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Blogger Man
Posted August 26, 2003 at 10:03:44 PM by Bean
I recorded a song for the workin' ducks. Click this link to open the mp3 and then sing along while you are at work:

Blogger Man
It's 9:00 on a monday
Back at work again
Got a bossman watching over me
Makin sure that I'm not emailin'

He says "Bean can you stay until 5 today?"
But at 4, out the door I will go
Because work is just trach, and a pain in my ass
And that's something that all of us know

[la la la]
la la la
dee dee dah
la da dee dee
da da dum

Write us a blog your the blogger man
Write us a blog today
Cause we need a distraction from work again
And I bet you've got somehting to say

Now Caleb in columbus is a friend of mine
He's always good for a joke
Cause his emails are funny, and his blog is just money
And his HBEXGF is homeless and broke.

He say's "Duck I believe Red is digging me"
As a smile grew in size on his face
"Well I'm sure I can stickst in teh butt again
If I can get back to her place"

[la la la]

Now Chad is a flach animationist
Who never had time for the duck
'Till he got a new job with the government
Now his email output doesnt suck

And m1 is practicing sleeping late
As Dooley plays freeciv all day
And they're sharing their thoughts through the internet
On Japan and how Dot Org is gay


I'm in a pretty good mood for a Monday
As the bossman strolls down the aisle
when he peeks in my cube, email's tabbed away
And I look up at him with a smile

Cause the blogs are increasingly comical
And the emails discuss boobs and beer
And I read them and write them; my nuts you can bite them
Cause I'm getting the fuck out of here

[la la la]


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A Weekend With The Rangoons
Posted August 25, 2003 at 07:44:31 PM by Bean
The Rangoons came up to visit me and Stef Friday night. They got here around 6:30 and after a brief tour of our house, we departed for the Rathskeller. Polka Boy was playing, so we all got some drinks and got our Polka on. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

When we got back, Chad tried to eat Rachael's head, and then we made up some mixed drinks. We headed accross the street for some pong at Koji's. Welch gave us the finger and Moose Dog gave us an evil look. On our way back to my house, we ran in to my neighbor, Larry. A cat once bit his weiner. After we got home, karaoke ensued and Boz was happy. Speaking of karaoke, here is some terrible singing by Nate (big file, very dark, but the audio is priceless).

The next day, the Rangoons decided to stay the night again. We did nothign but play nintendo and eat. We got some great food at Yats in Broadripple. Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday, but instead of eating at Yats, we went with Andy and Sara to the Melting Pot. It was Andy and Sara's first fondue experience. Rangoon loves cheese fondue.

It was a very unproductive weekend, and in a very good way. It's been a while since I've done so little and felt so good about it.

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One Lucky Night
Posted August 19, 2003 at 03:38:32 PM by Bean

One evening, probably about 18 months ago or so, I was out in Broadripple with IndyCool and had an extremely lucky experience.  We were all sitting at a large wooden table at OPTs, drinking beer and shootin' the shit, when Nate walks up to the table next to me and says something about the ATM.  I walk over to him and ask what he's talking about, and he says that when he went to get $40 from the ATM (which only put out multiples of $20), it gave him a $20 and a $50.

Approximately 3 seconds later, I was standing in line to withdraw money.  Koji was in front of me, and when he tried to withdraw $100, he ended up getting a few $20's, two $50's and a $100.  I said "If you got the last of it, I am gonna kick your ass" to Koji as I was swiping my ATM card.

English or Espanol~: English
Enter you PIN: ****
Action: Withdraw
From: Checking
Amount (in multiples of $20): 100.00
Do you accept the $2 fee: Yes
Do you want a reciept: Yes

After a few seconds, the bills came out: $100, $100, $100, $100, and $100.  Jackpot... now for the reciept.  Unfortunately, the printer was jammed and no reciept came out, so I was left wondering if the extra $400 was "free" or whether my withdrawl would total $502.  Undaunted, Koji and I drove to the bank down the street to check our ballances.  It was a great moment when we both realized that only $102 had been withdrawn.  We went back and tried to withdraw more, but by this time the free money had been tapped and it was spitting out plain old $20's again.  Several other IndyCool folk got some extra from the defunkt ATM, but I think I came out the most ahead. 

