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Posted August 29, 2009 at 08:22:35 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
I've seen a lot of movies lately. Most of the range from mediocre to crappy. There have been, however, two exception in the past weeks:
- I love You, Man
- The Last House on the Left
Recommend, ricky, habba enjoy, etc...

Tripple Plug
Posted May 06, 2009 at 07:12:01 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
I havent plugged any plugs in a while, so here we go.

Soda Water
Okay... it's a replug... I've blogged about this one before. It satisfies the need for something other than boring, tepid water and has no calories, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners. Win-win-win!

Instant Coffee
Lots of people think instant coffee sucks. Most of them have never tried it. I drink one (1) cup of instant coffee every morning, on the way in to work. We no longer have to keep a coffee maker around, nor bother with cleaning it or keeping filters in stock. Also, I can vary the strength of the coffee from cup to cup with ease and go from no coffee to ready to drink coffee in 1 minute.

Resolve Deep Clean Powder
3 years ago, irwin puked on my bedroom carpet and the proceeded to rub it into the carpet in an attempt to clean it. The stain resisted steam cleanign and many different spray on treatments. A few weeks ago, I worked some of this stuff into the 16" circular stain, waited 20 minutes, and vaccumed it up. GONE! Highly reccomend you give it a shot if you've got a stubborn stain that you've given up on.
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Rocky's Italian Grill
Posted January 31, 2008 at 10:24:36 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
I've become somewhat of a lunch regular at Rocky's Italian Grill in Jeffersonville, IN. As a general rule, I'd say the food is not very good. But if you know what to order and how to exploit the system, you can have a great experience!

For $5.99, you can get all you can eat soup, salad, and bread. Their salads are simple, but really good... lettuce, pepperonchinis, red onions, carrots, croutons, parmesan cheese, and 1 of 3 dressings (all of which are good). Their bread is a big round loaf, freshly baked, and comes with parmesan cheese and oil for dipping - a tasty combo! Their soups suck.

For a dollar more ($6.99), you can sub in an entree for the soup. Unfortunately, out of the 5 or 6 entree's to choose from, only one of them is any good... and it's not great. The baked ziti is basically penne pasta topped with mediocre marinara sauce and mozzerella cheese, baked in an oven for 10 minutes. It's decent reheated, on par with homemade pasta and Prego.

And now: the exploitation. When Stef and I go, we both get the ziti, but we eat the salads and bread there and get the ziti to-go. Since the salad and bread is endless and tasty, you always get enough, and the ziti makes for a decent lunch the next day. They throw an extra loaf of bread into the to-go bag too! Total cost, after tax and a hefty tip is $20. So for $20, we get 4 lunches. On top of that, they have a lunch club card that get's you a freebie after 5, effectively reducing the cost of each lunch to about $4. We get off with dirt cheap lunches at a fairly fancy restaurant, and the waitress gets a $5+ tip.

The best part is that this place is about 1/2 mile from work, so we can drive there, order, eat, and get back in 30 minutes.
DQ Surprise!
Posted July 27, 2006 at 01:45:10 PM by Bean in the Plugs category
Work's been pretty hectic/busy for the past month or so. Today, I was feeling stressed and a tiny bit crazy in my brainhole, so I decided to head to DQ for a 6-piece chicken strip basket. For those of you who may not know, this is a drinkless combo-meal (ingenuis) that comes with 6 strips of chicken, fries, two peices of toast, and a tub of gravy (yes, gravy). It's great, and I highly reccomend it.

A DQ6PCSB will usually cause my spirits to rise - and today was no exception. It was delicious. But get this: THEY GAVE ME 7 STRIPS INSTEAD OF 6! Hell yes!


