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Want Ads
Posted March 28, 2003 at 01:58:49 PM by Bean
Duck Wanted:
1 individual to join TheDuck for mass emailing through the workweek.  This individual must have many random, interesting thoughts, and must be willing to submit those thoughts to the group on a regular basis for public criticism and humiliation.  Must be good at deciphering code and understanding gross misspellings.  Apply by emailing

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Glorious Friday
Posted March 28, 2003 at 01:25:27 PM by Bean

It's Friday again, and I am itching to go home.  I am also itching a rash on my arm that appeared this week.  It's not very big, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is or where it came from.  My friend and co-worker Philip came back from a buisness trip to China this week.  We've jokingly come up with all kinds of nick-names for him, playing on the whole asian sickness thing going around.  But seriously, I hope he didn't bring some nasty bug with him.

But it's Friday, so I'm trying to let my worries slip away.  I will also be trying to let my soberness slip away this eveing, as I visit The Claddagh, a great Irish pub downtown.  I already know what I'm getting: Fish and Chips and a Black Velveteen.  A Black Velveteen is 1/2 hard cider (Strongbow, if available) and 1/2 Guiness.  I usually ask for it "heavy on the Guiness" because I think the 50/50 mix is a little sweet.

I love Friday's, and I am sure most other people do too.  Most other people also wad their toilet paper instead of folding it, so I don't really give them much credit.  But my point is: Friday afternoon is when full anticipation of the weekend kicks in, two days of freedom to look forward to, and that's a glorious thing.  So come 4pm, I am out of here.  I'll say "See ya Monday" to Typhoid Philip and go have myself a bastardized Guiness or six.  Happy Friday!

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Beef Jerkey
Posted March 27, 2003 at 02:02:32 PM by Bean

I call my friend Chad "Rangoon" because he likes crab rangoons so much, but that's beside the point.  Chad Rangoon makes the best beef jerkey.  Whenever he comes to visit Indianapolis, I make sure that he brings a large Ziploc freezer bag full of his zesty meat creation. 

He gave me the recipe once, and I tried to make some.  Mine was pretty good, but nothing like the original, and I think I know why.  In his recipe, his most common measurement units were "part of a bottle of", "some", and "a little".  Obviously, my interpretations of these terms varies from the initial intent.

So, Rangoon, if you are reading this, please make a note next time you do your jerky marinade.  Keep track of the ingredients you use by measuring with standard units, such as ounces, tablespoons, and cups.  Make note of the marinade time and the time spent in the dehydrator.  Then, compile your notes into a nice recipe format.  Finally, send me 10 pounds of finished jerkey instead of the recipe, because I still won't be able to make it like the master.

(He's right)

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On Self-Defilation:
Posted March 25, 2003 at 09:19:10 AM by Bean

I spent last Friday binging.  For 16 hours straight, I stuffed my body full of food and alcohol to the point that I could barely walk (not sure if it was the food or alcohol, though).  I will outline the day/evening/night as best I can recall:

11:00am - Arrived at BW3, met up with Stutz, Irwin, Welch, and Dooley.  Began drinking off existing pitchers and ordered 12 wings (6 medium, 6 jerk) and a large order of chips.  Food was delivered in about 10 minutes and eaten promptly.  When pitchers ran out, we began ordering "keep the pitcher" pitchers  of Miller Lite... more on this later.

12:00 noon - Dooley ordered nachos.  I ate a good amount of them.  Beer continued to flow.

12:30pm - Paul ordered fried shrooms, I had only one.  Soon after, I ordered my first round of mini-corndogs.  Excellent.

2:00-9:30pm - This time can best be summed up by examining my bar tab:

6 Pitchers Miller Lite
2 Black velveteen
1 order chicken nachos
3 orders mini-corndogs
1 Fish sandwich w/wedges
1 order onion rings

...The total bill was just over $70.  Not too bad for for 13 hours of self-defilation.  I distinctly remember eating a variety of other peopls food, including but not limited to: more wings, multiple nacho orders, enchilladas, potato wedges, and LOTS more wings.  Also during this time, I watched a total of 16 NCAA tourney games, though I do not recall details of any of them.

