under construction. They are using those big foam foundation blocks to make the walls. We all sit there for a while because they wont let us go into the room where the pond is. For some reason, they decide to just let me go in, so I do. I get in there and find that the "pond" is really a swimming pool. For some reason, this doesn't surprise me, but the fact that it has recently been cleaned does. Apparently, I knew all along that it was a pool, but last time I was here it was all murky and full of fish. And what do ya know... as I look closer, there are still fish in there! I drop in a line and try to float it over to a fish, since I can clearly see through the water. Craig Martini walks up and tells me that there aren't any fish in there, and I point at the big one that has my bait in it's mouth. Holy crap, my bait's in it's mouth! I yank the string and it barely hooks the lip of this big, monstrous-looking fish, which is entirely too big for my to lift out of the water. Craig and I look at each other wide-eyed, then the fish tells me that he only bit my bait because he wanted somebody to talk to.

[swirly blurry dream sequence fade-out]

Then I woke up as Stef was cussin up a storm because the freezer door was open all night.
A Donkey and a Zebra
Posted July 27, 2005 at 04:00:00 PM by Bean
Posted July 25, 2005 at 12:09:00 PM by Bean
SDP went off well, and I'll be blogging details later this week at

One memorable event, for me anyway, happened as I was filling the plunge pond. I had about 30-40 frozen 1-gallon jugs of ice and I was slicing them open with my favorite box cutter/utility knife. One second I was happily slicing through plastic and dropping large chunks of ice into the water, then next second I was bleeding profusely from the wrist. "OH SHIT" I immediately thought. Nobody else was out there and I wasn't sure whether to sneak inside to teh bathroom or run screaming through the basement yelling for help. Luckily, Angie peeoped through the door and saw me, dripping blood, and summoned a few other to help me out.

Turns out I missed my artery by about 1/8" of an inch. It was a deep cut, and lengthwise (down the street, not across), and you could clearly see multiple layers of skin/flesh that were cut through. Suffice to say, I was quite lucky I didn't really eff myself up on that one.

My mom and dad went to CVS and my neightbor Terri (nurse) applied the skin closure kit to the wound. Less than an hour later, I was back in action, and plungin'. The thing that keeps running through my mind is how little resistence my skin/flesh provided for that knife... I didn't even know I was cut until I saw red. A swinging arc a little to the left would have definately spelled disaster.

NEW: pic1 and pic2
Posted July 21, 2005 at 11:14:00 AM by Bean
I drew this picture of how to TAPOITBABAI while on hold for a long, boring meeting.

Take a picture of it then blog a blog about it, yo.
Hess Family Reunion 2005
Posted July 21, 2005 at 08:49:00 AM by Bean
My mom's mom's maiden name is Hess. Saturday, 4 generations of Hess decendants gathered for a reunion.

I wont go into a lot of details, because surely, you don't care, but here are some funny notes.
There must have been 300+ people there. Keep in mind, this is basically just my mom's cousins and their families, along with my grandparents and my grandma's siblings. Here is a picture of my mom and 48 of her 63 cousins. And this is JUST ON HER MOM'S SIDE! (total cousin count: 120+) Hayride? Hell yes. But one wagon just wont do, so we used two. The whole shebang was held in a barn. My mom's cousin, Father Tom is a Catholic Minister, and the extended family (all Catholic) more than constitutes enough people for a church service, so we had one - complete with communion, holy-water-flingin', and lots of singin' and prayin'. At one point, my nephew Justin came up to me and sat on my lap... he looked around during a prayer and said "What is this?" I said "Church." Puzzled, he looked around again then said "But it's a barn." He's right. Stef and I made another watermelon pig. Here's a picture of an unknown relative of mine not knowing what to think about it.One branch of my mom's mom's side is also on my mom's dad's side, due to a pair of brothers marrying a pair of sisters. Father Tom is in that branch. Stef came up to me at one point and said "I could have sworn Father Tom was on your grandpa's side" and I said "Yeah, he's on both." "I don't even wanna know..." she replied. My grandpa's brother's name is Bud. At the last family reunion I saw him at, he was wearing a "Bud, King of Beers" hat.
PS - This weekend is SummerDuckPlunge 2005. You should come. If you are reading this, you are invited.
Posted July 14, 2005 at 01:57:00 PM by Bean
Made my first animated gif. Tedious work. Kinda fun to play around with though.

Here's another
Bar Top
Posted July 11, 2005 at 09:33:00 AM by Bean
My dad and I are building a bar in my basement. We've got the base started, and some ideas, but we are pretty much making it up as we go. Tonight, we are going to put in a few outlets and run some cold water to it (for a small sink). The biggest problem we have in the near future is what to top the bar with. The following options have been proposed:
Hollow-core door: This is a very cheap and very "pretty"option. Total cost for the top would be about $36 and with some stain and poly, it would look great. The problem is that it won't take abuse (since it's, uh, hollow and made primarily of thin veneer). Solid-core door: similar to above, but the cost would be more like $200, and it would be strong. Plywood and tile: 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood (cost?) covered with backing and tile. It wouldn't look as nice as finished wood in my opinion, but I think it would be very durable. Plywood and veneer: 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood covered with some thin, pretty wood. Granite: BigD's dad could donate a large chunk of tombstone granite to me. Hella-sweet! Any suggestions? Who out there has built a bar? Right now, I am leaning towards plywood and tile.
Posted July 08, 2005 at 04:16:00 PM by Bean
I swear, I could watch this all day.
Over there at the right is a link to SDP. Click it.
Some Stuff
Posted July 05, 2005 at 11:13:00 AM by Bean
Had a good weekend. Relaxed a lot. Worked on the basement Friday and Saturday, went swimming Sunday, brewed beer Monday.

The basement is ready for furniture. It's also ready for my taps to be remounted. My dad made a sweet tap-back out of some oak from their old barn. It look svery nice. He's also going to fashion some shelves to match. He's pretty excited about helping me build my bar. More news to come on that. I'll be moving 1 mega couch (5 cushion), 1 normal couch, 1 loveseat, 1 big couch-like chair, and 2 recliners down there tonight.

The beer I brewed was a bit of an experiment... only used one type of grain (pale) and one type of hops (cascade). The hops were about 60% storebought and 40% my very own home-grown cones. Had some trouble (2 boil-overs) so I only ended up with 4.5 gallons of Hop Harvest Ale. It's bubblin' away.

In completely unrelated news: I'm officially back on the reading bug. I get into reading about once a year, and that tiem of year has come. Currently reading The Mote in God's Eye and listening to The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, Book 1) in audiobook format.
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