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Posted September 28, 2004 at 11:22:30 AM by Bean

Saturday, I drove up to Indianapolis for Jimmy's bachelor party.  I joined Jim, Bilal, Jim's brothers Dave and Mike, and Ryan, a friend of Jim's from college and we headed north to Fast Times (Stop #1).  This place is a blast... they have "European-Style" indoor go-karts that ride low to the track and pull some serious G's in the corners.  We did two races on the multi-level track.  Two races is enough to drain your body as well as you wallet, so we left and headed to PF Changs (Stop #2) for some grub. 

PF Changs never fails to impress me.  Great food, a cool atmosphere, and prices that wont require a second job.  We split a couple appetizers, 5 entrees, and 3 deserts among the 6 of us and had the waiter snap a pic so I could BABAI!  In related news, the horse statues outside PF's are stubby.

After a brief break at Bilal's, where we lost Dave and Mike, we ventured to Nicky Blains (Stop #3) downtown.  A round of cigars and a round of martini's later, Nasser showed up joined the fun.  Nicky Blains has gone downhill, in my opinion.  The waitresses used to all be hot and martinis were filled to the brim - but now, it's just some overweight chick bringing out half-empty, $8 martinis.  What a let down.  We stayed long enough to smoke our cigars and drink a few drinks and then headed down the street.

Ryan called it a night at this point and headed home - the rest of us intended to hit up the Slippery Noodle, but it was "standing room only" which is Latin for "Lines at the bar and bafroom."  So we backtracked a little and ended up at Jillians (Stop #4).  Reasonably priced beers and some games to keep us entertained while we drank them.  We played some skateboarding game, a little racing, and some airhockey before heading to our next destination.

[Note: Stop #5 will not be blogged due to possible incrimination]

And to finish things off, we made a end-of-the-night stop at the Castle (Stop #6).  We split a Crave Case and a few orders of fries and had no problem at all eating them.  So, effin, tasty.

Our final destination was back at Bilal's place (Stop #7) where we dove into dessert (his candy drawer).  I ate a whole chicken made out of chocolate (wtf?) and promptly found a comfortable place to snooze.  THE END.

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The Bruce
Posted September 25, 2004 at 10:16:56 AM by Bean

M1 works with Bruce.  I've never met Bruce, but he ocasionally pops up in conversations on the duck.  We refer to him as "The Bruce."  Anyway, last night, Stef and I met one of her friends at Wet Willy's for a few drinks.  After a random phone call to M1, we found out that The Bruce was hanging out in Louisville on the same street as us.  We decided to try and find The Bruce. 

Stef got The Bruce's phone number from M1, and as I went to dial it, I read what she had written down: 937 405 678.  I'm not sure if those are the exact same numbers, but the point is, a digit was missing.  Great.  Rather than call back get the extra digit from M1, we decided to just take advantage of our great seats along the Baxter Avenue sidewalk and just yell "Bruce?" at everyone that walked by.  About 50 "Bruce?'s" later, a guy did a double-take, walked up to us and stuck his hand out for shaking.  We were like "Bruce?" and he said "Yeah, I'm Bruce."  "From Cincinatti?," we said.  "No."  A few moments of chitchat later, Decoy-Bruce walked away and we continued our search.  Around 11pm, we gave up on The Bruce and went to Wick's for some Pizza.

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Before I get to the real subject of this blog, I'd like to announce that HalloBean Evites went out yesterday.  Visit to learn more.  Now, onto the ham.

Stef bought a ham last week.  A whole ham.  For the two of us.  Now that's a lot of ham.

Don't get me wrong, it's good ham, and sliced in a variety of thicknesses, but one can only eat so many ham sandwiches.  So I have been trying to think of other ways to eat it before it goes bad.  I have pan fried it with eggs for breakfast (no-brainer), Stef used it in some kick-ass gumbo last night, and I've thrown thick-sliced ham on the grill.  All are tasty options, but in the end, it's still ham.  I habba too much ham.  Anyone have any good recipes for ham?

In related news: I tried to grill some ham and accidentally left the house while the ham was still over the fire.  I had to call John to come down and turn my grill off.  When I got back, one of teh ham slices had turned into a hard black disc (which I dicarded into the neighbors lawn like a frisbee) and the other one was so burnt that it had turned into powder.  A pass with the grill scraper too care of that one.