9:30-12:00 midnight - Stayed at BW3 for the rest of the games, realized that about 20 people had showed up for the festivities.  Became thrilled with myself for taking a half day.  Wrapped up tab and headed out the door.

12:15am - Walked down the street to a local "establishment".  Stutz carried our stockpile of "keep the pitcher" pitchers (17 total) high in the air like they were war trophies.

12:15-2:00am - Spent a few $1's.

2:00am - Left to go back with Stutz to close his tab at BW3.  Stopped at White Castle on the way and split a 10-sack.

2:30am - On the way back from BW3 to meet up with the other and head home, Stutz and I see something interesting.  It's called a Gyrito, and it has 2 major ingredients: love and lamb.  It was a giant burrito-style gyro stuffed to the brim with yummy, yummy lamb.  It took the guy 10 minutes to make (thats where the love comes from), but it was worth it.  Stutz and I split it, along with a large side of potato salad, then headed back to catch a cab.

3:00am - Cab ride home sucked.  Dooley, the high-fivin' life of the party, took a sharp downhill dive into passed-outedness.  Forgot our pitchers.

3:20am - Back to Welch's place... found a nice place on the floor... out.

All in all, it was a great day/evening/night.  Of course, I pretty much slept for the next 24 hours and missed Saturday, but it was worth it. 

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Posted March 21, 2003 at 10:42:36 AM by Bean

I am leaving work at noon today to go eat some wings at BW3, and by "noon", I mean "when I am done writing this entry."  I love BW3, and I will always call it BW3 or "b-dubs", even though they have officially changed their name to Buffalo Wild Wings.  They have great food, a good draft beer selection, atmosphere, and video trivia.  What more can you ask for from a bar?

They have about a million types of sauce you can get on you wings, tenders, legs, samich, or whatever.  I am always faced with the decision of how to coat my 12 or 18 wings... and 80% of the time my though process goes exactly like this:

Mmm... maybe I'll try something different today... how about thai... no had that a while back, too sweet.  maybe I'll get the spicey BBQ, or the garlic, OH OH or the wild... yeah that sounds good.  I could split it and get 6 garlic, the try some blazin' or wild sauce on a few.  That still leaves me with 6 more to put... umm... good old medium, my standby that never fails to impress.

Then I get to the counter and say "18 medium, please."  Medium is my favorite flavor... always tasty and just spicey enough to be enjoyable without being painful.  Luckily, the other 20% of the time, I venture into the unknown world of wing sauce and sample something new.  I've had each sauce atleast once, but I always come back to medium.

Once, for $20, I ate a side dish full of blazin' sauce (the hottest).  It's was pretty nasty, painfully hot, and quite irritating on the... umm... "way out."  I do not reccomend taking a bet like this for anything less than $50, and make sure you have some moist TP on hand for the aftermath.

Anyway, so today I am taking a half day and meeting some people at in downtown Indy.  I plan on drinking a few beers, watching some NCAA tourney games, and eating 18 medium wings from the best damn wing joint in my immediate vicinity!

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What About Bean?
Posted March 20, 2003 at 02:06:07 PM by Bean

Many of the reader ("reader" intentionally left singular) of the BeanBlog are probably wondering "What's Bean up to?"  Well, let me tell you:


I am training to run in the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon again this year.  My time last year for the 13.1 mile run was 1:39:39, which comes out to about 7:39/mile, and my final position was number 1515 out of 21923 finishers.  Since my goal was 1:45 for the race, I was pretty happy with my finish, and I'll have a good starting (seed) position this year. 

