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Lost: The End
Posted May 30, 2010 at 02:49:28 PM by Bean in the Lost category
I started watching Lost the summer after the first season aired, and I was hooked after the first episode. I watched it religiously from that point forward and I consider it my favorite television series to date. For it to end on such a crappy note was a huge disappointed to me.

What it boils down to is this: The flash-sideways of season 6 was a complete waste of time. Instead of spending half of the season watching people slowly awaken and bumble around in purgatory, the writers could have put out more episodes like "Ab Abterno" (Richard's back story) and "Across The Sea" (Jacob/MIB's back story) and brought some resolution to the many many many unanswered questions that came up over the years.

Lost ended like a soap opera. That ending could have been tacked onto the end of any television drama. The writers really pushed the notion that the story was "about the characters" in interviews leading up to the finale, and yeah, it IS about them, but it's also about the island! Every story is about the characters, but Lost was unique and great because of the island. When someone asks "What is LOST about?", I don't think anyone would ever reply "It's a drama about a bunch of people who go through a journey of redemption and salvation and form a strong bonds". No, instead, most people would say "It's about a bunch of people who crash on a bizarre island with a monster, hatches, time travel, and all kinds of crazy, interesting, interconnected mysteries."

That's it. That's all I am gonna blog about it. If I get into the details, I'll never finish this blog. It was a great show with a crappy ending.

Okay, one more thing... Jacob has a "thing" for numbers? Seriously? that's the only explanation? LAME!
Lost: Season 5 So Far
Posted February 26, 2009 at 07:47:26 AM by Bean in the Lost category
At first, I was disappointed with the introduction of time travel into the LOST world. There have been hints at it throughout the show, but season 5 really brings it to the forefront. Time travel, much like the flash-backs and flash-forwards of seasons past, allow the writers to tell a story in whatever order they like... leaving out big chunks only to fill them in later. At this point, I've accepted the fact that time travel is going to play a major role in the final "answer" to LOST, so I am embracing it in all of it's paradoxical glory. Following are a few very short recaps of the first 7 episodes of this season. I'm happy with them so far, particularly the scenes where we get to dig into the island's mysterious past. Each episode links to a much better recap done by someone with more spare time than I.

Because You Left
The season opens in the period of old timey Dharma, around 1980 - Dr. Marvin Candle wakes up, checks on his baby, and heads over to the arrow to make a video. He's interrupted by a team that is in the process of discovering the "exotic matter" and the frozen donkey wheel. The best part is: Dan is there! Back in the real world, Ben and Jack are busy trying to convince the O6 to return to the island. On the island, the Losties that were left behind (the Lefties) seem to have come dislodged in time, and are jumping back and forth between the future and the past. Locke has some interaction with Richard, and in the final scene, Daniel talks to hatch-bound Desmond (circa 2003ish?) and tells him to go see his Mom - Eloise - right before another flash.

The Lie
A lot of this episode follows the adventures of Hurley and Sayid back in the real world. Neither of them want to go back to the island, but we all know what's goign to happen eventually. Some of the Lefties get captured by The Others in 1954, and get accused of leaving a bomb behind on the island. The title of teh episode refers to teh scenes where we see the O6 planning the "lie" that they use to return to the real world. In the end, we see Eloise Hawking (Faraday?) workign some math and using a ginat pendulum to locate a way back to teh island, and letting good old Ben know.

Desmond and Penny have a little boy named Charlie - how cute. Desmond wakes up suddenly needing to go see Dan's mom - as if a new memory has been planted in his head (by Dan in the past). When he goes to Oxford looking for Dan's mom, he finds some poor girl that's had her brain fired by Dan's experiments, and learns that the woman he seeks in in LA. Who knew? Back on the island, we meet said mom, along with Charles Widmore. They are both Others in 1954. Locke and Richard continue their complicated conversations that span the past 50 years... their paths cross many times. As it turns out, "Jughead" is a big H-bomb that the Army left on the island in 1954. It's leaking, and Richard thinks that Daniel and his crew of time-leaping buddies are the Army, coming back to retrieve it. Dan plays along so he can get a look at it, then tells them to just bury it. Also, everyones noses are statign to bleed form all teh time jumping.

The Little Prince
While there is a bunch of off-island plot movement in this episode (most related to Kate, Sun, and Aaron), the real treats were the scenes with the Lefties on the island. We find out that the Lefties have jumped to a time period that they have already been in! Sawyer witnesses the birth of Aaron, Locke see's the hat5ch light from the nigh Boone dies, and nosebleeds continue. We also see Jin get rescued by none other than Danielle the bat-shit crazy French lady, back when her crew initially found the island.

This Place Is Death
We get to see a lot of Smokey/Temple shots in this episode as Danielle's early days on the island are explained and she goes insane. Her crew gets taken, infected, or obsessed with the smoke monster and she feels like she needs to kill them. She tries to Kill Jin too, but he flashes again and is reunited with the Lefties. He's been floating in the ocean and jumping along with them the whole time. More nosebleeds occur. The off island crew all end up meeting at Eloise's church, getting ready to get their instructions on how to get back.

This episode reveals the Lamppost hatch and brings the 06 (5?), along with their proxies and Ben and a bunch of other people onto Ajira Flight 316 (piloted by noe other than crazy Frank), which flies over the island. As they pass over, some of the O6 (maybe all of them?) "flash" and end up on the island circa 1980. They run into Jin, who has apparently found himself a job working for Dharma. It's unclear whether or not he recognizes them.

The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham
This episode is mostly fill-in. We see John get off the island, talk to Ben and Widmore, try to get the O6 to go back, and eventually die. The first and last 5 minutes of the show, however, are the real guts. Flight 316 apparently crash lands on the Hydra island (Frank is a good pilot) after the 06 flash off the plane. Everything is eerily reminiscent of the 815 crash - complete with Locke's resurrection mirroring that of Christian Shepard. Looks like a whole new set of characters!

And I'm spent. Please add your own comments!
Posted January 09, 2009 at 10:08:23 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Stands for Lost Season 5 Premier Party, and it's happening at my house on January 21st. As you may or may not know, mothereffer and I took off work for the season 4 finale back in May in order to spend the day rewatching old episodes, discussing themes and theories of the show, and preparing for the primetime broadcast. It was a great time, so we are doing it again for the season 5 premier, and I think we'll have an additional attendee this time: coworker mike!

My prediction is that it will be a "3 hour event" again, with the season 4 finale first, a 1-hour recap "setup" episode, and the actual premier. We haven't nailed down which episodes we're going to recap before hand, but we've got room for 8 or 9 of them. Any suggestions?

To mix things up a bit, we'll be taking ping-pong breaks between episodes. To mix things up further, we'll apply Lost-themed rule variations:
  • Mikhail Pong – Where we all play with an eye patch. This should create some interesting points as we all lose our depth perception.
  • Locke Pong – Playing sitting down in a chair.
  • Jack Pong – This will have to happen later as we will have to be intoxicated.
  • Ben Pong - Where the rules have changed.
  • Michael Pong - Where you have to yell "WALT" before each serve and "THATS MY SON" if you win.
  • Mr. Eko Pong - Where we have to carve biblical sayings into our paddles.
  • Hurley Pong - Where we eat a bunch of snacks instead of playing ping pong.
Note that these were though of by my LS5PP co-conspiritors... I'm such a plagiarist.
Lost Season 4 is Over
Posted May 30, 2008 at 06:35:06 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Mothereffer and I took yesterday off of work and watched Lost all day long. 12 hours straight. I think we got in about 11 episodes, a mid-day ice cream break, and the "3-hour finale event". We rewatched some of the classic episodes, then concentrated on 3-4 Desmond-centric ones, then did a spotty recap of all of season 4 leading up to the live show. It was good tims, to say the least.