PS - It should be noted that since I noticed Lucky (thats what I call #7) late in the meal, my gravy was not partitioned properly. I allocated the portion sizes based on 6 - so Lucky had to meet his demise un-gravy-coated. But still... 7 STRIPS! No complaints here.
Posted July 03, 2006 at 05:14:01 PM by Bean in the plugs category
While flipping through the local home magazines, Stef came upon one of John's "Superstars" ads. It funny in it's own right - but I especially like the Batman-esque shout-out's to the TBS. For this, I rate it a BANG!.
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Nutty Bars
Posted June 20, 2006 at 03:01:15 PM by Bean in the Plugs category
Haven't plugged a plug in a while, so here you go: Nutty Bar's are the bomb. Here are the reasons why:
  • They contain chocolate
  • They contain peanut butter
  • They contain a crunchy wafer
  • They have a light, cool taste
  • They are cheap, cheap, cheap!
  • You can reverse engineer them (like most Little Debbies)
  • They come in 2-packs
For me, there is not a single prepared candy bar/cake that comes close to the Nutty Bar, and when you add in the fact that they cost approximately 10 cents each (or 20 cents per 2-pack), it becomes ridiculous to even attempt a comparison. In fact, I hereby place Nutty Bars in the top echelon of my food categories, along with my beloved bacon and scrumdiddely-umptious ice cream (not together). But wait... ice cream and Nutty Bars... those DO go together, as I have proven below.

(click to make mo big)

This is 2 scoops of Edy's Slow Churned Light Fudge Tracks, topped with a broken Nutty Bar and a drizzle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. DELISH!
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I'm No Superman
Posted April 20, 2006 at 08:30:50 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
Scrubs is in it's 5th season. Seems like just last year I was watching the premier - I thought it was a pretty good show when I first saw it. I watched bits and pieces of season 1, but never got totally hooked. The time slot at the time may have not lined up, or I may have just forgotten about it, but 4 years later (read: this year), and I've rediscovered it. Now I'm hooked.

Don't get me wrong - you wont be seeing weekly recaps and reviews of Scrubs here, as good as it is, Scrubs still plays second fiddle to Lost in my book. But, the point of this is: I am now absolutely hooked. I've downloaded seasons 1-4 and season 5 up to last week. I'm gonna watch 'em straight through.

I watched the first episode yesterday from about 4:30 to 4:52 and realized how easy it's gonna be to get through the season. At 21-22 minutes per episode (without commercials), I can squeeze them in anywhere. Maybe I'll start watching one episode in the morning and one at night... or set aside 2-hour/6-ep blocks... or hell, I could spend this weekend on a Scrubs bender. Possibilities = endless. It's a great show, watch it if you don't already. Tuesdays at 9:00 (repeats usually at 8:30) on NBC.
The Falcons
Posted March 01, 2006 at 09:37:14 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
As previously mentioned, Stef and I went and saw The Faclons last Saturday night at Steinert's Tavern in New Albany. Mothereffer's dad, Goostermon, is the drummer in the band. We had front and center seats and got to enjoy a darn good show.

I don't knwo all fo the band members' names, but I came up with my own. Starting on the left we have Paul McCartney on keyboard and vocals (and occasionally guitar or a random percussion instrument), cause he looks like Paul McCartney. Next was the front-man: Big/Little Petey. He's a large sweaty guy that plays bass and has a deceptively beautiful voice. Then we have the man, or mon as it were: Dave Beck tearing up some drums. He's the only one whose name I actually know. Then came two guys on guitars that sang backup vocals and harmonies. The first guy, I call Manager, cause he looks like he also manages the band. This is pure speculation. The other guitar meistro looks a lot like a slightly older version on Stef's cousin Ben, so his name became Other Ben. By the way, their real names (and photos and sound bytes) are available at their website:

I can say without a doubt that Paul, BLP, Goostermon, Manager, and Other Ben are the best band I've ever seen at Steinert's. Granted, that's not a huge feat since a lot of Steinert's bands are no so good, but I thouroughly enjoyed the show - especially their rendition of Hotel California which was dedicated to us and featured an awesome parallel guitar duo by Manager and Other Ben.