We treated ourselves to many drinks that night, and Koji and I went to the most expensive steak house we could find the following evening for a celebratory feast.  My guess is that the ATM was simply loaded incorrectly.  Some schmuck mixed $50's and $100's in with the $20's and made my friggin day.  Boo yah!

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I Hate AOL
Posted August 18, 2003 at 09:58:21 AM by Bean

Last year, I got a Chase Shell credit card.  It was good for 5% cash back on gas purchases from Shell.  I used it whenever I got gas, and that's about it.  Unfortunately, in Feburary 2003 I also used it to sign up for a free AOL trial.  I was living with Stef at the time, and we didn't want to get a cable modem since we planned on moving soon.  I figured I could use the free trial, then pay for a month or two to get me through April.  When we were about to move, around May 23 (when we closed on our house), I called AOL to cancle my account.  I remember it was a pain in the ass, but I am sure that in the end, I cancelled it.  About that same time, Chase alerted me that some bogus charges had appeared on my card, and issued me a brand new one.  The new card had a different account number, so I figured even if AOL still tried to charge me, they had my old card and would be up shit creek.

And the months passed.

On August 7th, I recieved a statement from Chase Manhattan (my credit card company) saying that for my convenience, they have been forwarding some reoccurring monthly charges from my old, cancelled card to my new one.  Guess who it was? Yep, AOL.  On August 8th I came in to work and called AOL.  I explained my situation to several people, all of whick transferred me to someone new.  When I was finally able to continue talking to the same person for more than 2 minutes, she told me that the AOL databasses were updating and that she would not be able to access my account today.  She said that she couldn't cancel my account and that I would have to call back another day to do it.  When I asked when, she said she didn't know and didn't want to guess because then I would be mad if she was wrong.  WTF?  Am I supposed to believe that the worlds largest ISP shuts down global account access for days on end?  I bet if I called back that same day, that litle bitch would have no problem accessing the database to create me a new account.  Frustrated, I hung up.

On August 12th, I called again.  After the usual forwarding from Bill to Sue to Nancy, I ended up talking with a guy in the cancelations department named Guy.  Guy was very charismatic and tried his darndest to get me to stay with AOL.  Guy didn't seem to understand that I was already using another service and was trying to cancel an account that hadn't been used for 4 months.  "What features do you like or dislike with your AOL account?" Guy asked.  "I don't like any of it, which is why I don't use it anymore."  "Can I get you to stay if I give you two free months and a free upgrade to premium?"  "No Guy, I don't want to use AOL at all."  After I finally got Guy to shut up, i explained, in detail, the problem with my credit card.  I was excited to learn that he could give me non-usage credits for the months in which I did not log on.  Guy told me that he would issue $95.60 to my credit card, but that I would need to give him the new account info rather than the old, cancelled card info that they already had.  Lastly, he told me that I should wait until the credit shows up on my card before cancelling the account, just to be sure.  That sounded a little fish, but I said what the hey, I was happy that I'd recoup some of the dammage.

I waited until this morning to check my credit card for the non-usage credits that Guy promised me.  Of course, they were not there.  So, I called AOL again and ended up talking to Lawanda in the cancelation department.  Lawanda told me that no credits had been issued and that she could not give me any.  She tried to convince me to stay with AOL by offerring me freebies, but when she would not listen to what I was saying, I got nasty.  I told her about what Guy had promised me and she said that all it looked like he did was give me 2 future months for free.  After I yelled at her, she told me she had to talk to her supervisor and put me on hold.  When she came back, she told me that all she could do was cancel my account and transfer me to the billing department to see about credits.  I thanked Lawanda for being such a bitch and wrote down my confirmation number.

I was transfered to Anthony, in the billing department.  Anthony listened to my story and said "Okay, I will credit your account $47.80 for the past two months on non-usage."  I said "What about the other months that I didnt use the account, and the previous credits I was promised?"  He basically said that there was no way to prove that Guy promised me anything and that it would just be a "he said, she said" type of thing.  I asked how I could lodge a complaint and was told there was no way.  I explained how I felt that I was getting the runaround and getting screwed out of money and he replied with some shit about how he just worked in a call center and couldn't do anything about it.  He said that he could see the screen name of the fella that help me before (Guy) but that there was nothing I could do to get in touch with him or any of his supervisors.  I asked Anthony how I could be sure that he wasn't blatently lying to me like Guy did, and he got very defensive.  In the end he told me that there was no way I could tell whether he was lying or not and that there was no way for me to prove that we even had this conversation.  He could not give me any kind of confirmation or documentation that the credits would be given this time, so there was really no was to insure me that he wouldn't just pull a Guy on me.  Again, frustrated, I hung up.