I'm not going to do a recap just yet, but I have a few points to make.
  • The very literal and unavoidable introduction of time travel over the past season has made trying to "figure out" Lost nearly impossible.
  • The show has always had a "free will versus fate" theme embedded in it, but I think we got to see a lot more of it this season, along with the concept of course-correction. Is the smoke monster the physical means of course correction?
  • Visit Sledgewebs Lost Stuff for good screen caps and discussion.
  • During the finale last night, there was a suspicious commercial for Looks like another ARG this summer.
  • Also, Hurley is still fat.
Lost: Cabin Fever (S04EP11)
Posted May 09, 2008 at 10:40:23 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Mothereffer/Bleach decided to write a Beanblog-style recap of last night's episode of Lost. Enjoy:

This episode of LOST continues the fast paced plot development that has defined Season 4. For us few die hard fans, who have dealt with time changes and writers strikes, the complications have been minimal compared to the content we are getting this season. "Cabin Fever" proved no different. What a great episode.

Locke's Backstory
We learn that Locke was born a healthy baby against all odds. His mother is almost killed by a car crash, causing Locke to be born prematurely. Locke manages to fight off several newborn complications and beats the odds. We then see that Richard Alpert has made a return to baby John Locke at his birth. This scene confirms a couple things. A) Richard indeed does not age and B) Locke's connection with the island is not just happenstance. Richard then visits Locke when he is around 5 or 6 to see if he is the chosen one. A Dalai Lama type ceremony ensues. Right before the current Dalai Lama dies, he gives an approximate location of his next birth place. Belongings of his are then presented to children matching his description. The child who picks out the right belongings, without hesitation, is the new holy leader. Richard was clearly doing this with Locke. Locke chooses a knife, which is apparently not correct, and Richard leaves in a hurry. Is Locke the reincarnation of Jacob? What is Locke chosen to do?

Everyone's favorite Marine: Keamy – Who would not like to kill this bastard?
First of all, I am not sure how he survived the smoke monster attack. It seemed as if he should be toast. Nonetheless, he does indeed survive and make it back to the freighter. At the freighter, he is told by the captain that Michael is the one who has let Ben know Keamy's name and background. This makes the usually happy go lucky Keamy upset to say the least. I for one thought Michael was a goner. Keamy tries to shoot Michael a few times in the head but the gun jams. Is this the island protecting Michael from death? Arguments can be made either way, but with each escape from death, it seems the island is not letting him die. Keamy is hell bent on getting back to the island and getting revenge. The pilot (Frank) says the he was hired to fly scientists back and forth. Keamy decides to show he is serious about getting back to the island by killing the doctor. The doctor had washed up on shore the day before on the island. The time delay is revealed once again. Frank is then convinced to take the marines back to the island. Looks like Frank is a good guy and might even be helping Michael out.

Sayid and Desmond
It is simply worth mentioning that the captain of the ship (Captain Gault) appears to be helping Sayid and Desmond. I believe that Sayid has earned his trust by turning over Michael. He gives Sayid a boat to take back to the island. I do not think that this boat is how they get off the island because Hurley alone would sink the damn thing. Desmond decides he cannot go back to the island because he has been there for 3 years. Who can blame him. He may have told Michael a little earlier though.

The Cabin
Where to begin. The Cabin was apparently built by Horace who was killed in the purge. He appears in a dream to guide Locke. Locke pulls a map from his dead pocket that will lead them to the Cabin. Does the cabin move? If it is always moving, then how does an old map show them where it is? They arrive at the cabin, Ben and Hurley decide to not go in. They partake in one of my favorite scenes of all time. The candy bar sharing! If you watch Ben’s mannerisms during this scene, you will see why is almost everyone’s favorite character. He is a great actor. Once Locke is in the Cabin he runs into Christian Sheppard who announces that he can speak for Jacob. Claire is also in the Cabin and appears HAPPY to be there, WITHOUT HER BABY! What is going on here? John emerges from the Cabin and declares that he needs to “move the island”. DUN DUN DUN. The island can be moved! What a revelation.

I really enjoyed this episode! Hope my recap lives up to the traditional Beanblog fashion.
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Lost: The Constant (S04EP05)
Posted February 29, 2008 at 06:15:04 AM by Bean in the Lost category
So it's official: Lost definitely involves time travel. Fabulous. Last night's episode was very Desmond-centric, with little bits of everyone's favorite twitchy physicist, Dan Faraday sprinkled in for good measure. It took place almost 100% off-island... if fact, if you were just tuning in you might not even know there was an island.

Desmond and Dan
Ever since the big EMP discharge from the end of season 2, Desmond has had trippy visions and apparent time jumps. Well, after leaving the island via the helicopter, he got worse. His consciousness kept bouncing back and forth between 2004 (current time in the show) and 1996 (when he was in the military). Apparently, Dan knew this was going to happen and sent 1996 Des on a mission to find 1996 Dan. Minkowski and 1996 Dan's mouse, Elowise, both died from time-jumping too much and short circuiting. 1996 Dan and 2004 Dan work together to help Desmond stay alive by finding a "constant" - something that is in both 1996 and 2004, something to ground him and keep him sane - Penny. Des 2004 finally gets to talk to Penny, live via the phone on the boat, thanks to Des 1996 getting her digits. She knows about the island, and she's still looking for him.

There were lots of graphs, notes, etc in Dan's journal in 2004 and on his chalkboard in 1996. We also get our first real look at the freighter and a few more freighter people, Keamy and Omar. And, in 1996, we get to see Mr. Widmore buying a painting (and mysterious unopened ledger/journal) of the Black Rock. I bet the painting or book has a secret map in it!
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Lost: Eggtown (S04EP04)
Posted February 23, 2008 at 06:30:08 AM by Bean in the Lost category
On the Island - The Barracks
Locke has Ben imprisoned in his basement, but Ben is working his mental games on him. Kate and Sawyer free Miles so he can talk to Ben, but all he does is say he'll keep Ben's survival a secret for 3.2 million bucks (blackmail?). Kate and Sawyer bone. Locke, dictator of the barracks, banished Kate and sticks a grenade in Miles' mouth.

On the Island - The Beach
Daniel and Charlotte play cards. Jack can't get a hold of the freighter, so he has Charlotte try a different freq. After a full day, they claim that the helicopter hasn't arrived. Uh oh.

Flash forward
Kate is on trial for all of her crimes. We learn that the story the O6 are using is that 8 survived the crash, Kate rescued them from the water, and 6 made it off the island. Seems to be an attempt to keep Kate free. Kate's mom refuses to testify against her, so she goes free. Kate seems to have adopted Aaron, who is the fifth O6 member. Jewfich knew it!
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Lost: The Economist (S04EP03)
Posted February 20, 2008 at 02:01:20 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Ultra-compact Lost recap - ready, go!

On the Island
Sayid, Kate, and Miles headed to New Otherton to recover Charlotte. Locke used Hurley as bait and captured Sayid and his crew. Ben has a secret closet full of clothes, money, and passports. Sayid trades Miles for Charlotte, and Kate stays with Locke. Hurley is still fat. Miles runs an experiment and finds some weird space/time stuff. Sayid, dead Naomi, Desmond, and Frank take off in the helicopter and head to the frigate.