I've gained a little weight since last year, but I hope to be down to 195 or 190 by race time.  I have only been running short (3-6 mile) training runs so far, but I think I am on track to beat my time from last year.  My goal is to run 8mph throughout the race, which would make my finishing time around 1:38:15.  I'll be happy with any time that is under last years, though.

I have modified a bunch of mp3s to match my running pace (87 beats per minute) and have been using the music to keep myself at a constant 8mph (or greater) pace.  Today at lunch, I ran 4.4 miles in 32 minutes flat, which is a pace of about 7:17 per mile, or 8.25mph... yee haw!  Prease to rish me ruck!

Home Again, Home Again, Rooty Toot Toot

Stef and I are in the process of building/buying a house.  We are both pretty pumped.  I am especially excited because I will finally have a small chunk of dirt to put a garden in, and a big enough house to host a party worthy of the name HalloBean.

The house is going up in Southport, on the south side of Indianapolis.  it is located just west of the intersection of Emerson Avenue and Stop 11.  It's being built by Crossman, who just recently got bought out by Beazer Homes.  I am happy with my dealings with them so far, and I would recomend them to anyone looking for "starter" home.  If you are looking to build or buy a new home, check them out, and put me down as a reference - I'll split the 500 bone referal bonus with ya!

Moving into the house with Stef and I will be 4 cats.  Right now we are all living in a small, one-bedroom place on the NW side of the city.  4 cats is too many cats for such a small place.  It's a little scarry... no matter where you look, a cat is looking back at you.  Hopefully the new house (which is quite a bit bigger) will give them all enough room to roam and space to play.  Me rikey dis cats.

A buddy of mine, Andy, will also be moving in for the summer.  He will be interning for a company here in Indy for the third summer in a row, and using one of the spare bedrooms.  I hope he doesnt bring any additional cats.


I work for a company called Acterna.  We just moved to the south side about 1 month ago.  Right now, I have a 30 minute commute to and from work and it is driving me fucking crazy.  I have become perhaps the most agressive driver on the road and I am sure to either get a ticket or get in an accident soon.  Please say a prayer and ask [jebus, or insert Diety here] to help me.

Other than the commute, and the dirty, dirty shower facility at the new building, I am happy with the move.  We have a ping pong table in the office now, which is nice.  I fear it may be adversly affecting my beer pong game though, which is not nice.  Speaking of ping pong, I think I'll go play right now!

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Duck Tales
Posted March 18, 2003 at 02:02:21 PM by Bean

This is our mascot, Manco T. Duck.  We stole him from a company that sells duck tape (yes duck, not duct).  I can only assume that duck tape is used to tape up ducks, since duct tape is used to tape up ducts.  The best part about this little guy is that his name also mean a naughty word in Japanese.


This is our backup mascot, Ducky.  Ducky, as you may or may not be able to tell, isn't really a duck, but a big, fat cat.  Ducky aslo goes by the names Duck Duck, The Duck, and Ducky the Hut.  In the event that Manco cannot fulfil his mascot duties, Ducky will step up to the plate.  Ducky is owned by Jean Conkey the Mean Honkey.


We are currently in need of another backup.  I fear legal action could take dear Manco away, and a heart attack could spell the end of Ducky the Hut.  If that happens, we will be up shit creek without a mascot.  If you have any suggetions, email them to

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Ah, Friday
Posted March 14, 2003 at 04:10:35 PM by Bean

Well, it's finally Friday, and the work week is over.  It is almost 4:30, which is a strange time.  It seems that the closer to get to 4:30, the slower time goes.  I don't know what causes this time/space oddity, but I think it has something to do with bacon.

Anyway... yes, it's Friday and almost time to go home.  It is supposed to be a swell weekend here in Indianapolis - Sunny and in the high 60's to low 70's.  I have some moving to do on Sunday, but other than that I only plan to involve myself in activities that include being outside, grilling, and beer.  If no beer is available, then I will settle for Bud Light, which as we all know is not beer.

