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About Koji
Posted May 30, 2003 at 09:37:03 AM by Bean

So I was talking to Koji this morning, trying to determine what time we should drive to Ohio to help m1 move.  I thought the plan was to leave this afternoon after work so we could help m1 move the majority of his junk into storage.  We would then camp out in his empty (albeit maggot infested) apartment, get up bright and early, and bring the last load of stuff to Indy.  This plan is ideal for me, because then my whole Saturday isn't blown.

Koji, on the other hand, wants to drive there tomorrow morning, early, and do it all during the day.  This would essentially take up all of Saturday.  I did not like this idea...

Bean: Why not just go tonight, so we can get it all done with and have most of Saturday free?

Koji: But by the time we get there tonight, it'll be dark and we wont be able to do anything.

Bean: If we leave at 4:30, we can get there by 6:00 and have plenty of time to make a trip or two before dark.  Plus, who cares if it's dark.

Koji: To leave at 4:30, I'd have to leave work at 4:00!

Now this is what blew my mind.  Koji's expression indicated to me that he thought the notion of leaving work at 4:00 was crazy, ridiculous, and so out-of-this-world that he couldn't even fatham it.  What the fuck was I talking about... leaving at 4:00?!  That was fucking insane!  Jeebus H. Christ, what kind of crazy suggestion was that?!!

This just reinforces my theory: Koji loves work.

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Cell Phone Surgery
Posted May 28, 2003 at 01:49:04 PM by Bean

I have a Kyocera 2255 cell phone.  I got it for Christmas in 2001, and I really like it's size, weight, features, performance, etc.  Unfortunately, this model has a sever structural defect.  There is a pressure sensative electrical connection under the display which connects the screen to the back end of the phone.  The connection is made and the pressure is maintained as long as the structure of the phone can hold it.  Unfortunately, the plastic case of the phone warps under the pressure with time.  My display got glitchy after 1 year and went completely out soon thereafter, as the case could no longer press the connectors together hard enough.

I looked at getting a new phone, but it would have either been very expensive or very inconvenient.  To keep my phone number, I would have to buy a new phone at full price AND pay a $60 change fee.  To get the free phone w/new service deals, I'd have to change phone numbers.  So, instead of doing either of those things, I invested $1.99 in a T-6 Torx screwdriver, which is the special tool used to get inside my phone's case.

I performed my first cellphone surgery in November, 2002.  I removed the case and inserted a folded up peice of paper begind the pressure connection so that the case would push on the connector a little harder.  this worked like a charm for about 2 months, until the plastic warped even more and eventually cracked under the added pressure.

So then came surgery #2.  This time, I bought a used 2255 off Ebay for $20.  I realized that the entire front of the phone could be replaced without affecting the guts of the phone (since the processor/memory/etc. are in the back).  I successfully swapped front ends and was home free... for about 2 more months.

Surgery #3 was just like #2, except I didn't have to buy a phone off Ebay.  Instead, I acquired Nate VanSell's 2255 and used it's front end.  Nate did not need it anymore, because he had a new phone.  I would guess that he goes through approximately 10 cell phones a year for various reasons.  This replacement is still in my phone today, but it began to be glitchy about 1 month ago.

I just performed surgery #4, and inserted a spacer behind the pressure connector.  My phone is now working like a champ.  I will probably need another 2255 for parts in about 2 months, so if any of you readers have one you can spare, hook a brotha up.

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Movin' Right Along
Posted May 27, 2003 at 09:36:48 AM by Bean

Thursday, around 1pm, I went to pick up a 24' moving truck from U-Haul.  The plan was: drop of my truck and leave it there overnight, drive the U-Haul to my storage unit on the north side of town where Stef was meeting me after picking up my parents, who came to help.  We would load the truck, close the storage unit down, and be ready to move in the next morning.

So I got to the U-Haul place on the south side at 1.  Got the keys from some grungy dude who typed with one finger.  I went out to grab a few things that I needed out of my truck before locking it up for the night.  Then came strike one: dropped my keys and locked them in my truck.  I still had the U-Haul keys, but I needed my key ring in order to get into the storage unit.  So I had to call Stef and have her drive all the way to the south side to drop off my spare set, which took 30 minutes.  During the 30 minutes, I though about teaching the grungy U-Haul guy to type with 2 fingers instead of one, but decided to take a nap in my truck bed instead.

