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Posted December 30, 2004 at 08:42:58 AM by Bean
Made this snowman a few days ago. He was huge. He's long since melted away. RIP.

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Yesterday, the bosslady brought her kids into the office for a little while.  Her 4-year old son took a seat on the floor of my office and started yelling things into the fan to hear his own distorted voice.  He soon broke into a cheer-style chant, and the following "conversation" occurred:

Ricky:  Gimme a O.
Me:  O.
Ricky:  Gimmee a Y.
Me:  Y.
Ricky:  Gimmee a A-B.
Me:  A-B?
Ricky:  Gimmee a 6.
Me:  6??
Ricky:  What's that spell?
Me:  oyab-6?

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Posted December 28, 2004 at 09:34:22 AM by Bean

I spend a hefty chunk of time this weekend cleaning up a laptop that was completely overrun with spyware, adware, and virii.  I don't even know if I got it all, but the thing is atleast usable again.  So, as a gentle reminder to all the beanbloggers out there, I suggest you spend a few minutes this holiday season performing a little computer maintenence.  I guarentee that your computer has some 3rd party crap on it that is either hindering your performance, spying on you, or generally tarking up your system.  Get rid of them now.  Some of them open up doors for more crap to get installed and before you know it, your computer will be virtaully unusable.

Get the following programs.  Install them (or just download them, in the case of stinger), check for updates, run them (in order), and clean everything off.  Reboot into safe mode (using f8 at boot time) and run them all again.  A little preventative maintenence goes a long way.

  1. Stinger
  2. Spybot S&D
  3. Ad-Aware SE

Also, for crying out loud, don't "Punch the monkey to win a free I-Pod" or "Click here for a free Spongebog Squarepants screensaver."

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Six. Pound. Burger.
Posted December 20, 2004 at 09:01:46 AM by Bean

Denny's Beer Barrel Pub aint got nuthin on us.

Saturday was "A Marsonfest Christmas."  The highpoint of this trip to the Nasty was our six pound burger.  After seeing the references on Snopes, we just had to do one ourselves.  It was awesome.  It took around 2 hours to cook, but the wait was worth it.  Here's some pics and movies.

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Posted December 17, 2004 at 03:19:55 PM by Bean
I went to this site that m3 blogged about.  I managed to make this.  That is all.

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I created a Wiki for theduck.  It's at It's really for anyone who wants to use it.  Wiki's are cool.  If you don't know what they are, Google it.

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Posted December 17, 2004 at 08:29:09 AM by Bean in the Recipes category
Get 1 sleeve of Saltines, 2 sticks of butter, 1 cup of brown sugar, and a bag of milk chocolate chips. Trust me.

Preheat your oven to 350. Line one rimmed cookie sheet with foil and Pam. Place 1 layer of crackers in the bottom. Bring 2 sticks of butter and 1 cup of brown sugar to a steady boil in a small saucepan for 1 minute then pour the mixture over the crackers. Place the pan in the oven for 8 minutes, then take it out and sprinkle one bag of milk chocolate chips on top. After a few minutes, spread the chocolate into an even layer and put it in the fridge. When cool, cut or break it into whatever size chunks you want.

Result: Betz, candy, ever.

You're welcome.

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I think all non-ultra-violent crimes, rather, punishments, shoudl be assigned a dollar value.  When you serve your sentence, you are put in jail, where you perform some kind of duty.  You get "paid" for that duty, just like you had a job, but your duty is not something you get to choose.  Your check would go towards the following things, in order:

  1. Pay for your own room and board
  2. Pay for your criminal fine
  3. Pay for your civil fine

For instance.  Say I decided to carjack Koji.  In the process, I destroy his car, break his arm, mess up some guard rails, then get caught.  When found guilty, I would get the following fines:

  • Carjacking (criminal) - $10,000
  • Destruction of property (criminal) - $5,000
  • Destruction of property (civil) - $25,000
  • Pain and suffering/hospital bills (civil) - $20,000

Plus, it costs $20,000 per year to house me in prison.  (Note that is way less that current estimates (it's, more like 40k), but with some reform, who knows...).

Then, when in prison, they put me to work, hard work, 12 hour days, in a prison factory.  I get paid $25,000 anually.  And of course, there are incentives, just like any other job, to work better or faster, or just more, to recieve bonusses.  Right off the top, 20k would go right back to the prison to pay for my room and board, and the remaining 5k (plus any bonus) would be applied to my criminal fine until it was paid off, then to my civil fine.  Once everything is paid off, I get out.  I'd be out in 12 years and all dues would be paid.

In the end, Koji would get a new car plus 20k for bills and whatnot, the guardrails would get fixed, and the government would take in a $10,000 fine.  Also, I will have helped build 12 years worth of whatnots in the factory to pay for it all.  Hell, you could even tack on $2000 in court fees (criminal fine) and whatever other costs are incurred in the capture and processing of my carjacking ass.

Sure, there are but what about's to be asked, but it seem slike a good starting point to me.

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Pong and Christmas
Posted December 13, 2004 at 12:50:33 PM by Bean

I got a ping pong table Saturday.  It was only $89 at the waltarks.  It's not super-top-notch quality or anything, but it works.  In fact, it works pretty darn well.  Ranglog and Welch helped me and Stef and a few of my neighbors "break it in" if you catch my drift.  (For those who didnt catch the afformentioned drift, by "break it in" I meant "play beer pong on it."  Good tims were had by all.

Also, the upcoming weekend promises to be jam-packed with holiday fun.  Friday night, my family is gathering with my aunt and uncles family for an evening of eating, drinking, and being merry.  We will be participating in a cookie-exchange.  Saturday, Stef and I are traveling to the Nasty for a Marsonfest Christmas.  He's renting the theater room again, which is bang, and I believe we are doing a dollar-store gift exchange or something of the sort.  Then, Sunday, my dads side of the family is getting together for our annual Christmas party.  More merriness, eating, and drinking, along with a gift exchange and a gingerbread house competition.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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20 Gallon Brew Day!
Posted December 06, 2004 at 03:41:21 PM by Bean in the Beer category
Saturday was, in every atendee's opinion, a success. We ended up with just a little less than 20 gallons of beer. Irwin got screwed and only took home 4. Barkley got his 5, and I have the rest. It's all bubbling away. Brewing with 3 people is much mo betta than brewing with 1 people.

Irwin took notes and pictures. Once he gets them (he left them at my house and Barkley too em) to me, I will blog a blog all about it.

Good tims.

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Wedding Pictures...
Posted December 03, 2004 at 01:41:20 PM by Bean

...are now available for viewing online at

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Christmas List
Posted December 01, 2004 at 02:21:30 PM by Bean

For those interested, here is my Christmas list:

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Almost finished my cat tower last night. They seem to like it. All I have left to do is wrap the remaining vertical supports with twine. Here is a pic.

This Saturday, Barkley and Irwin are coming down to for an all day brew-athon. We will be brewing 10 gallons of all-grain IPA and 10 gallons of extract coffee stout. We will also be sampling various homebrews and store-bought beers throughout the day. If you are interested, come on by, or email me for deets.

After a frustrating time with my last order, I vowed to never use again. But last night I thought of another shirt I want, so the BeanBlog Store doors are back open. I like shirts with slogans. I am going to buy one tonight.

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