Off the Island
Sayid made it off the island - he's one of the O6. Sayid is the next James Bond. He kills some dude while playing golf. He hooks up with Elsa in an attempt to get close to someone else, so he can kill them too. Elsa knows all about it, and in the end, Sayid offs her too. Elsa has a bracelet like Naomi's. And the biggie: Off-island Sayid is working for/with Ben, hunting down people on his "list".

This episode will play again immediately preceding the new episode tomorrow night. I'm not sure if it will be an "enhanced" version or not.
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Lost: Confirmed Dead (S04EP02)
Posted February 11, 2008 at 06:15:59 AM by Bean in the Lost category
This episode centered around the arrival of 4 new people to the island. They seemed to be a hodge-podge group put together by the Spooky Dharma Guy (SDG) that went to see Hurley in the hospital.

Naomi, Leader of the Pack
Naomi, the culturally-ambiguous chick that dropped in from the first helicopter back in S3 seems to be leading the group. It appears that she was hired by SDG and has at least some military experience. After catching a knife to the back from Locke, she manages to get a tracking beacon going and warn the rest of her group about the hostility she encountered. The rest of her group, Charlotte, Frank, Miles, and Daniel, arrive after she dies via yet another out-of-control helicopter.

Charlotte is seen in a flashback discovering a polar bear skeleton in Tunisia... a polar bear wearing a Dharma Hydra station tag. There is also a scene where she reads about flight 815's discovery... at the bottom of the Indian ocean... full of dead people.

Frank Lepidus was supposed to be the pilot on flight 815, but had someone substitute at the last minute. After seeing footage of the sunken debris and the bodies within it, he realized that the pilot did not have a wedding ring on his hand. He calls Oceanic but is given the run around. I assume that the missing pieces will be filled in later, but it looks like Frank is on to something, and he apparently goes looking for the real flight 815 as the pilot of our little newcomer group.

The 4th member of the group, Miles, seems to be either a ghost hunter or a scam artist. Not sure how he got recruited by SDG, but he seems like the opportunistic type, and may be in it for noting more complicated than money. Some people think his flashback might be tied to Eko, but that happens anytime there is a black character in someones flashback, so I don't know. Near the end of the ep, Miles whips out a picture of Ben, saying that the reason they are there is to find him.

And finally, there's Daniel Faraday. In his flashback, he begins weepign when he learns about the wreckage of flight 815. When asked why he was crying by his wife, he replies "I don't know." He's a squirmy character... weak willed, and I suspect he'll get manipulated by Ben, if not others as well.

Escape Imminent?
The whole group ends up being captured by the Losties... surrounded in the forest much like the way the Others surrounded the Losties back in S2. Very deja vu esque. Also, the big ending: Frank (pilot) did not crash the helicopter. It's still working just fine. Time to go!
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Lost: The Beginning of the End (S04EP01)
Posted February 01, 2008 at 06:27:02 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Season 4 of Lost premiered last night, following a repeat of the season 3 finale Wednesday (with commentary) and a recap episode that was pretty good. This one centers on Hurley - and it starts out like any good show should: with a car chase.

Hurley, Post-Island
We now know that Hurley, along with Jack and Kate, gets off the island. Hurley apparently sees something (a vision of Charlie most likely) that makes him freak out and takes off in his car, only to be apprehended after a chase, deemed crazy, and put back into a mental institution. He cries out ""Don't you know who I am, I'm one of the Oceanic 6!" as he's being arrested, indicating that only 5 other people got off the island with him. Hurley continues to see visions of Charlie, always trying to tell him that he needs to go back and help the ones left behind on the island. The message trying to bubble into Hurley's consciousness mimmicks Jacks thoughts at the end of season 3: we gotta go back.

Going Back
When Jack comes to visit Hurley in the institution, it becomes clear that the off-island portion of this episode takes place before Jack begins his downward spiral. I think that one by one, the "Oceanic 6" are all going to break down and realize that they have to go back... to rescue the others. Hurley in this episode, Jack in the season 3 finale, and I assume 4 more in the coming weeks. The on-island portion of this episode plays on this point heavily in the scene where Hurley makes his big speech about how Charlie sacrificed himself to save the rest of them.

The previews for this ep centered around Naomi's people coming to the island to "rescue" the Losties. Locke is suspicious, so he throws a knife in Naomi's back (back in s3). Once the crew at the beach learn about the "Not Penny's boat" message Charlie left as he died, they too grow suspicious of the so-called rescuers. This eventually splits the groups in to two, with Locke leading Hurley, Sawyer, Claire, and many more towards the Others' town, and Jack leading Kate and the rest towards rescue. For some asinine reason, Jack allows Locke to take Ben with him (even after pledging to kill him once the get rescued). The episode ends with two people parachuting from yet another crashing helicopter, landing, and meeting Jack's group.

Jacob's Cabin
Hurley gets lost cause he's fat and can't keep up with the group. He stumbles upon Jacob's cabin, and can't seem to get away from it. When he peers through the window, he sees Jacob in the rocking chair - only this Jacob looks an awful lot like Jack's dad, Christian. More discussion here. As Hurley is peeking in, a face pops up in the window (Locke?) and scares the shit out of him causing his to turn and run away. Eventually, he falls down and Locke finds him, leading to them joining up to try and convince everyone to run from Naomi's people and the aforementioned split of the group.

In Closing
We also got to meet Big Mike (Ana Lucia's ex-partner) again, as well as meet a shady Oceanic representative... but this blog is already too long. Overall, the biggest reveal in this episode came in the first 5 minutes: 6 survivors of Oceanic flight 815 get off the island - not all that new since we already knew Jack and Kate made it off. Good episode, but pretty poor when compared to the last few season openers. Here's a rundown of teh ep on lostpedia.

Thoughts? Comments? Did you like it?
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Lost: Not in Portland (S03EP07)
Posted February 08, 2007 at 08:44:29 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost kicked off the second half of season 3 last night. It started with a 1-hour recap episode. Honestly, how many recap episodes can one show have? It seems like they do at least 2 or 3 per season. Anyway, I guess I cant complain, cause I still watch em.

At the end of the first half mini-season, Jack agreed to do teh surgery on Ben, but held him captive on the OR table and arranged for Kate and Sawyer to escape. He ratted out Juliet and caused all kinds of ruckus within the others. Eventually, it seems, Ben offered to let Julie go home if she kept him and Jack alive, so to do so, she helped Kate and Sawyer (and Carl) escape from Alcatraz and head back to the main island. Juliet had to pop a cp in xxx to do so.

Alex and Carl
Rewind: Alex helped Kate and Sawyer evade capture, and in return, they helped her rescue her boyfriend Carl. Carl was in some kind of a brainwashing room. There was loud techno-type music, lighted glasses to keep him awake, and a plethora of crazy images and sayings projected onto the wall in front of him.

Juliet's Back Story
We also learn that Juliet has only been on the island for about 3 years, and was apparently brought there by Hanso/Dharma iun a very forceful fashion. She was doing secret fertility experiments on her sister, but they weren't very secretive - not only did her ex-husband find out, but so did Hanso. It's my opinion that Hanso not only had her ex-husband run over by a bus, but also may have had something to do with her sister becoming prego (fake-out?). Yep, looks like the pregnancy test is a Widmore Labs (a known Hanso cohort) brand, just like Sun's on the island.