1:45pm - Stef arrived with my spare.  Got my keys and other crap out of my truck, locked it up and went to get the moving truck.  Got in, got situated, put the key in the ignition and turned.  The whole truck jumped forward and puttered out.  I can not drive a stick.  This truck was a stick.  Shit... strike two.

At this point, I have no choice but to learn to drive stick using this huge 5-speed moving truck.  I check my map and notice that if I can make it about 1 mile north, I can get on I-65 and be home free.  I know the basics of driving stick, so I figured if I could get on the highway, I would be okay for the time being.  All I had to do was make a right on Raymond and catch the 65 on-ramp.  I guess I missed my turn.  What followed was an epic journey through downtown indianapolis behind the wheel of a 24' moving truck that I did not know how to drive very well: strike three.

To the left is a map of where I started on the south side and where I needed to go on the north side.  The green line is my intended path - the quickest route between the two points.  The blue line is the path I ended up taking.  Note the multiple passes through downtown.

Luckily, in the end, I made it.  It took me a while to get there, and I was sweating like a pig the whole time (nervous + no AC), but we were able to fill it up with all of my worldly posessions and park it at Stef's place for the night.  I made my dad do the driving for the rest of the day.


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Home Again, Home Again, Rooty Toot Toot (2).
Posted May 22, 2003 at 11:32:13 AM by Bean

Today, I live in an apartment.  Tomorrow, I will be a homeowner.  My new address will be:

4622 Whitview Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46237

I will be living there with Stefanie (my girlfriend), Kate (my cat), Mozzarella (my other cat), Missy (Stef's cat), Jake (Stef's other cat), and Andy (roommate for the summer).

After the hassle of moving this weekend, I plan to start many projects around the house, including but not limited to: veggie garden, landscaping, brewing, deck construction, under-stair storage renovation, garage finishing, HalloBean prop building, and so much grilling-out that it's probably illegal.

Also, I'd like to give a big shout out to all of the Indianapolis BeanBlog readers who offerred to help me move.  The complete list of volunteers is as follows:

Tony Welch

Yeah, it's a small list, fuckers.  Thanks in advance, Tony.  I should mention that m1 and JCTMH are also helping, but they were indentured to my servitude long before I put out the plead for help.

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Ode to my Career
Posted May 20, 2003 at 08:45:19 AM by Bean

Can't stand it any longer
I want: no work, all play.
My bitterness grows stronger,
As I come here everyday

My tomorrows will be worse,
They just go on forever.
This feels like a curse;
A trick that's oh so clever.

You make me think I need it;
This work, this cash, this job.
My addiction, I must feed it,
As I spend it like a slob.

So I'll continue coming in,
And earning precious green.
And I'll regret it once again;
- Working Bean.

On a slightly more upbeat note, here is a drawing of everyones favorite Oger King(I know it's Ogre), Krog, and Red Robot drinking some beers and wearing wife-beaters.

krog and robot

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Posted May 19, 2003 at 09:27:12 AM by Bean

Sunday, I went to the track.  In keeping with the rich tradition of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I got drunk and sunburnt.  My recolection is choppy, at best, so I don't have any stories with enough content to form a paragraph.  Instead, here are some snippits:

  • Asshole is a much easier game if you sit next to JCTMH, because he is so good at cheating.
  • Yuri now knows how to fly an Army helicoptor.
  • The repayment for a full body tackle and ass whoopin' is a kick to the nuts (m1).
  • Rose-Hulman suite at the track is not so sweet.
  • I bet that pale-skinned girl that was with Jenna's crew is now lobster-red.
  • Hard to play Baggo when people have chairs set in the court.  Harder to play Baggo when drunk as a skunk.
  • Lil' Joe charcoal grill stays warm for like, 10 hours.
  • Miranda makes the best baked beans.
  • Stray friz-shoe + Bartow = brused shin, big time.
  • Bump Day should be on a Saturday.

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Spicey Tort Roll-ups
Posted May 15, 2003 at 10:38:47 PM by Bean in the Recipes category
Take one dollup of sour cream and an equal amount of cream chese and combine them in a small bowl. Add 1 tsp of taco seasoning mix and as many chopped jalapenos as you can handle; blend well. Spread the mixture very thinly over a tortilla and then roll it up tightly. Chop off the ends (since they are not rolled well) and then slice the remaining roll sushi-style. Turn the peice up on end and top with a sprinkling of seasoning mix (or chilli powder) and shredded cheese (I used a 4-cheese "Mexican" mix). Put them in a hot oven with the broiler on just long enough to melt the cheese on top. Then remove them from the oven and refridgerate. Serve after chilled, possibly with a side of salsa or pico de gallo. Tasty.