I don't know whether or not the credits will ever come, but atleast the account is cancelled this time (confirmation number: 337756386).  I fucking hate AOL.

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Brewfest Schenanagins
Posted August 17, 2003 at 11:05:04 AM by Bean

I went to the Broadripple Brewfest with IndyCool Saturday.  It was pretty much the same setup as the Brew Ha Ha, but in a bigger setting.  Welch, Rushing, Erin, and I caught a cab from the south side to Boz's house in Broadripple.  The rest of IndyCool met up with us there, and we took yet another cab to the Brewfest.  We took 2 van cabs (both pictured here) but for some reason there were nine of us in one and only 4 in the other.  Go figure. 

The line to get in was pretty huge, but it wasn't long until the beer started flowing, 3 ounces at a time, and everyone got happyStef showed up 30 minutes after we got there, and served as DD for the night.  Unfortunately, there were not as many vendors serving their own beer as I remembered from last year, instead there were just people pouring beer out of bottles.  But the upside was the variety of free food.  There were bowls of bread, pretzels with dippin' sauce, chocolate mousse, and sushi.  And if you were a chump, you could buy grub from the food booth.

We hung out by this booth for a while.  They had a good beer... it was an Irish Cream Ale, but I don't remember the brand.  The drinking good times continued for several hours, as show here, here, here, and here.  Eventually, the flavor of the beer had little to do with whether or not we like it... temperature and quantity were the main factors.  Near the end of the event, it started raining... I don't know if these folks knew it or not.  They made me keep taking pictures of them until a good one came out.  At 6, we left... but the fun did not end there.  As we walked out of the park, I noticed that Miranda was carrying her sampling glass in a special way.  She was blitzed

We walked to a house just acrost the street and continued drinking.  It was around this time that I dropped my camera.  It was broken beyond repair.  Fortunately, the pictures of the evening had not been lost.  Unfortunately, no more pictures could be taken.  We stayed at the house party until about 9.  I remember that there was a lot of beer bong action, and a lot of grilled food.  I also remember farting on Joe's head.  In the end, Stef got the south side crew all home and safely in bed by 10.  I slept for 12 hours.

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Well shit, it's already Friday.  It's been a busy week at work - I have recieved and given lots of training and I have gotten a lot of work-related work done.  Bossman probably still thinks I should work harder.  Bossman is Trach.  Today, Bossman inquired about my lunch plans and ended by saying "So you are taking an hour and a half lunch?" to which I responded "Yes" and walked away.  I need a new job, or atleast a new Bossman.

But the week was not without it's blogworthy incidents:

  • During a presentation I attended yesterday, the presentor used the word "Connectorizations" in his show.  Now I am no spelling/grammar whiz, but I am pretty sure the proper word should have been "Connections".
  • Went to the Indiana State Fair Wednesday night.  I ate an italian sausage, fries, part of an elephant ear, a slushie, and a deep fried Twinkie.  The Twinkie was not very good... it tasted like a warm, greasy, mushy Twinkie.  The fair-food mass consumption was followed 10 hours later by bad stuff in the bathroom.
  • Got drunk off of strong, homemade Margaritas last night with Stef and Andy, then watched Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on Spike TV (formerly TNN).  That's a great show, and it's even mo betta funny when drinking.  We all passed out by 10.
  • Attempted to grill some zuchinni.  I used too much salt, and the final product tasted like chewy salt.

And, I'm spent.  Have a nice weekend.