Anyway, all in all not a bad episode. I am definitely re-STOKED for 15 more eps of Lost, no breaks, no repeats!
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Lost: The Cost of Living (S03EP05)
Posted November 02, 2006 at 08:36:10 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Dead Eko
Eko has lots of flashbacks, all leading up to the final scene where he confronts his past demons. The smoke monster apparently takes on the appearance of Yemi, Eko's dead brother, and Eko explains how he has not sinned, but only done what he needed to survive. After that, Yemi says "You talk to me as if I am your brother" in an angry voice, upset with the "confession" and walks away. When Eko chases him, the smoke monster pops out, grabs him, and flings him around, eventually slamming him into the ground, killing him. As he dies, he told John "You're next." Opens up a lot of new theories on what smokey is. What do you think?

Jack and Juliet
Jack continues to try and manipulate Ben and Juliet, and apparently succeeds. After confronting Ben about the tumor, Ben reveals that this whole thing was a ploy to get Jack to operate on him. Now Jack thinks he has some power. Juliet also gets a secret message to Jack telling him to do the operation, but botch it, to get rid of Ben. Apparently there is dissent within the Others. But, who really knows if it's all just an even more elaborate con. At one point, Ben asks Jack if he believes in God. Jack asks the same question of Ben, and he replies "Two days after they found the tumor on my spine, a spinal surgeon fell from the sky." Finally puts a little weakness into Ben's character.

The Most Interesting Point
...was, in my opinion, that we finally found out what John saw back in S1 (I think) when the monster grabbed him. He was talking to Eko about it and said he saw a "bring light, it was beautiful." Of course, Eko replied "That's not what I saw." Again, opens up lost of possibilities. What do you think?

The Pearl
We basically learn NOTHING new about the mysterious eye-patch guy on the Pearl station monitors. Kinda frustrating - since that's what they played up in the previews. At any rate, there's definitely another player in the game now, and he left his fake eye in the Arrow hatch. Radzinsky?

Next week will be the mini-season finale. Pizza and beer at my house!
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Lost: Every Man For Himself (S03EP04)
Posted October 26, 2006 at 08:54:21 AM by Bean in the Lost category
A quick summary. Please comment with your thoughts.

First of all, I'm pissed off that they are now showing that Desmond has the ability to see the future. This just may be the shark jump that I knew was inevitable. Up to this point, there were alway possible pseudo-scientific explinations for the things on the show. But now, well, nothign is off limits. Perhaps aliens and/or God will land on the island next and really mix things up!

Two Islands
After conning Sawyer to proove a point (I think), Ben shows him that they are actually on another, smaller island that is a few miles off shore from the main island. This is to keep him from trying to escape, I assume.

Coleen was shot by Sun a few eps back. In this show, she is rushed back to the Others Island (on a submarine, no less) for treatment. Juliet convinces Jack to help, but they are unable to save her. In passing, Jack sees some x-rays that turn out to be of Ben. He has a giant tumor on his spine and will die if he doesnt get it operated on. And it just so happens that Jack is a spinal surgeon.

Lost of other stuff happened, but I just dont have the time to post it all. Check out for some interesting discussion and some screen-cap invcestigations.
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My New Lost Theory
Posted October 23, 2006 at 02:50:17 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost: Further Instructions (S03EP03)
Posted October 18, 2006 at 10:14:13 PM by Bean in the lost category
Third Lost blog in a row. I'll break the pattern this week.

Tonight was Locke-centric, which is great, cause he's a very central/interesting character. I have to admit that I am still a bit confused on what happened in this episode, but I'll do my best to break it down for ya, beanblog style:

They're Not Dead!
The ep starts, as many other do, with an eye opening. This one happens to be Locke's. Locke? Yep - alive. Apparently when the hatch ex/imploded, the four occupants were somehow spit out into the jungle. Locke see's Des running through the jungle nekked, and eventually makes it back to camp where he's reunited with Charlie for some fun trippin'. We are also reunited with a very damaged Mr. Eko about 40 minutes in. So, in short, the hatch was destroyed and left a big crater, but somehow all of the people in it are still alive. Sound familiar? As in - A plane broke apart many thousand feet in the air and yet over 50 of the passengers managed to survive the carnage.

Fun Trippin'
When he wakes up, Locke is mute. He convinces Charlie to stand guard while he eats some psychotropic plant and meditated in a sweat lodge. He has a wicked trip and comes out with the attitude that he mus "clean up his messes" - as in go save Eko, who is currently held captive by a giant polar bear in a cave. WTF? Anyway, so, basically, that's what he does. He goes and find this big cave, rescues Eko from the polar bear (after flame-throwing it with some hairspray), and heads back to camp. He then announces to the rest of the Losties that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are captured, but that he will bring them home.

Hurley is this episodes' saving grace. Finally, a character starts asking questions and telling other people what he's observed. Perhaps his biggest role in this ep is as an observer: He hears Desmond reference a speech that Locke gives BEFORE Locke gives it. When he then actually hears the speech, you can see his mind churning, trying to figure something out. And then, the ep ends. I hope he continues to talk to everyone and ask questions.

Re: Des talking about the future as if it already happened. A lot of people are suggesting that the failsafe implosion deally may have given Desmond some kind of power to see the future / precognition. I don't buy it. I think something else happened after/during the implosion. Perhaps John was programmed to give that speech. Perhaps while they were "out" after the failsafe, the others (or some other group) took them, programmed them, and dropped em in the jungle. Des knew the speech was coming because he was programmed too. All of the hatch inhabitants do seem a little different, as if they've been brainwashed or something. I mean, if you just got blown up, and suddenly woke up in the jungle, wouldn't you be asking more questions of yourself and your fellow hatchies? Eh.

The Commune
Apparently, after Locke's bout with depression from having his dad steal his organs and his girl dump him, he joins a commune. The commune grows lots of good things: peaches, corn, marijuana. They also have a lot of guns. Weird - it's a new side to Locke. He picks up a hitchhiker and brings him "home". We later find out that the hitchhiker is a cop attempting to infiltrate the commune, and that Locke was chosen as the in since his psych profile shows him as prone top coercion. Again, Locke gets walked all over, and end up blowing it. Rough.

Pet Peeves
Why is it that before all of the action surrounding John happens, he trips out? I hate the fact that the writers now have an all-purpose "out" for anything that happened with him, the bear, Eko, etc. It's just like the phantom voices that Jack heard in the last episode being questionable because Juliet said he was dehydrated and could be hallucinating. "Oh, well that clue didn't actually mean anything, John was just high." If this trend continues, consider the proverbial shark jumped.
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Lost: The Glass Ballerina (S03EP02)
Posted October 12, 2006 at 10:50:43 AM by Bean in the Lost category
This episode was Sun and Jin-centric, with flashbacks focussing mainly on the time just before they boarded flight 815. There were definately some new character twists introduced, so here we go:

The Sailboat
Sun, Jin, and Sayid took Desmonds sailboat around teh side of the island in an attempt to help Jack and his crew with their assault on teh Others. When they were unable to meet up, Sayid went ashore and discovered the decoy camp that the others had set up. He realized that they were most likely captured and decided to try a tricky plan. They found the Pala Ferry dock and set a big fire to attract an Others scouting party. The plan was to ambush them, but of course the Others snuck right by and stole the boat. Now those three are stuck at the dock with no boat.

The Glass Ballerina
In the opening flashback, we see a young Sun break a glass balerina figurine. When her father asks her about it, she lies and says the maid did it, knowing the maid would be fired. Later, we see details about her affair with Jae, and her role on the show shifts from a very innocent character to one that is capable of great deceit. Here's a good thread about her over at SWLS (my new favorite lost site).