I made my first batch with a little too much cream cheese mixture. The end product was way to creamy and rich. My advice is to add more jalapenos than you think you need to and to spread the mixture thinner than you think you should. This could be improved upon with the addition of black olives, chives, or possibly some chopped tomatos. If you try this recipe (and I highly recomend it), let me know what you think.

And now here is a drawing of how Caleb steals USB memory sticks from Radio Shack (hint: he eats them).


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Which Duck Are You?
Posted May 15, 2003 at 02:46:02 PM by Bean

The Internet, the Information Superhighway, the World Wide Web, in it's dazzeling frenzy of links and scripts and computing power, has finally proven that it has a purpose:
Click here to take a quiz and find out which Duck you are (or would be). 

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Chris Repa
Posted May 15, 2003 at 09:35:38 AM by Bean

Chris Repa lived on my floor freshman year in college.  He was always busy, into school politics, sociable, and an all around bright guy.  One day I was in his room while he typing up something on his computer.  I glanced over his shoulder and noticed that he used the "hunt and peck" typing method, much like myself.  There was, however, one big difference... he didn't know how to use the shift key properly.

Repa knew that in order to make a "@" or a "%" character, he had to press and hold shift while hitting another key, but he didn't know that this method could also be used to create capital letters.  So every time he needed a cap, he hit the caps lock key, typed his letter, and then hit the caps lock key again.

I watched him for a few minutes, unable to comprehend how someone could be in COLLEGE and not know that the shift key could make capital letters.  Eventually, I called him out on it and had a hearty laugh.  When I showed him how easy it was to make a "C" (2 keystrokes instead of 3), he was very thankful.

And now, here are a few pictures.  One is of some magic and the other is of someone who got their very own red robot.


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Club Soda
Posted May 14, 2003 at 09:17:18 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
I like club soda (aka soda water, carbonated water, seltzer). As I was drinking some last night, I thought long and hard, and couldn't come up with anything bad about it. For reference, here are some good things about club soda:
No calories - Since there's no sugar, I can drink as much of it as I want without getting fat(ter).

No chemicals - No artificial sweeteners means it wont give me cancer. Bonus.

Free at bars - Full service bars always have club soda on their beverage wand. I ask for it instead of plain water.

Easy to make [if you have a keg system (me) or a lil fella (m1)] - I could make 5 gallons of it for less than a buck.

Tastes great - Maybe this is a stretch, because it is definately an acquired taste. I weened myself onto it by starting out with a 50/50 mix of soda water and lemonade, then slowly increasing the soda water over time until it was 100%. I now prefer soda water to pop or pretty much any other non-alcoholic drink. It is hard to get (for free) at resturaunts, unless they have self-serve pop fountians with the little lever that allows you to get Coke without the Coke syrup.

Clenses the pallete - I was smoking a cigar and drinking a martini last night at Nicky Blaine's, because I am uppity and high-falutin', and I had a side glass of club soda. After a cigar puff, I took a swig and it immediately removed the cigar smoke residue taste from my mouth, enabling me to fully enjoy the martini sip that followed.

And here are some bad things about club soda:

So, I give club soda a 10/10. I highly reccomend you ween yourself onto it and join me in celebrating this spectacular beverage.
Posted May 13, 2003 at 01:40:14 PM by Bean
On a trip to the local Asian market with my friend Koji, i decided to try something different. I like eggs, and eat them quite a bit, but have never had an egg from something other than a chicken. So, when I saw "Duck Eggs" hand written on a sign in front of a carton of individually wrapped eggs, I decided to drop the dollar and try it.

It was slightly larger than your standard chicken egg, and had been unevenly dyed red. I pondered over how to cook it for a few minutes and finally decided on frying it up for a egg and cheese sandwich. I was excited.

I heated up the pan and sprayed in a little oil. Once it was time, I grabbed the egg and started gently tapping it on the side of the pan to crack the shell. The shell was a little thicker than I expected, but I eventually broke through. The inner membrane on the egg was also thicker than your standard chicken egg, and although the shell was cracked partially open, the membrane was holding tight and not allowing any of the egg contents to drip out. The I noticed something disturbing... the egg contents were substantially darker than expected.

