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Basement Finishing 1
Posted April 29, 2005 at 01:35:00 PM by Bean in the Beer category
I've decided to start finishing my basement. Step 1: Make a list of shit I need to buy. My dad came over to my house yesterday and we knocked that one out. Step 2: frame out a few openings and throw some studs in where the builder strayed from his 16"-on-center spacing. I plan on doing this over the weekned. Stay tuned.

Also - I fixed my banjo. I predict that I will play it every night for the next month, then realize that I am not getting any better and put it back in the closet for 6-12 more months.

Also - I'll be brewing beer with Barkley and Hicks again this Saturday in Indy. We are making 10 gallons each of a Red Ale and a Helles. Tonight, Stef and I are heading up there to attend this years opening of the Rathskellar's Biergarten. Polkaboy is playing. Doubly good tims on deck for this weekend in Indy!
Posted April 27, 2005 at 10:12:00 PM by Bean
With my scanner all tested and working, I decided to scan some more stuff. This beauty was found in my neighbor Steve's yard. Our best guess is that one of the workers in the neighborhood dropped it at some point. Before I scanned it, it had tape on it - leading me to believe that it was taped up on the inside of a work trailer door or somehting. Anyway, the guy on the right looks kinda like one of the workers I saw once, and the guy on the left looks like either a driver or a big fan of Nascar. The lady in the middle, well, I've pixelated her jumblies. If you are brave, click on it to see a more detailed, un-pixelated pic. And if you do, please tell me what the hell those dudes are doing, or better yet, why they are doing it.

PS - Expect a follow-up blog as I ask some of the workers if they know the guy in the pic.
Posted April 27, 2005 at 09:59:00 PM by Bean
Earlier today m3 posted a blog about sugar gliders. It made me remember my ferrets that I had sophmore year in college (Naola and Napolean). I gave them away before I Junior year because Pete didn't want our room to smell like ferret. Valid point. I'm sure they are dead by now.

Anyway, during my senior year, Big D and his roomie procured a ferret. I played with him a lot. His name was Mungo. This evening, as I was digging through some stuff in a box labled "Ben's random junk," I came across a stack of assorted photos. And wouldn't you know it, sure enough, halfway through the stack was a polaroid of good old Mungo. I tested out the scanner portion of my relatively new printer/scanner/fax to give Mungo his proper place in innerwebspace and revive his memories for everone who had the pleasure to know him. I'm, sure he's dead by now too.

Posted April 25, 2005 at 12:06:00 PM by Bean
I have an addictive personality. That is, I get addicted to things pretty easily. It's usually not a detrimental thing, because I go through a kind of cycle:
interest Addiction Burnout Boredom Go to 1 with same or new interest. There have been a lot of things... from fish tanks to gardening, moonshine to legos, running to pneumatics, and then there's the king: brewing. Some of them are healthy, and some are not. Some things stick around longer than others. Some things fade quickly. Running, for example, has been one that's been through several cycles... I am currently in the middle of step 2. Pneumatics was short lived, as was the legos obsession, both of which were nevertheless able to drain my bank account quite a bit. Brewing is always there... the burnout phase usually doesn't last very long even when it does sneak in. Fish tanks? Moonshine? Who knows...

My point is, when I get into something, I really get into it. And where am I going with this? Well, I need to get another healthy addiction, and I think I'll try to recycle "loosing weight" back into the mix. I've been through that one a few times, and once I drop a few pounds, the positive reinforcement of looking better and feeling better usually takes over. I also need another one to fill some of this spare time I've been having lately. Currently taking suggestions.
Bum Pee
Posted April 25, 2005 at 09:11:00 AM by Bean
So I come into the office this morning and the lobby, stairwell, and halls all smell like pee. What a way to start the week! Here's what I believe probably happened:

Over the weekend, one of my co-workers came into the office with her family to watch the fireworks (Thunder Over Louisville). I know she planned on hanging out inside while letting her kids run around outside, so I bet she left the doors unlocked. Our building isn't necessarily in a bad part of town, but we have our fair share of vagrants that frequent the area out front. Usually, either A) There are enough people in the building to keep an eye open and make sure they don't hang out in our entryway or B) the doors are locked (2 big deadbolts). Saturday, there were only a few people here, all upstairs, and the doors were wide open. Besides that, a lot of people were out and about to watch the airshow and fireworks. So I am guessing that some angry bum, pissed AT my office because it was normally off limits to him/her, gained easy entry and, well, pissed IN my office out of spite.