And one other funny story: Stef and I were sitting next to Susan (Dave's wife) during one of the earlier songs, and as we were watching Big/Little Petey, he flipped us the bird. Clear as day, right there in the middle of the song, a middle finder was directed at us. Once we made eye contact, he curled it back down and continued playing. We were shocked, and Susan said "what did you guy's do?" and we could not come up with a proper answer. For the rest of the song, we felt weird, and so did BLP (his mannerisms changed). When the song was over, he motioned us up to the stage and showed us the reason for the misunderstanding: a large gash on his middle finger. He was looking at it under one of the stage lights to assess the dammage. A good hearty laugh was had by all.
Some Great News About Cookie Crisp
Posted January 16, 2006 at 09:45:54 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
I'm going to write this blog assuming the following premise: Everyone loves Cookie Crisp breakfast cereal.

Cookies for breakfast, I mean, come one, who could pass that up? I'll tell you who: anyone concerned about their health. After all, doesn't it seem like eating miniature cookies first thing in the morning might not be great foir your health? Well, my cookie-loving blog readers, I'm here to tell you today that YOU CAN EAT COOKIES FOR BREAKFAST AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEEL GUILTY!

A cursory comparison of the nutritional value of 1 cup of Cookie Crisp cereal versus 1 cup of Cheerios shows very little difference.

Cookie CrispCheerios
Fat (g)12
Carbs (g)2622
Protien (g)13

Cheerios has a little more protien, but twice the fat too. And I don't know about you, but I have to add either sugar or fruit to my Cheerios to make them edible.

Long live Cookie Crisp!
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Posted February 17, 2005 at 01:06:19 PM by Bean in the Plugs category
When I see new, cool things on TV, I am often suckered into going out and buying them. Usually they are little things - a new flavor of Coke (Side note: Lime Coke is trach), a new type of this or that, or some gadget that solved an everyday problem. I am usually less than impressed. However, on rare occasions, I come accrost something that reaffirms my faith in the always-trying-new-things lifestyle. Past items can be seen here. Well, ladies and scruds, I've found another: Zicam Cold Remedy.

Last weekend, Saturday to be specific, I woke up early to brew some beer (Scottish Wee Heavy for those interested). I was done by 1pm and decided to go for a run. 3 miles later, I was home and in the shower, then off to Brwonings for lunch with Stef, John, and Terri. After the run, my legs were a little sore, and jumping into a car for the next 20 minutes didn't seem to help that situation, but by the end of the meal, it was becomming obvious to me that something wasn't right. I was starting to feel soreness throughout my body and showing symptoms of a head-cold (runny nose, sneezing, etc.). When I stood up to leave the resturaunt, I knew something was coming on... either a cold or the flu.

On the way home, we stopped by Rite-Aid so John could buy some HerpeVagiCort for his mangina, so I went in and looked through the Cold/Flu/Sinus aisle. Then I saw it, Zicam Cold Remedy. My mom had mentioned it to me once or twice, but I'd never tried it. It was $10.99 for two boxes (buy 1 get 1 free) so I got the nasal swabs and the quick-dissolve tablets. I ate one of the tablets before the store clerk even had my change ready. I got home, layed on the floor for a few minutes, then watched a movie. 3 hours later, I applied a nasal swap and decided to chill out for just a bit longer. By the time I applied the third treatment, I could tell it was working, and by bedtime, I felt 100% better.

Now, I'm not saying it's gonna cure you in 9 hours like it did me, but I am convinced this stuff works. And for the $10.99 I spent, I still have about 90% of the product left for later colds. Maybe it magic, or maybe it's snake oil, and the effects I experienced were psychosomatic, but either way, that cold got nipped in the bud. BANG!

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Mach 3 Power
Posted January 04, 2005 at 08:30:53 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
I've used electric razors, el-cheapo razors, and double, triple, and quadruple blade ones. They all have their faults. Electric ones usually leave my face dry and irritated, and don't provide a very close shave. Straight razors generally provide me with a nice, close shave, but ofton venture a bit too close and shave off a layer of skin or three that happened to be above the plane of that part of my face. And when my facial hair has grown a bit too long, neither style of razor is suffecient. I swear, when I have to shave after NOT shaving for a few days, it feels like the razor pulls each hair out by it's root, a root wich extends all the way to the pain center of my brain. That's why once I go a few days without shaving, I usually opt to let it ride for a week atleast, just to avoid the pain for a short while.