More Sun, and Jae
While on the boat, Sun lie to Jin in an attempt to help Sayid with the ambush. Jin knows enough english to catch her, and tells her that he knows she betrayed him. At this point, we still dont know who her baby is from... is it Jae or Jin? Speaking of Jae: when Sun's papa found out about her affair, he assigned Jin to take him out. Jin roughs him up and tells him to leave the country, but doesn't kill him. As he's leaving, though, Jae's body flops onto the hood of his car. Backup hitman murder, or suicide? Also, Jin never found out about the affair (I dont think) - he was just following papa-in-law's orders. Anyway - lots of questions as to who knows what and who loves who with regard to Sun and Jin. Also, there are previous ties between Sun dad's company (Paik Heavy Industries) and Hanso/Dharma.

Chain Gang
Back at the Hydra Station, Sawyer and Kate are made to do some serious manual labor. Digging hole, and moving rocks. They are roughed up quite a bit, and Sawyer pulls off some bad butt-kickin only to be stopped by Juliette, who captures Kate at gunpoint (again). There is a big sloppy kiss between Kate and Sayer too. In the closing scene, we see that Ben is closely monitoring (via CCTV, much like The Pearl) Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. This has got to be a big psych study.

Alex, Again
Alex comes back again, secretely asking Kate about Karl (the boy who helped Sawyer attempt an escape). Either there are splintering factions of Others, or it's all part of the charade. Hard to tell.

And Finally
We find out conclusively that the island has communication with the outside world.

That's all I'm writing for now. If you have more, please add it.
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Lost: A Tale of Two Cities (S03EP01)
Posted October 05, 2006 at 08:19:41 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost opened season 3 last night with a fizzle, not a bang.

Scene 1
In my opinion, the openeing scene was the only saving grace of this episode. We got to see the others living their lives on the island, in what appeared to be a little comune/utopian society. It was a little niche of civilization centered in an island jungle. Then we hear the magnet rumble (from Desmonds first mishap) and see the plane coming apart in the sky. Henry (the aparent leader of this group) went from normal to absolutely serious when he realized there could be survivors, and sent Ethan and Goodwin to the respective crash sites to gather info and make lists. It was nice to have that part of the backstory filled in. We finally know that the plane was not brought down on purpose.

Jack's Flashbacks
It just wouldn't be Lost if there werent flashbacks. This episode showed Jack's recent past, as his wife left him for another man and his relationship with his father (and everyone else aparently) fell to peices. Eh.

The Captive 3
Sawyer was put into a big cage with a bunch of levers and dohickeys. When he finally pushed them in the rigth order, a machine spit out a fish cracker, some corn, and water. Zeke tells him "It only too the bears 2 hours" - somewhat explaining the polar bears. Kate was treated to a shower, a nice dress, and breakfast on the beach with Henry. She was notified that the next two weeks would be very unpleasant for her and then led into a cage next to Sawyer. Jack is in the Hydra hatch (under water) caged up behind glass. He attempts an escape, but is captured again by Juliet (his captor). He plays stubborn for a long time, but finally gives in when he finds out that Juliet knows everythign about him, his family, his job, his ex-wife. He asks if his ex is happy, and Juliet says "yes, she's very happy." WTF?

Zeke, aka Mr. Friendly may be gay (tells Kate "you're not my type" with a funny look on his face when she's about to shower). Henry's real name is Ben. Ben left Juliet to die during Jack's attempted escape. She seemed none to happy wityh him after she managed to contain Jack. There are some that think Juliet may switch sides and help Jack. I wonder who the kid that helped Sawyer escape (very temporarily) was. Another captive, or part of the setup?
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Lost Season 3
Posted September 28, 2006 at 09:39:22 AM by Bean in the Lost category
This is blog number 500. I wanted it to be something special and unique, but decided to hold out for 1000. So, instead, here's some YouTube Lost goodness.

First off, the Lost Experience (summer online interactive treasure hunt/game) is finally wrapping up. I didn't follow it very closely after the first few, but I did check in once in a while. Here's a video that sheds some light on the #'s and the island.

Here's a spoiler showing some scenes from the upcoming s3 premier. Looks like a mouse-in-a-cage experiment to me.

And here's a general s3 promo.

Lost: S2 Finale and Recap
Posted May 31, 2006 at 11:57:25 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost is a great show. It has a lot of good things going for it. Unfortunately, to ensure that it lasts 5 seasons, we' have to deal with quite a bit of frustration and unanswered questions. I as pretty let down by the S2 finale at first, but it has grown on me over the past week. So, here comes the finale recap, along with some general season 2 notes.

The Short n Sweet Recap
A few losties swim out to investigate the boat. In it, they find Desmond, drunk. He bolted to his boat 2 weeks ago and sailed due West, but ended up back at the island. Desmond is suprised to find that the button is still being pushed. We get a series of flashbacks for Desmond showing him being seperated from his true love (Penelope Widmore) by her overbearing father, Charles, and we find out how he got in the hatch and who the eff Kelvin is. More on this later. Sayid decides to use the sailboat to help suprise the others during the Michael-led "attack". Locke and Desmond decide to try and stop Eko from pushing the button after Locke shows Des the Pearl logs, and in short, they succede. More on that later, too. Sayid tries to sneak into the others camp for some recon, but finds that it is all fake. The attack party gets captured (sans Sayid), Michael gets Walt back (and a boat), and Hurley is set free. About this time, the drama in the hatch comes to a head, Desmond uses the "failsafe" and a big BANG happens. Everyone see's it, but we don't really know what it is. At the very end, we see an off-island scene of some Portuguese guys in a monitoring station. The detect the BANG and call Penelope, who is still looking for Des, it seems. There is a very good recap here if you want more deets.

Aparently, Desmond was in teh military and then in jail. While in jail, he tried to keep in contact with Penelope, but her father (Charles Widmore) intercepts all of his letters. When he gets out, Charles picks him up and instructs him to stay away from Pen. Desmond decides that in order to get his honor back, he has to win this big boat race around the world that is sponsored by Charles Widmore - so he begins training. At some point, he runs into pre-island Libby, who conveniently has a spare sailboatd to give him. Libby's story is that her husband died before he could use it. Her hubby was named Dave. Theories on Dave's connection to Hurley's Dave can be found at the fuselage. Some time later, Pen manages to locate Desmond. He explains the situation and how he needs to reclaim his honor - then storms off. Eventually, Des ends up crashed on the island - but the details are blurry. He gets picked up by Kelvin at the beach. Kelvin turns out to be the same CIA spook (Kelvin Inman) that trained Sayid to be a torturer back in the Gulf War. Kelvin and Desmond push the button for about three years. Then one day, after seeing a rip in Kelvins suit, Des figures out that there is no "quarentine" outside and follow Kelvin outside. Kelvin has been repairing the boat and is about to take off. In a struggle, Desmond kills kills Kelvin and runs back to the hatch. When he gets there, the electromagnet is kicking in and shit's flying everywhere. He keys in the numbers and it all stops - but we later find out that this is the day flight 815 crashed.

More on Kelvin
Kelvin is a shady character. He talks about his first hatch-mate (Radzinsky) and how he couldnt handle the stress and ended up taking a shotgun blast to the head. The way he led Des outside seemed staged, and we never see his "dead" body after Des runs back to the hatch. Kelvin drew the hatch door map, and taught Des how to hotwire the blast doors. This hotwiring is how Locke and Des keep Eko out of the computer room long enough to let the timer expire. I have a feeling we'll be seeing Kelvin Inman again.

