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Bachelor Fun in Louisville
Posted September 30, 2003 at 11:27:35 AM by Bean

A few weeks ago, I participated in Henry's bachelor party.  It was held in the city of Louisville, thus giving us the excuse of getting out of Indy.  Since it's not considered kosher to discuss bachelor party details in a public forum, I'll limit the scope of this entry.

First off, our hotel was approximately 2 miles from the bars.  I did not know this.  When asked whether we could walk there or not (assuming I was an expert on Louisville), I said "yes" even though I didn't even know which direction to walk.  We ended up going about 1.5 miles before we spotted our first destination of the night - Jillians.  We were all happy to get inside, get drinks, and sit our asses in some comfy sofas in the smoking lounge where we enjoyed some Cuban cigars compliments of JCTMH.

Next we continued on to several other bars along Bardstown Road and eventually ended up at Have a Nice Day Cafe.  I have a lot of pictures from here.  50% of them are blurry and non-recognizable, 30% of them are boring, 18% of them are slightly incriminating, and the remaining 2% (3 pictures) are:

After this, the night was a haze.  I know we split into a few groups by the end of the night, and the next thing I remember is being back at the hotel.  When you have too many guys in a hotel room and a few of them are passed out, bad things are bound to happen.  I added the following buttonfaces to my collection:

And also snapped a nice one of Paul and Henry spooning:

The night ended with everyone being hungry and no resturaunts being open.  We though we hit jackpot when we got ahold of Bartow on his cell while he was cabbing it back to the hotel.  We told him to bring back 2 crave cases.  He brough a six-sack and some fries.  At this point, I decided to leave, and took m1 and JCTMH with me.  At about 4am, we drove to Indiana and went to Denny's.  We dropped a drunken JCTMH off at the airport around 6am to catch his 8am flight and headed back to Indy on no sleep.  I started halucinating after about 30 miles and m1 took over.  Everyone made it safely home.  I slept the entire next day.

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New House Choices
Posted September 26, 2003 at 01:38:36 PM by Bean

In my search for a new house in southern Indiana, I have been able to come up with three basic directions I can head.  Please read them and then offer me some advice by leaving a comment.

  1. Buy a nice house.  I consider the house I am in right now nice, and I have looked quite a bit for one in New Albany with a similar layout.  The only problem is that houses are quite a bit more expensive down there.  A house like mine, with approximately the same square footage (1800) and atleast 2 floors (some have basements) run about $160,000+.  Note also that they are on slightly larger lots and have more brick in them than my current abode. 
  2. Buy a small house.  For about what I paid for my house here in indy (sub $120,000), I could buy a 1-story ranch on a slab or crawlspace with about 1300 square feet.  It may or may not have brick, and would have about the same size lot I have now (<.25 acres).  There is one house in particular that I think I may be able to get for $110,000, fix up over the course of 1-2 years, and sell for $140,000+ (it's going into forclosure).
  3. Live in a barn.  This was a shocking idea at first, but as I talked it over with my parents, friends, and Stef, it's seems very feasable.  I could buy 2-3 acres from my grandpa (on the cheap) and draw up plans for a nice house and a large (1200 sqft) pole barn.  Once approved, I could put up the barn first (before the end of 03) and finish off about half of the inside of the it as an apartment for us to live in while we build the house.  I think this would be an exciting project, and I could be moved into the apartment by 2004 with a total cost less than $30,000.  Come next spring, I could take out a building mortgage and break ground on my house.  The major fallback of this plan is that the land is 10-15 miles outside of New Albany.

So there you have it: Expensive big house, cheaper little ranch, or a barn.  What do you think?

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I'm Back
Posted September 23, 2003 at 02:23:03 PM by Bean

So, I started my new job last week, and I have been very busy.... good busy, not bad busy.  Besides the new job, I am trying to buy a house, sell my old house, and work 10 hours a week at Acterna for some extra cash.  So forgive me if I haven't had time to do mo betta updates.  Believe me, though, I have plenty of material queued up for the next week or so.

And I'll start with this little gem I snapped at Henry's reception: know it's a good party when the girls start bongin'.  Stay tuned.

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My Crappy T-Shirt [Update]
Posted September 11, 2003 at 09:15:39 AM by Bean

I bought an "I'm Blogging This" T-Shirt from a few weeks ago.  I wore it once, washed it once, and the lettering is already coming off.  Obviously, I am very unhappy with the quality of the shirt and am trying to get a refund.  After sending in my complaint, Jen asked me to send her pictures of the damage, so I did.  I am now waiting on a response.  More updates to come.

[My initial letter]
I ordered an "I'm Blogging This" T about a month ago and was happy with the shipping time and product after it arrived.  However, after wasing it a single time and following all instructions for care on the label, 50% of the lettering has come off of the shirt.  It now reads "I'm B  g  g Th  " or something of the like.  Obviously, I'm not happy about this.  Should I just fill out an RMA form?  Do I have to pay shipping again?

Ben Schy

[Her response]
Please send me a picture of the shirt.  Normally, after a shirt has been worn and washed, we are not able to accept it back for a return.


[Sending pics]
Hi Jen,
Here are a few pictures of the damaged T-shirt.  Again, all I did was wash it a single time following the instructions on the label (Wash in warm water with like colors, tumble dry medium) and a large chunk of text came off.

[Final Response]
A  replacement shirt will be shipped out for you today.

Sweet!  I guess there are a few honest companies out there still (Fuck AOL).

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Blogger Code
Posted September 10, 2003 at 09:04:51 AM by Bean

So I went to this site and filled out the survey to find out that my "Blogger Code" is:

B3 d t k s u-- f i o++ x-- e++ l c


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Ice Cream
Posted September 09, 2003 at 11:06:22 AM by Bean

I love ice cream, always have, always will.  When I was little, I used to beg my mom and dad all the time to go to Zesto's, the local ice cream joint.  Any time we drove by it, I would nag and nag and nag until we stopped.  I almost always got the 'blizzard' or whatever it was that they happened to call the softserve ice cream mixed up with bits of candy, and I almost always got it with peanut butter cups.

"What's so blogworthy about this story, Bean?" you may ask.  Well the interesting thing about me and ice cream is that I really don't like it when it melts before I get a chance to eat it... I get furious.  On hot days, when the outside edges of my peanut butter cup blizzard would begin to melt before I even got to the table to sit down, I would flip out.  When I was little, I couldnt control my anger and I would scream and shout and act like a spoiled little brat.  I was absolutely horrible, and I feel so bad for my parents or anyone else who happened to be near me during one of these episodes.  I couldn't (and still don't) understand why they didn't serve their fucking blizzards in fucking styrofoam cups instead of fucking paper ones.  Just thinking about it now gets me all riled up.

These days, I still get mad when it happens, but I can supress the fury.  I no longer cry and kick and scream, I just grit my teeth and eat my liquid slop.  In my opinion, the only time melted ice cream is acceptable is when it's covered in hot fudge.

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#1 BeanBlog
Posted September 04, 2003 at 02:21:49 PM by Bean

The BeanBlog has officially taken the #1 seat at the top of the search results from Google for "BeanBlog".  Boo Yah!

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