But not any more.

I bought a Gillette Mach 3 Power from Meijer last night, because I am a sucker for new fads with alluring commercials. And for a change, I am glad their marketing department was able to reel me in, because this razor is without a doubt the betz razor I have ever used. If you are a man (which I am pretty sure 98% of BeanBlog readers are), you NEED this razor. Suck it up and drop the cash for one of these bad boys and you'll see. 12 bones at your local megamart and one shave later, you'll be bloggin a blog about it too.

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String Cheese
Posted February 05, 2004 at 03:03:39 PM by Bean in the Plugs category
I tell ya one thing: I love string cheese.

I recently acquired a bag of Sorrento brand Stringsters Trivia String Cheese. Each individually wrapped portion has a trivia question on the outside and an answer on the inside. This results in great fun each and every time I open one up. And on top of all that excitement, the cheese itself is awesome ass wheel! It's very though, very stringy, and has lots of flavor, as opposed to the Borden brand which I tried last week and is neither stringy nor flavorful. I am looking forward to trying more varieties in the coming weeks, thought I definately plan on keeping a backup supply of Stringsters.

In summary:

= trach

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DQ Something Different (updated)
Posted October 09, 2003 at 01:47:41 PM by Bean in the Plugs category
Some time back, fellow Duck Dooley recomended that I try the DQ Cotton Candy Blizzard. I didn't rush out and get one, because I generally prefer things like peanut butter and chocolate and coffee flavorings in my ice cream, rather than fruity stuff. My staple is the Reeces Cup, with hot fudge a close second.

But today at lunch, I found myself at a DQ with an extra $2.32 burning a a hole in my pocket, so I decided to try "Something Different". The DQ Cotton Candy Blizzard is made up of vanilla ice cream, a scoop of some pink mystery goo (which I assume gives it the cotton candy flavor) and a scoop of Pop Rocks, blended. It tastes great. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 10, hands down. Thank you DQ, and thank you Dooley, for bringing this wonderful creation into my life.

UPDATE: I have had Cotton Candy Blizzards twice since posting this and I am convinced that my first Blizzard was a fluke. The ones I have had since then have had Nerds in them instead of Pop Rocks, which in my opinion greatly reduces the quality of this treat. Be warned.

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Club Soda
Posted May 14, 2003 at 09:17:18 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
I like club soda (aka soda water, carbonated water, seltzer). As I was drinking some last night, I thought long and hard, and couldn't come up with anything bad about it. For reference, here are some good things about club soda:
No calories - Since there's no sugar, I can drink as much of it as I want without getting fat(ter).

No chemicals - No artificial sweeteners means it wont give me cancer. Bonus.

Free at bars - Full service bars always have club soda on their beverage wand. I ask for it instead of plain water.

Easy to make [if you have a keg system (me) or a lil fella (m1)] - I could make 5 gallons of it for less than a buck.

Tastes great - Maybe this is a stretch, because it is definately an acquired taste. I weened myself onto it by starting out with a 50/50 mix of soda water and lemonade, then slowly increasing the soda water over time until it was 100%. I now prefer soda water to pop or pretty much any other non-alcoholic drink. It is hard to get (for free) at resturaunts, unless they have self-serve pop fountians with the little lever that allows you to get Coke without the Coke syrup.

Clenses the pallete - I was smoking a cigar and drinking a martini last night at Nicky Blaine's, because I am uppity and high-falutin', and I had a side glass of club soda. After a cigar puff, I took a swig and it immediately removed the cigar smoke residue taste from my mouth, enabling me to fully enjoy the martini sip that followed.

And here are some bad things about club soda:

So, I give club soda a 10/10. I highly reccomend you ween yourself onto it and join me in celebrating this spectacular beverage.
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