Hurley Bird
At one point when Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sawyer are hiking through the jungle, a ginat-ass bird swoops down at them and screeches "Hurley". It was a little strange, and I have no ideas on what it was all about. Perhaps it ties in with Kate's Horse, Sawyer's boar, and/or the polar bear. There some theories and screen-caps at Lostpedia.

The Lost Experience
This Summer, the creators of Lost are sponsoring an alternate reality game called The Lost Experience. I am following it, but not super-closely. It's interesting, and it does tie into the show, but it is not a necessary companion. It deals more with Hanso than the island, and it spans many media outlets: TV, Internet, Published Books, Newspapers, Telephone/Voice Mail, etc. I'll probably blog about this later this summer.

Widmore, Widmore, Everywhere Widmore
The name Widmore comes up a lot in Lost. Charles and Pen Widmore are featured in Desmonds flashback. The Widmore family and corporation play large roles in the book Bad Twin and seem to be big players in the Lost Experience. Henry Gale's baloon has Widmore written on it. Sun's pregnancy test is from Widmore Labs. And in one of Charlies flashbacks, Widmore Construction has a banner up in the background. In Bad Twin (and in other ares of the Lost Experience), we find out that Widmore, Hanso, and Paik-Heavy (Sun's dad's company) are all in cahoots.

The Foot
At one point during th episode, Sayid see's a big statue of a four-toes foot on the shoreline. It seems pretty arbitrary. I was pissed at first because they show it, but give no explination at all, and leave it hanging for the summer. It'll probably play into the islands history in future seasons. See a picture and read some theories at Lostpedia. One theory I like is that the statues used to be Anubis, the Egyptian dog-headed God of Death (4-toed). This would tie into the Heiroglyphics on the counter.

Michael, Walt, and The Boat
During the hike to attack the others, everyone in the attack party finds out that Michael betrayed them. In his defence, Michael keeps claiming "I had no choice" - much like Danielle when she talked about having to kill her crew. Perhaps the same scenario played out with Danielle 16 years ago. Anyway - After the others capture everyone, they actually live up to their end of the deal. Micheal and Walt are reunited and sent on a bearing of 325 where they will be "picked up". Will they be back? Interesting thing about the compasses and whatnot: when there are two competing magnetic sources (two points of attraction), the only way to NOT end up goign in a circle is to head directly into one of them. Assuming that the island and magnetic north are competing, 325 is undoubtedly the compass direction in relation to the island's pull that leads to magnetic north. Or a trap... who knows. Also, whatever happened to "They'll never give you Walt" ?

Here's a theory I found on thefuselage regarding Penelope and Desmond: Pen found out that Desmond was going on the boat race, so she setup the encounter with Libby and the "free" boat. It was Pen's way of helping Desmond. The boat has a tracking device so she can keep track of Desmond. Pen can use some sort of GPS tracking system to follow the boat. She lost track of Desmond somehow (an incident? EMP fried the tracking device?), but the GPS system detected the electromagnetic anamoly in the area Desmond was last. So, she knows that if she can locate that anamoly again, she can locate Desmond. She has people monitoring the area he disapeared in, and when the BANG at the end of the episode happens, they detect something. The final scene of the show is of the guys calling Penelope and alerting her. Now we have someone actually looking for the island. Could the fallen Widmore ballon that the real Henry Gale was in be one of her scouts? Read more about Pen here.

The Button
In the end, it seems that Fake Henry wanted the button to NOT be pushed. When he was in there with John, he pushed it to avoid killign himself, but planted the seed in John's head that the button did nothing - knowign that down the road, John would let the timer expire. But did Desmond foil the plan by using the failsafe that Kelvin showed him? Fake Henry doesn't really show much emotion during the BANG, so it's hard to tell what his plans are/were. I personally think he is tryign to shut down the hatches, one at a time, which might explain how some of the hatches have power and some don't - he has already gotten to some of them.

Okay, so near the end of the finale, John and Desmond lock themselves in the computer room and plan to let the timer expire. Once Desmond see's th elogs from the Pearl, he realized that his screwup 60 days ago may have caused the plan to crash, and decides that he doies indeed want to push the button (because it actually does do somehting). John, still convinced it's all a setup, destroys the computer. All the while, Charlie and Eko are trying to get in. They even use dynamite, which pretty much knocks them out. As the timer expires, everythign metal starts flying around and getting crunched. Desmond, in a last ditch effort, crawls to the failsafe and turns they key. The screen goes white, and we are shows scenes of various people covering their ears and watching the sky turn bright white for about 5-10 seconds. Afterwards, the hatch door lands on the beach. We don't really know what happened, but here's my theory: The BANG was triggered by the failsafe, not the magnetic buildup. There is a strong magnet or electromagnet below the Swan, and the 108 minute cycle is in place to allow it to discharge or flip polarity. If it is allowed to grow unchecked, it'll get really strong and perhaps do bad things. Desmonds failsafe triggered a large EMP that somehow disabled the whole thing.

Desmond and Locke
Desmond feels like Locke saved his life, and Locke feels like Desmond saved his. This is revealed in a flashback where Desmond is contemplating killing himself in the hatch and John just got done watching Boone die. Des hears John banging on the hatch door and is relieved to find out that someone is on the island with him, and John is revitalized when Des shines the big spotlight up the hatch.

Lostie Loose Ends
As was the case in the Season 1 finale, the fate of a lot of Losties is left open. Are Michael and Walt gone or will they come back. Did Desmond, Lock, and Eko die in the hatch crunch/EMP? Why is Charlie acting weird (he comes back to cap at the end and acts like nothing happened). What will Hurley do? What will the others do with Kate, Sawyer, and Jack? Are Sayid, Sun, and Jin still on the sailboat?

Season 2
Most of this season has been spent learning about Dharma, the hatches, and the others. We learned that the others are very manipulative, good method actors, and very organized. But at the same time, they don't seem to have the whole story. There is more to the island. I have a feelign that S3 will delve into the islands past, and reveal another mysterious layer on which to focus. Atlantis?
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Lost: Live Together, Die Alone (S02EP24)
Posted May 24, 2006 at 10:59:11 PM by Bean in the Lost category


Lost: Three Minutes (S02EP23)
Posted May 17, 2006 at 10:06:02 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost aired in a slightly-extended episode tonight, leading up to the 2-hour finale next week. The episode was similare to the recent Claire-centric one - the typical Lost flashbacks only went back days, rather than months and years, and showed us more detail on past events, from new points of view. Michael took center stage this time. Also, in related news: since I haven't blogged a non-Lost blog in a while, I'll mix some other stuff in with my sweet recap action.

13 Days Ago
Michaels flashbacks show him communicating with "walt" on the computer some more. He is told to go north. He conks Locke, locks Jack in the gun shed, and hits the road. He's soon captured by the others and questioned for 10 days or so. Eventually, they show him Walt (for 3 minutes) and convince him to make a deal. He has to go back, free Henry, and bring Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate back to camp, at which point he would be set free, along with Walt. Sayid figures his plan out and tells Jack - now they are planning to use their knowledge to gain an advantage when they attack.

Another Boat
At the end, we see a sailboat drift towards the beach. "We're saved!!!" I'm sure it'll come into play next week. Could it be Desmond? Or atleast his boat?

3.1 Miles
Stef and I are going to run a 5k Saturday morning in downtown New Albany. Anybody wanna join us? Sunday, we're going to the speedway for Bump Day. I bet the cars go > 3.1 miles. Anybody wanna join us?