Furthermore: Lunch today is some of that ham gumbo - then when I get home, it's ham for dinner.  And before bed, a little snack of, you guessed it!

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Trach Wheelie
Posted September 20, 2004 at 02:55:14 PM by Bean

Next up in the dot org wheelie series, here is the man himself popping a trach wheelie!

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Posted September 20, 2004 at 12:20:03 PM by Bean

As I mentioned in my last entry, Stef and I ventured to Cincinasty Saturday to participate in some shenanigens.  We left Indiana around 11am and drove to M1s apartment complex in downtown Nasty.  M1 had reserved a room in his complex and wheeled a pong table down there into it.  We set it up and began to practice.  A little while later, Koji, Yuri, Yuri's friend, Nick, Henry, Hook, and Paul showed up and the ponging began.  Henry and I won two games, but by the end of the second one, I knew I was done for a while.  We may have won the games, but we were heavily out-slammed, for sure.

At some point, Hook went to the bathroom.  He was in there for a long, long time.  I really had to go, so I decided to use the womens head.  No big deal, really, since they are individual bathrooms with locking door.  Unfortunately, I clogged that thing up big-time, which was bad news for everyone else who was waiting to go.  Color me embarassed.

After another game of pong (which I did not participate in), we grabbed Moose and headed over to the room M2 had reserved.  The "Theater Room" was in a different building owned by the same landlord, and it was pretty darn sweet.  For a $25 reservation fee, we got full use of the followng items:

  • Big projection screen/TV.
  • Pop fountian
  • Popcorn machine
  • Theater seats
  • Pool table
  • Pong table
  • Fridge
  • Plenty of space to sit, served food, and in the case of me and Stef, sleep.

M2 and friends were watching the Buckeyes game on the big screen and everyone was working on a 6' party sub and assorted side items.  I took a break from drinking and concentarted on making some food dissapear.

Then, in keeping with the previous toilet clogging, someone created a major log-jam in the men restroom next to the theater room.  Desperate for some relief, Nick decided to venture into the womens side and take care of buisness.  He noted a particular aroma as he entered.

Around 7pm, we all headed out, down the block, through Octoberfest to the Reds game.  We had some nosebleed seats, but it was an awesome night and the weather was BANG.  After about 5 innings, Stef and I decided to jet and head over to the Hofbrauhaus Newport, on the KY side of the river.  We crossed at the wrong bridge and it ended up taking us about an hour to walk there.  But the rewards were worth it.

After some chicken dancing, german drinking songs, and the funniest version of Do-Re-Me I have ever heard, the rest of the crew showed up and we all grabbed a bench outside.  Hunger pangs set in, but soon Nick showed up with a big plate of assorted sausagesGood call!  Henry must not have gotten enough, because he caught a spider and was about to eat it.  When he hesitated, Paul completed the job (poor quality vid).

A few giant mugs of beer later, we departed the HB and headed back to M1&2s pads.  I'm pretty sure I ran into Andy at some point.  There were some as-promised-shenanigens (1 2 3 4 5 6) along the walk home.  Once back to the theater room, we tore up some leftovers, flipped on the giant screen and watched some Reno 911 before calling it as night.  Good times were had by all.

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Here is a blog I wrote just for you:
Posted September 17, 2004 at 10:19:00 PM by Bean in the Beer category
Well, it's been a busy week. Busy at work, not busy in the blogs, that is. Been adding a lot of functionality to our online auditing/management system and it's really starting to develop into a pretty powerful tool. Kinda like me.

Anyway, I did brew another batch of beer... no link to the recipe since is down right now, but here's the jist of it: 3 pounds of wheat DME, 1 pound of light DME, and .75 ounces of Tettnanger hops went into a 60 minute boil. At flameout, I dumped in a big can of Oregon Cherry Puree, cooled the wort, and put it on top of the yeast cake left from S3. It began fermentation by the next day. In a few weeks, I'll have Kirschweizen (Cherry Wheat).