I put another layer on my whiteout nickle a few minutes ago... one last coat before headin out.  It's about 2.5 times the thickness of the original nickle at it's peak.  Soon, it will resemble a white Hersheys Kiss.  When it does, I will wrap it in foil and try to give it to people.  Oh man I can't wait.


And now I am leaving.  For your enjoyment, I have posted a glamour shot of myself.  Enjoy it, but not too much, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. 


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Posted March 12, 2003 at 08:14:30 AM by Bean

After thinking about it a little more and chatting with a friend about it, I have concluded that Indy is not swiss-cheese-ghetto.  That would imply that there are only litlle pockets or holes of ghetto in an otherwise normal city.  I think it resembles more of a colby-jack consistency... roughly 50/50 in it ghetto/non-ghetto proportions.

Also, here is a March Alumni Meeting picture of Dirtass defiling Dooley whilst passed out.  The name Dirtass seems oh so fitting.

Nothing else new to add.  It's time for me to get back to work.  And by "work", I mean "building my whiteout nickle."

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Bitch & Moan
Posted March 11, 2003 at 08:13:02 AM by Bean

1 - If there is one thing that I know for sure, it's this: I am destined to be fat.  It took me 4 months to steadily drop 12 pounds and 3 weeks to fucking gain it back.  I run almost every day, lift weights, and eat somewhat healthy, but unless I am starving myself silly and excersizing until I fall over, my weight just keeps going up.  I guess I'll just accept it... now where's my tub of Cheetos..

2 - Why is it that I am the only person on the road that knows how to drive?  It's been that way ever since I first got my license... you'd think people would have learned by now.

3 - I have determined that Indianapolis is swiss-cheese ghetto.  There are little pockets of ghetto all over this town.  You could be driving down some swanky street with giant fenced in manors on both sides, hang a left and go 1/2 block, and BAM! - ghetto.  Once I was riding my bike north through the city with a friend of mine... we were in the woods, following a part of the GreenWays trail, and all of the sudden we emerged in the old industrial part of indy and, you guessed it, the ghetto.  Hell, my old apartment complex had a ghetto section.

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March Almuni Meeting
Posted March 10, 2003 at 02:21:04 PM by Bean


Dooley, Joe Miller, Joe Dirtass, Caleb, me.


Met at Charlies for free appemmetizers around 6:30.  The fried mushrooms were so good that I was forced to eat around 30 of them.  Got a PJ Tweety, asked for grilled onions AND regular onions... only recieved grilled onions.  I was upset, but ate the burger nonetheless.

After everyone finished eating, we decided to return to Dooley's Hautian garage, fire up the kerosene heater, and play beerpong.  We only played one game, but it was long.  Final score was Me & Caleb 30, Dooley and Dirt 28.  Joe Miller documented the game with multiple cameras, and pictures will be posted shortly.

After pong, Dooley passed out.  We markered on him and Dirtass put his Dirtass on his head for a few pictures.  We then left and had Amy drive us to a bar that had kareoke.  We soon found out that no bars have kareoke on Friday night.

Ended up at the Moose Lodge.  We were the only ones there I think.  We got free sloppy joes, $1 beers, and a few shots of something.  the jukebox sucked... took it like 2 hours to get to Calebs Billy Joel selections.  Killed time by playing pool and shuffelboard.

Shortly after the shots, my recolection of the night becomes choppy.  I know that Dirtass and I ended up back at Dooleys, locked out.  We made noise outside until the indian let us in.  Slept on the couch.

Went to Charlies for omlettes the next morning.  They were darn good.  Drove back to Indy to enjoy the 60 degree Saturday.


Dooley ended up with a broken finger and a red ear.  A few of us had our minds erased. 


Charlies refuses to put more that one type of onion on a tweety, but their omlettes are really good.  The Moose Lodge is party central.  And by "party central", I mean "like drinking at my grandma's."

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