Poor Hurley
Of course, he's devistated with Libby's death. And now, he's being led into a trap by his buddy Michael. The writers sure are setting up for a "hell yea!" scene when Hurley finally get's his revenge or closure on... somthing... er... everything.

Pretty stoked about the Memorial Day canoe trip comign up. Stef and I are heading to the campsite Friday this year for a bonus night of camping. I am excited with the prospect of grilling some smoked sausage links for dinner, cause that there's some good shit.

"They're Not Who They Say They Are"
Walt blurts this out when he's in the tent with Michael. Maybe the whole campsite is a ruse. Could the whole "get the people on this list" thing be another psych experiment? Could that be what happened when "others" kidnapped people before? Maybe they were just people manipulated into doing horrible things. Then agaion, it seems too obvious to actually be true. Or maybe we are so used to *not* knowing what the eff's going on that even when they tell us, we don't buy it.

Zeke, aka Mr. Friendly, aka Seabilly, aka The Captian - whatever his name is - is clearly not in charge. He's also not in shape, but he can sure throw a bola. The think black chick is the big dog in the others' camp, it seems. She needs a nickname.

Cold Room Update
My cold room is back in buisness - holding steady at 37F - thanks to a new AC unit. Did I blog that already? Anyway, Two-Hearted on tap now, with a 3-beer homebrew linup to fill in in a week or so.

That's it for now. I'll link in some more information tomorrow, when the forums are not crawling.
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Lost: ? (S02EP22)
Posted May 10, 2006 at 10:07:25 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Alright - another Eko ep.

Libby uttered "Michael" as she died. Nobody seemed to catch the clue, but in the preview, we see Sayid suggesting that Michael's been compromised.

The Pearl
Eko's brother Yemi has been contacting him through dreams and through other people, leading him to the big ? from Johns map. Then find it, and it's another hatch (5 of 6, The Pearl) that is a monitoring station, confirming the theory that the button-pressing at The Swan is a psych experiment. Locke loses all faith in the button (and himself), but Eko just believes in it more than ever. Eko gathers up notebooks and logs and they head back home.

Next week, we'll get to see the "others" campsite, and it looks like there's a fight. It's about time.
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Lost: Two For The Road (S2EP21)
Posted May 03, 2006 at 10:19:12 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Great episode, short Beanblog recap:

The Part About Michael
Even though the flashbacks were about Ana, the main story line was about Michael. He gets "found" by Jack and Kate and goes on about how weak the others are and how they should whip their asses. When everyone runs off to get the guns from Sawyer, Michael gets Ana's, kills her (I think), accidentally kills Libby (I think), and then shoots himself in the arm as he lets Henry go. Seems to me that the others probably told him "bring back Henry and you can have Walt" or something in that direction.

Libby, I Barely Knew Ya!
The whole episode, there's this cutesy wootsy flirting between Hurley and Libby. In the end, when Libby bites it, I bet it's gonna send old Hurley dude into some serious depression/tailspin/etc.

Ana's Redemption
By not killing Henry, she found some kind of redemption. Next thing you know: dead. Sure seems like a pattern to me. So how could "redemption" and the whole "good people/bad people" deal come together to have some meaning for this show?

Locke Lied
I believe Locke was planning to let Henry out - which is why he covered for Ana's head wound (so as to not anger Jack, et al, more). He's comes clean when he realizes Ana has the gun, but it too late, and he knows it.

Great episode. Special guest mothereffer joined us for his first "live" show. Oh yeah, and what th eff was up with the Hanso commercial?! Yeah, click it - lot's of new stuff there. Sorry - no cool thread links tonight. is overloaded and I can't get in.
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Lost: Reckoning (S2EP20)
Posted April 27, 2006 at 09:25:00 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Last night's episode of Lost was new, kinda. It was a season 2 recap, basically a primer for the next four episodes that will take this season into it's conclusion. I'm not gonna go into detail, because it's all been said. All I know is that there's gonna be some serious shit goin' down in the next month. Can't wait!
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Lost: S.O.S. (S2EP19)
Posted April 13, 2006 at 08:11:29 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Last night episode was a huge disappointment. Very little plot movement, and the back story around Rose and Bernard was none-too-surprising.

Rose & Bernie
So it turns out Rose and Bernard met and got married late in life. Rose has (had?) cancer, and was only predicted to live for a year. She had accepted it, but he had not, so he took her to some faith healer in Australia. When he could not help her (actually, he seemed scared of her), she decided to tell Bernard that "it worked" so they could enjoy their last months together. Post-crash, she's healed, and when she tells Bernard about everything, he gives up on his quest to make a big S.O.S signal in order to stay with her on the island, which has apparently healed her.

Rose talks with Locke at one point. She knows he was in a wheelchair before the crash and therefore shares a small secret with him. By the look in his eyes, you can tell he believes it too.

Jungle Hike
Jack and Kate hike to "the line" to try and negotiate a trade for Henry. Instead, they just find Michael, stumbling and mumbling. From the previews, it sounds like he found the others camp and thinks they can take them out. Eps 20-24 are sure to have some serious violence. Cant wait.

Not the best ep in this no-repeat run. Lost will be back on April 26 with episode 20: Reckoning.
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Lost: Dave (S02EP18)
Posted April 05, 2006 at 10:10:01 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Tonight's Lost was Hurley-centric - which is great, because Hurley is fat, and I'm fat, so he is by default my favorite character on the show. It followed Hurley throughout most of the 65 minutes, but there were a few side stories mixed in there too. Standard Beanblog Lost fromat, GO:

Hurley, Libby, and Dave
In the opening scenes, we see Hurley and Libby hangin out, getting closer, etc. Libby help's Hurley destroy his food cache and face his demons. Just then, everyone rushes to the supply drop from the end of the last ep. To Hurley, it's a nightmare - more food. And it's get's even worse when he see's his old friend from the mental institution, whom we find out from a flashback is named Dave, and was a bad influence on Big H.

Hurley Can Run?
Hurley chases Dave into the woods, but only ends up with his slipper. He decides to go to Sawyer to get some meds, but ends up just kicking the con man's ass when he makes fun of Hurley. Hurley chases Dave one more time, to the edge of a cliff where Dave tries to convince Hurley that the whol ecrash, island, etc. is all in his head and all he has to do is jump off the cliff to wake up. Dave jumps, right after saying "see you in another life" (just like Desmond said to Jack) and Hurley conmsiders following.

Side Story: Eko's Building
Eko is building something. It seems to be on another cliff somewhere on the island, and I suspect it's a church, altar, or somehting of the sort. Charlie makes his way to the cliff and is drafted to help - but Eko wont tell him what it is. Kind of a pointless scene, really.

Side Story: There's Something About Henry
Caught in lie, then another, Henry still won't talk. Sayid almost shoots him (Ana grabs the gun at the last second) - Henry is willing to die rather than talk, because he is afraid of what the the mysterious "HIM" will do. "Him" is not Zeke (in fact, Zeke is "nobody"), but someone or something bigger. He also goes into some obscure talk about God, and how he can't even see the island. During some 1 on 1 time, Henry tells Locke that he never even pushed the button and that this whole hatch deal is riduculous, a joke, fake, etc. He loves gettign in Locke's head.

Back to Hurley at the cliff - Eventually, we learn that Dave is Hurley's imaginary friend who always makes him eat - or atleast that's what the doc tells him in the flashbacks. So now what.. to jump or not to jump?

The Libby Factor
Libby shows up, and talks him back from the edge. Hurley realizes that maybe he actually is sane again. Then the fat guy get's some - which is always great! Last second twist - we find out Libby was in the mental hospital with Hurley - as speculated by many. So what is she... a habitual liar? psycho? chubby chaser? I'm guessing we wont know for a while.