Also, Top Secret Experiment #1 (TSE#1) was officially a success. I just finished TSE#2, and it is looking even better than the first! TSE#2b will take place Sunday night - details to follow next week.

And I'm spent, that's all I got, are you happy? I'm turning in early tonight so I can get up bright and early to head to the Nasty to visit M1 and friends. Itinerary for tomorrow: drive, eat, drink, pong, baseball game, Hofbrauhaus, shenanigans, hilarity. Habba enjoy weekend!

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Posted September 09, 2004 at 10:03:48 AM by Bean in the Beer category
Brewed it last night. 5 hours, 60% effeciency, not too bad overall. I did have a lot of cavitization or air-seepage during recirculation, and it's fermenting a bit hot, but every brew session has to have it's problems.

The last two times I brewed, I did almost everything inside the basement. The only thing I set up outside was my kettle - for heating water and of course for the boil. Seems to work out pretty good, except when I spill stuff. I should buy a mop.

In unrelated news: going to try out ultra-top-secret project #1 tonight and see if it works.

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I bought a Gmail account off Ebay a few weeks ago and started playing with it.  It's pretty nice.  You can just "archive" all of your messages and then get back to them by searching via keyword, sender, subject, whatever.  Handy.  And you get 1 gig of storage, so you can pretty much save everything without worrying about running out of space.

The thing about Gmail is you have to be "invited" in order to get an account.  Only select individuals were given invites at first, and this led to a gmail-invite-market on Ebay.  I bought mine for about $5 in August (they are a lot cheaper now).  Once you sign up for Gmail, you accrue more invites that you can send out to friends, etc, based on you usage I guess.  I have 6 invites right now that I can send out.  Anyone want one to try?  Leave a comment.

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Party Pooper
Posted September 07, 2004 at 01:56:16 PM by Bean

I always get lost in Columbus, Indiana.  That town has some screwed up roads.  For one, their E-W roads downtown become N-S roads when you least expect them to.  Also, the names that MapQuest has in it's database do not match up with actual street signs.  And lastly, the seemingly logical grid of county roads in the outskirts of the city is rendered un-navigatable by the random deletion and addition of road segments.  I got lost both time I was driving to TPs this summer, once on the way home from TPs, and both on the way to and from JCTMHs "We- Eloped" party.  Color me angry.

In related news: JCTMHs shindig was a great time.  After getting lost on our way there, we arrived and joined the party.  The food and drink was plentiful, Baggo was played (in eXtR3Me Kr0s5-k0uRt fashion), and I got to drive some golf carts around while drinking.  Also, got to talk to some people I hadn't seen in quite some time (Conley sibs, Rizzorth and fam) and see a few people for the first time ever (AJ Rizzo and the newest Conley twins). 

Everything was going good until it was time to leave.  There was a delimma.  I had brought the beer dispensing equipment, so upon my leaving, the beer stops flowing - and the keg wasn't empty.  So, a few of us tried to empty it (into our stomachs).  After a little while, Stef suggested that I fill her 64 ounce travel mug with beers so we could go ahead and take off - so we did.   Needless to say, Stef drove to our next destination: Bloomington to visit some of her friends.  By the time we got there (after getting lost again), I had almost finished the mug.  This spelled a very short night for me.  By 8pm, I was asleep on the couch.  Party pooper.

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Things are going well on Sunnybrook Drive.  Wedding plans are coming together, wort is bubblin' away - becomming beer, and other side projects are coming together nicely. 

Wedding - Invitations are going to be going out pretty soon... within the next 2 weeks I'd say.  Despite the fact that Stef, Dooley, and Irwin all went to the "bathroom" at the same time at Straenfest, I think that all of our weddings are still on.

Beer - Schy Rye is fermenting, should be kegged in about 10 days or so.  Next up in the queue is a beer for Stef.  She likes Erdinger Pikantus Weizenbock - it's a strong, malty, smooth, low-hops, dark wheat beer.  So I am going to brew a strong, malty, smooth, low-hops, dark wheat beer - 3S.

Side Projects - Unfortunately, my #1 side project is ultra-top-secret and cannot be discussed on the BeanBlog.  If the suspense is killing you, you'll just have to stop by sometime and ask me about it.  #2, which is beginning to rise on the list, is HalloBean.

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