Maybe it's wrong that I immediately think of renegade, peeing bums out to get the man for not letting them sleep in the stairwell. Or maybe there's just some freakin' crazy-ass bums in this city.

Update: As I was writing this, I found out what really happened. Co-worker's kids (who were roaming around Saturday) bought some "Fart Spray" and sprayed it in the hallway. Great. Should have been called "Angry Bum Pee Spray."
And Then
Posted April 18, 2005 at 12:15:00 PM by Bean
It's been a while. Here's alittle something for everyone.

For sufferers of Nintendo-thumb:
Been playing Super Mario Bros. 3 a lot lately. Beat it twice over so far, and I'm on world 7 with the third go-round. I was hoping that something would happen as I continued on, but the only thing I have seen so far is that when you start back at world 1 you can get 20 or so p-wings by pressing A+start when you begin. Good tims. World 7 is much harder than world 8, by the way.

For Caleb and other nerds:
Two big technologies I use at work are PHP and MySQL. I got an email for the MySQL User Conference and took a look at it. It would be neat to go to just to sharpen my skills (girls only like guys who have great skills) and take some free certification tests. Unfortunately, the conference has already started. I then decided to look up the PHP User Conference. Some type of benefits, but this one is in Amsterdam. Sweet. Unfortunately, it's the same weekend as my upcoming race. Oh well. Maybe next year I'll look them up in the winter.

For runners:
My plan was to shed 10 pounds between the Cherry Blossom 10-miler and the Mini. So far I have dropped a total of 0. On the up side, though, my times have gotten better. I ran 5 miles in 36:24, which is 7:17 per mile. Not too shabby. I am going to try a longer distance run tonight and see if I can keep a sub-8-minute pace. Love this weather.

For beer brewers and drinkers:
I kegged and dry-hopped 5 gallons of CHIPA and 4 gallons of Nessie-Wee last week. The CHIPA is top-notch, very bitter. The Nessie is a little on the sweet side. At 8% though, the sweetness is nicely balanced by the alcohol warmth and carbonation. It definitely a sipper. In upcoming brewing news: I am going to brew a light ale this week and a group of us are getting together in Indy to brew next weekend. Anyone wanna help/watch? Did I mention I love this weather we've been having?

For SDP-enthusiasts:
SDP 2005 is tenatively scheduled for July 16. I am probably going to relinquish the domain and move things over to Once things are a little more finalized, I'll update the site. I am just now starting to grow grass where last years slip'n'slide was.
Cherry Blossom
Posted April 05, 2005 at 11:31:00 AM by Bean
Well, the Cherry Tree's weren't blossoming, that's for sure. It was cold, windy, and rainy most of the time I was in DC. The rain subsided for the race, which was nice, so it wasn't so bad once the blood got pumpin'. I didn't get the results I wanted... finished in 1:23:48, which was almost 4 minutes slower than I was shooting for. Perhaps it has something to do with my large, bublus stomach.

Woke up Sunday morning around 5am and got ready. made it downtown by about 6:30, got to the race area around 7, crossed the start line around 8:06 and crossed it again around 9:30. Spent the rest of the morning, afternoon, evening, and night eating and drinking. Hit the sack around 1am and slept like a baby.

Stutz had a better pace than I did, which was kind of disappointing, but when you look at the REAL way race paces should be measured, I kicked his ace. The real way is not simply minutes per mile, but minutes per mile-pound. My final weight-pace was 0.037 m/M*lb, where as ole Stutzenator was at 0.044. Talk about a slow-poke... sheesh. My final place was 2348 out of 8516. Not bad for a fatty.

Overall, I'm happy with the run. It was a good practice for the mini coming up next month. This month, I'm going to try and keep the training in high gear and shed a few pounds. I am really looking forward to May 7th. Indy really does it up right for this race. They pack so much entertainment along the race course that it's borderline ridiculous. The only entertainment along the course at the Cherry Blossom was the jiggly-butt girl that was in front of me for a mile or so and the dude Irwin saw taking a shit.
Baby Train '05
Posted April 01, 2005 at 08:22:00 AM by Bean
So the baby train has departed. The Henry's and Wiseman's already popped 'em out, and the Miller's and Irwin's are on Deck. 2005 will be a big baby year for a lot of people I know, and we are trying to get on board... hold the train! Yep, Stef's pregnant. Expected due date: Dec 10 2005.
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