So I grabbed a small glass bowl. I decided to crack the egg into the bowl first to make sure everything was kosher, then I'd just settle for scrambled. Well, as I pulled the shell further apart and punctured the inner membrane, a chunky, brown and orange glob of at-the-time-unknown goo fell into the bowl. I was taken aback. Yuri was watching over my shoulder, and we both jumped back as it settled in the bowl. Not knowing what the hell was going on, I decided to poke around the glob of junk that fell out with a fork.

Yuri continued to watch over my shoulder as I felt around for something solid. Once I had something on the fork, I lifted it up out of the brown soup that contained it. At first we couldn't tell what it was. Approximately 1 second later, we both realized it was the partially developed head of a duck. Yuri started screaming and almost knocked me over as she pushed off of me to get away as fast as she could. The head had a beak, black eyes, and veins. Attached to the head by a thin neck (hanging between the fork prongs) was the rest of the body. There were the beginnings of feathers, and you could see through the skin into the body cavity underneath. As I lifted it up further, the mass of organs inside it fell through the bottom of the torso into the bowl. It was fucking repulsive.

Come to find out, partially developed duck eggs, which are called Balut, are a traditional food in the Phillipines. Freaks. Balut is the most disgusting food item I have ever seen. I now rate gross food on the Balut Scale. For instance, I rate canned salmon (the kind in the big can, which contains scales, veins, bones, etc) as 60% as gross as Balut, or .6Balut.

For more information on Balut, look here.

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Posted May 12, 2003 at 11:02:16 AM by Bean

Lots of stuff in the pipeline right now, here's some of it:

Bump Day
This has become an IndyCool tradition, I think.  This coming Sunday will be spent at the track.  There will be grilling, drinking, games, etc.  Also, I am told, there will be Indy Cars or something.

My new house is almost ready.  I am doing the walk-through this Friday, and moving in (assuming all goes as planned) next Friday.  I need able-bodied Indy-folk to help me if they can spare some time.  I am loading a giant U-Haul truck Thursday evening (May 22) and then unloading it Friday afternoon (May 23) at the house.  I could use help on both days.  Right now, it is just Stef and I Thursday night, then us again Friday, with the 6pm addition of m1 and Koji.  Email me if you think you can help.

Canoe Trip 2003
Next Saturday (day after moving) will be spent canoeing for 15 miles, while drinking, then camping out while drinking more.  I believe the count so far is 46 people.  This was a blast last year.  Especially memorable was the 10-15 minutes of downpour we experienced.  With my hooded ponco on, chugging away trying to move down river, I felt like I was back in 'Nam.

New Orleans
Stef and I are going to New Orleans June 5-9 with my friend John, his girlfriend, and another couple.  Neither Stef nor I has ever been.  Much drunken debauchery should ensue.  This should provide for many blog entries, with pictures.

Over July 4th weekend, we are currently planning to visit Craig and Vivianne Martini (hence "Marti"-gras) in Dover, Delaware.  This has been great fun the past two years.  We grill out a lot, go to the beach, and sit in Craig's pig pond.  Participants in Marti-Gras 2003 will be a subset of: Me, Stef, m1, JCTMH, Melissa, and Koji.

HalloBean 4.0
Okay, so this one is pretty far out (October 25), but it's still worth mentioning.  Once moved into the new house, active planning and construction will begin.  Passive planning is already underway.

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Shove It
Posted May 08, 2003 at 09:21:37 AM by Bean

I don't want to work for someone else anymore.  The people who run the company that I work for do not make decisions based on what is best for me.  In the most likely scenario, they do what is best for them.  In a better scenario, they do what is best for the company as a whole.  In either case, my personal well being has very little or nothing to do with the how Acterna is run.  But it's not just Acterna.  Most workplaces are like this.  It is not right that the places where we spend the majority of our waking hours are not set up with our happiness as the number one driving force.

I'm not pretending that Acterna is working me like a dog or cracking a whip on my back.  In reality, us desk folk have it pretty easy.  We have cozy chairs, phones, and internet access among other things, to keep us comfortable in our work environment.  We don't have to lift heavy things or endure harsh temperatures.  And most of all, we make enough money to feel secure and support the lifestyle we've become accustomed to.  And that's the problem.