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Fun in Southern Indiana
Posted August 12, 2003 at 07:10:03 PM by Bean

Thursday, Stef, Welch and I left Indianapolis around 4pm and headed towards the bustling metropolis of Bloomfeild, Indiana.  We arrived at the Rangoon Mansion around 6pm and got the tour.  It was fabulous.  Caleb and m1 showed up shortly thereafter and we popped squats outside.  After a grilled dinner, we started drinking, and that's when the real fun began.

m1 accepted yet another food challenge and ate a live mosquito for $2.  He put the bug in his  mouth, laid it on his tongue, gulped, and hapily reaped the rewards.  Then, Caleb showed us his stuff... Stef was not impressed.  We then played a few hands of K(C)had Drinks (pronounced kuh-chuh-haaaad drinks).  The girls then decided to hop in the sack together.  From what I hear, naked pillow fights followed.  When bed time finally came, Caleb put on his jammies and headed off to bed.

The next morning, Rangoon made us lots of bacon.  We all devoured it and then headed to Holiday World for the day.  We picked up little Rangoon on the way.  No pics from the park, since I didn't want to carry around the camera.  It was extremely inexpensive, since our tickets were free and pop and sun block was free.  A great time was had by all, and we got to ride the Zinga (best, water ride, ever).

After Holiday World, we met Racheal's parents, sister-in-law, and Flamian for dinner at the Millhouse in Jasper.  The food was pretty good, but it was the absolute worst service I have ever recieved at any resturaunt.  Rangoon took this picture.  My drink was as big as sleepy m1.

We left the Millhouse and went to the Holiday Inn to see Rusty Bladen and the Shakin' Jakes.  Rangoon and little Rangoon posed for a picture to show just how similar they are.  We drank some beers and m1 got funky(1)(2)(3).   When Rusty came on, we resisted the urge to get up and dance at first.  But when Racheal busted out with some ghetto-butt-shakin-moves, we all decided to join her on the dance floor.  In the end, Rachael's dad won a free Tshirt and we all made it home safely.  A bountiful breakfast of biscuits and gravy woke us up the next morning.  They were pretty darn good, though not quite up to par with my own mom's recipe.  Stef and I were mad that we had to leave.

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Bossman's Got Me Down
Posted August 07, 2003 at 02:23:15 PM by Bean

It has been noted that my lack of blogs is trach.  I think 7 days is the longest I have ever gone between posts, and I feel like I owe my loyal readership some sort of explination.

I have been working for Acterna for two and a half years.  Much like many other companies, every three to six months or so, we do reviews.  Up until recently, every review has been 100% positive.  My last two reviews (which happened within the past two months - don't ask me why), however, have had negative components.  Bossman says I email and browse the web too much.  Bossman says I am not working at my peak productivity level.  Bossman says it makes me look bad.

Well I say Bossman is wrong.  I email a lot, and I browse a lot, but only for short intervals.  Instead of taking a 10 minute smoke break every hour (like some people) or trading jibba-jabba with my neighbor at the water cooler all day (like other people), I take lots of teeny-tiny email breaks throughout the day.  Without my frequent breaks, my fuckin' 30 second breaks to alt-tab over and respond to a once line email with another one line email, I would surely burn out.  Then we'd see some seriously non-peak performance levels.

Bossman says my email program is always up on my screen.  I say no shit.  Email is my primary means of communication, and I like to know immediately when I have a new one waiting.  I rarely use my phone, which is more than can be said about most people around here.

Now the part that really burns me.  Our reviews are set up with 5 levels.  Most people get 3's (consistently meets expectations) and to get a 4 (consistently exceeds expectations), you really have to shine.  5's are very rare.  Bossman told me that in general, when you get a 4 or a 5, you are ready for a promotion.  About 6 months ago, I got a 4 overall, and was soon promoted.  Bossman also told me that right after promotions, you usually get 3's because expectations have ben raised and it generally takes a while to improve to the next level.  Well, My first review after the promotion, and every one since then has been a 4.  Bossman is telling me that I am consistently exceeding what is expected of me and at the same time tells me that I email too much and that my productivity is suffering.

Bossman, I have this to tell you: As long as I am consistently exceeding what you expect of me, leave me alone and let me manage my own time, or give me another promotion (and raise).

But alas, Bossman is Bossman, and I have to do what he says.  So, I have cut back on my online playtime at work.  I'd like to blog more from home, but I spend every spare minute working on new junk for HalloBean.  Here's to hoping that I can find a solution to my problem and keep Bossman off my back while keeping BeanBlog readers entertained.

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