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WineFetz 2008
Posted January 17, 2008 at 07:36:01 PM by Bean in the Parties category
Last weekend was the first annual WineFetz DuckFest. Twas a grand time. We started at the BBQ Ranch and piled into his inlaws' RV. Ma and Pa Betz chauffeured 10 of us around in their sweet ride (notice the Sparks)to 5 wineries for tasting, then to Happy Hour for dinner, then to a church-sponsored casino night. Here's a few WineFetz pics.

The wines were generally good, and we picked up 3-6 bottles each. The RVin' it was fun ass wheel... as we had beer (and wine) and snacks. After a fried chicken buffet at Happy Hour, we kicked it to the Celestine Community Center or some such thing. The Ducks racked up big time on the loosest craps table ever and took 3 prizes at casino night: a birthday party for AOD at the firehouse, 6 bottles of homemade wine (BANG!) and a catered 20 pork chop dinner, complete with fixins (MO BANG!). I believe the chop dinner is planned to be set up for lunch after CanoeFest '08, followed by a nap, and then Strassenfest '08! STOKED
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Chilifest & More!
Posted February 19, 2007 at 04:38:11 PM by Bean in the Parties category
Come one come all to Chilifest 2007: Now With 200% More Stuff!
(See my wif's blog for more details!
Jasper Strassenfest 2006
Posted August 08, 2006 at 09:12:46 AM by Bean in the Parties category
What started as a small gathering back in 2003 has now become a full-blown 3-day duck festivus. The following is my chronical of the Strassenseft 2006 weekend.

As all great ones do, this weekend started on Wednesday night. Comodore 64 Stutz rolled into Memphis, IN around 8pm on his way West to Boulder. I gave him the nickle tour of the house, which just so happened to end in the basement. Beerpong was inevitable. Alex and I took out Stutz and Stac two games in a row. Drinks were drinked, slams were slammed, and good tims were had by all.

I woke up around 8am Thursday morning a little hazy in the brainhole. Popped two Excedrin, ate some breakfast, and headed out. Stutz and Stef lead the way and I followed as we took 64 Westbound towards Santa Claus, IN. Shakin' the trees and rakin' the leaves - who knew it worked so well - Stutz got a ticket about 20 miles out. We arrived at Holiday World Splashin' Safari around 11 and met up with the HWSSFetz crew. We spent the majority of the day at the water park drinking free pop, lathering up in free sunblock, and cooking our feet on hot-ass concrete. Once we had our fill of lazy rivers and waterslides, we dried off, ate some Dippin' Dots, and walked to HW's new coater: The Voyage. The wait was about 30 minutes and the ride was the bomb. Seriously one of the best coasters I've ridden.

After HWSS, Stef drove home, and Stutz and I headed back to the BBQ ranch for some burgers, beers, and rest. TP showed up later that night and we all crashed fairly early in preparation for the big day. We woke up around 8am for some breakfast burritos and loaded up the canoes for the first annual pre-straberfetz canoe trip. Immediately after we put in, we noticed a leak in our canoe. Luckilly, it wasn't nearly as bad as the leak in Stutz. We managed to snap a group photo in the jungle. The highlight of the trip was the dead turtle Stutz found and flung towards Dooley and TP's canoe. Luckilly, BigD has cat-like reflexes and was able to deflect the carcass with his paddle. Good thing, because it was foul, and I'm sure if it wouod have hit him, the retaliation would have been severeJ.

After the canoeing was done, we headed back to BBQ, ate some pork chops, and waited for the Strassenfest crew to arrive. Two by two, they trickeled in, and at 4:45 or so, we OTE'ed.

What can I say about the fest itself. It was good, drunken fun. We got the #1 table so we could watch and/or interact with everyone entering or leaving the beer tent. When the taps opened at 5:59, we were the first in line with pitchers. It tasted so good when it hit my lips. All the usual fare was included - schnittzels, brats, chicken dance, chicken "sandwiches", hot cookies, vodka cherries, high-fives, polka. Rangoon, TP, and I rode the swings at one point. We were the oldest people by about 20 years on it. Also, we attempted to elect ASD the SFetz cute baby, but the results are still out. At the end of the night, some sober drivers took us back to BBQ to NOT WAKE UP THE BABY, eat some salsa, and crash. During the night, about a million spiders bit me on the head.

The next morning, ducks trickeled back out and headed home. Seleb, Annie, me, Stef, doodle, and Angie headed out to MosquitoFest (first annual post-straberfelch skeeterfest) for lunch and 14 different flavors of homemade icecream. For 50 cents a scoop, how could I resist? I had about 8 of the 14 flavors. The best one, in my opinion, was the Whopper. The worst was without a doubt the Cherry Cheesecake, which was aparently suagr free. Generally, "sugar free" indicates that some sort of artificial sweetener is used in place of sugar. This was not the case. NAX-T. Also, we saw the "stationary parade" forming as we left.

And that's it. We headed home around 2pm Saturday and left ourselves with 1.5 days to recover. 361 days until Strassenfest 2007! Color me Stoked!

Note: many details were left out. Feel free to add your own stories, and the ninnernets will remember them for you!
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SDP 2006
Posted July 20, 2006 at 10:29:19 AM by Bean in the Parties category
Due to a lack of:
  • Time
  • Planning
  • Intrest (my own and others)
SDP 2006 is cancelled. The end.
Uncle Ben
Posted July 19, 2004 at 09:01:07 AM by Bean in the Parties category
This is the only way Justin would go down the SDP Slip 'n Slide.
Uncle Ben is the coolest.

(click to enlarge)
PS - More SDP updates to come later today.

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