I have to feed my addiction.  I need a steady paycheck.  I have to have money coming in to replce the ever-growing stream of money going out.  I am trying to buy enough happiness to counteract the unhappiness that stems from my job.  But to buy more happiness, I need more money, and to get that money, I have to keep my job.  The cycle has me trapped. 

I just bought a new house, and that makes me pretty darn happy.  I couldn't afford it if I didn't have my current job.  But my current job, my current 40-hour work week in a tan and tope cube farm makes me unhappy.  There are so many things I would rather be doing than sitting at my desk chugging out lines of code.  So is the trade-off worth it?  On one hand, I don't know why I would be in this situation if it WASN'T worth it.  But sometimes I wonder.  I'm envious of relaxed-fit m1 for his Office Space approach of taking a year off.

I think what it comes down to for me is that regardless of how I got in the situation I am in, there IS something better.  I am not completely unhappy with my job, but I could be a lot happier.  On a scale of 1-10, 1 being a job I hate and 10 being one I love, I would give my Senior Software Engineer position at Acterna a 4.  But the income it generates allows me to buy 4 more points of happiness artifically inflating its rating to an 8.  Note that this is still not 10.  I want a 10.

Which brings me back to my original point.  I don't think that anyone can get to 10 while working for someone else.  I want to have a big say in what my job entails from day to day.  I want to work for myself, or atleast be in a situation where what I want directly affects what I do. 

I'm a pretty smart guy.  I've got a lot of marketable skills, and a lot of bright friends.  Given the opportunity, I think I could start or be part of a venture that would bring the best of both worlds: a 10 job and enough income to feel secure.  I'm not going to quit my job today, but I do want to quit within the year.  I don't want to serve a corporation and line the pockets of those above me.  I want to determine what I do with my waking hours and how my life is spent.  Holla if ya hear me.

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Posted May 06, 2003 at 03:43:43 PM by Bean

Today my company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Ironically, it was also "company fun day."  I played a lot of volleyball, and now my forearms feel like they have been run through a meat processor... very sore and bruised.  But now the good news: two new pictures.  The first one is of Bartow wearing a black fleece that he stole from me 5 years ago.  the second is of someone discovering a big bucket of goo.


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Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon: Post
Posted May 03, 2003 at 03:47:32 PM by Bean

Well shit.  I didn't make my time goal.  My finishing time was 1:43:10, that's almost 4 minutes over what I was hoping for.  I still came in under 8 minute miles, which is respectable.  I ran the first 2 miles at a very good pace, and just as I was settling into a rhythm, I got a severe side cramp.  It stayed with me for 9 miles.  I had to stop and walk several times.  From this point forward, my pace dropped to around 8 minute miles.  Around mile 9, the cramp faded, and I finally got going again, pain-free, feeling good... until mile 11.  I completely ran out of steam as I passed the 11th mile marker.  The last mile was especially painfull, it seemed like an eternity from one quarter mile marker to the next.

So I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I am still happy that I was able to finish it as quickly as I did.  1:43 ain't too bad for a 210 pound beer drinker.  For about half the race, I was behind a petite woman with really short running shorts.  They weren't Speedos, but they were short enough that a little bit of her butt hung out the bottom and jiggled entertainingly.  At the last quarter mile, I tried to pass her like I had planned, but just didn't have the juice.  So instead of a slap on the ass as her reward for keeping me going during the race, she got to beat me.

Now I am sore... much more sore than I was last year after the race.  My body just didn't cooperate with me very well this year.  Better luck next time, I guess!

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Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon: Pre
Posted May 02, 2003 at 02:17:39 PM by Bean

Tomorrow is the big day.  I'll be in my starting corral at 7:30 and start running at 8:03.  The distance is 13.1 miles, and I hope to run at an average speed of 8 miles per hour or better.  This equates to a pace of 7:30 per mile and a total race time of 1:38:15.

I feel good.  I think I have prepared myself pretty well in the last 4 months or so.  I have run 191.7 miles since January 1st of this year.  My only concern is that I weigh about 10 pounds more this year than I did last year during the race.

So look for me on TV Saturday morning.  I'll be the one running behind some hot chick in short Speedos, watching her butt bounce up and down.  Of course, I'll pass her at the end cause I don't wanna get beat by a stinkin' girl!  Maybe I'll give 'er a slap on the ass as I pass... a "thank you", if you will, for the race time entertainment.

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