Thrilled that next week is new! As always, the preview looked svveet... links here for the US and canook version.
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Lost: Lockdown (S02EP17)
Posted March 30, 2006 at 08:19:27 AM by Bean in the Lost category
What a great episode! Lots of action and suspense, and finally - more info about John Locke. I'm not sure exactly what the "5 big things" were, but here's my list of highlights:

Henry Gale Almost Pulled It Off
Well, one of the big questions that came up from the previous two ep is whether Henry Gale is a good guy or a bad guy. My opinion swung back and forth over the last 3 weeks, but now, we know: HE'S BAD. The baloon hikers did indeed find a baloon, and a body, but when they dug up the body, they found that it was a man named Henry Gale. Turns out the guy we know as Henry Gale is another other trying to infiltrate the Losties camp. And he almost did it.

The Lockdown
Locke was in the hatch alone (except for Henry locked in the closet) when he noticed some strange sounds coming from the hatch PA. Turns out to be an audio countdown, and when it hit 0, th eblast doors in the hatch come down and trap him in the living quarters. Before long, we hear the beep beep beep of the computer counting down, and Locke begins to panic. He decides to free and befriend Henry, so that he'll help with the doors. They pry one up a little and Locke attempts to slide under it. He doesn't make it - instead, the door breaks the supports and slams down on his legs, trapping him. He tells Henry all about the computer and the 108 minutes and sends him through the ductwork to push EXECUTE. Henry makes it, but something still happens. We don't know exactly what Henry did - did he put out a distress call perhaps?

While Locke is trapped, we hear somethign revving up (much like the time he didn't key the numbers in fast enough), and then the lights go out. In the darkness, a blacklight bulb flickers, revealing some blacklight writing on the walls. Here's a screenshot. It appears to be a diagram of the hatches, which seem to be arranged around a central point. There's a long thread on various ideas over at TheFuselage. I haven't had a chance to digest it all just yet, but there's lots of writing on the picture, and each hatch seems to have a blocked link to the big "?" in the middle.

Back To Henry
Okay, so now we know Henry is an other, and he was trying to get information. Well, he sure did succede in pulling the wool over Locke's eyes, as Locke told him all about the hatch, the computers, and most importently: the numbers. Somethign tells me that's what he was after. Aparently, in a future episode, Jack and Locke attempt to trade Henry for Michael or Walt.

Locke's Dad
In Locke's flashbacks, we see him deal with his father and Helen a lot more. Helen ends up leaving him because of some messed up dealings with his dad, whom it turns out faked his own death to pull off a big con. Could his dad be the same conman that effed up Saywer's life? Who knows - but it wouldn't suprise me.

We finally find out where all of that Dharma food is coming from. Jack and Kate find a supply drop in the jungle, with a flashing beacon. Looks like regular parachute drops from somewhere were what kept the hatch bunkers full. That means there is outside influence/awareness of the goings on on the island. This could be a wild new twist, as I have always assumed that the island was somehow cut off from the outside world.

Sayid - Locke Connection
In one of Locke's flashbacks, Locke is inspecting the house of a woman (he's a home inspector). Turns out, the woman is Nadia - Sayids long lost love whom he was headed to the States to find.

And to top all of this excitement off, next week is new too! I'm off to read a few Lost forums - I'll add updates in the comments section.
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Lost: The Whole Truth (S02EP16)
Posted March 23, 2006 at 09:01:29 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost was finally new last night. 2-weeks of reruns means that my expectations were set pretty darn high. Unfortunately, this ep didn't quite meet them. It was a Jin/Sun-centric episode, and only had a few side plots going. It seemed to me to be more of a "welcome back to Lost" show, and a setup for next week, which looks exciting. True to my standard format, here are a few highlights from last night:

Sun's Story
Throughout the flashback sequences, we learn a little more about Sun and Jin's history. They were trying to have a baby, pre-island crash. After trying for a long time, they saw a doctor, who revealed that Sun was sterile. Jin freaked out and stormed out of the room. Come to find out, it's actually Jin that's sterile, but the doctor was scared that he would kill him if he broke out that news. We also find out who it was that Sun was secretly learning English from: her old flame, Mr. Rich Korean Bald Guy. Fishy. Anyway, back on the island, Jin overreacts when Sun wants to work on her remote garden (wtf?) and they get into a big fight. Sun then finds out she's pregnant, and decides to tell Jin, and to also tell him about the sterility mix-up. Jin is obviously sceptical about the baby, what with him shooting blanks and all, but Sun promises to him that she has never been with another man, and he declares it to be a miracle. Happy ending. So the question is, did the island reload Jin's pistol, or did Sun get busy with her ex. There's a decent thread at TheFuselage on this.

Baloon Hike
Henry Gale is still locked in the closet. Locke decides to bring in Ana to try to get information from him, since she was a cop. She succeeded in getting him to draw a map to his baloon, and get's Sayid and Charlie to go with her to try and find out once and for all if he's telling teh truth. She does all of this behind Jack and Locke's backs, which just add fuel to the mistrust fire that's burning in camp. On their hike, Ana and Sayid make amends (for the shooting of Shannon), and we find out that Sayid blames the "others" for her death, not Ana, and that he is really looking forward to finding out Henry is one of them so he can prank him to death with a tire iron. Near the end of the ep, the three arrive at the baloon site, but at first glance, they see nothing. Their detailed search is postponed until next wednesday's ep.

Oh Henry
Jack decides to let Henry out for breakfast. Henry is all like "Whoa, what's that computer for? Where'd you get cereal? Is that a ping pong table? What the fuck's up here?" He seems concerned that the losties aren't asking more questions (kinda like every Lost viewer?). Once he spills the beans about the map, he says something pretty disturbing - here's a summary: "If I was an 'other', I would have drawn a map to some secluded place where all of my buddies woudl be waiting to ambush your friends and capture them - then they could trade them for me - if I was an 'other'. Good thing I'm not, eh?" Probably not the wisest thing to say if you are innocent. I want him to be a "good guy" but after that, it's hard to think he is.

So, overall, not a whole lot of forward movement in the plot. Seemed to be a setup for next week, which looks likt it'll great. More about Henry, and something big happens in the hatch. Check out this preview for Lockdown over at - supposidly, "5 events are going to happen."
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Lost: Maternity Leave (S02EP15)
Posted March 02, 2006 at 08:53:40 AM by Bean in the Lost category
It's good to know that the makers of Lost are still willing to put out a great episode with a lot of plot movement every once in a while. Last night's episode introduced a lot of new things, and I'm glad, because last week was a repeat and the week before that was probably my least favorite one so far. Maternity Leave was a Clair-centric episode, but explored a lot of other aspects of the island as well. Here are a few highpoints:

The Third Hatch
Claire started having flashbacks about her missing 2 weeks when Danielle questioned her about her baby. Determined, she convinced Kate and Danielle to help her find the hatch and complete her memories. [begin flashback] Turns out she was taken by Ethan to a third hatch (with a new logo) where she was seriously drugged up. The were nice to her, and injected her baby with somehting that aparently keeps him from getting sick. They explained that they would be taking her baby to keep him safe, and that she would be sent back to her camp after delivery. Just before they were about to cut her open (and kill her) to take her baby, Alex (Danielles long lost daughter) helped her escape and put her in th ejungle where Danielle would find her. When she woke up, she though Danielle was trying to hurt her, when in reality, she was just helping her get back to camp [end flashback]. So now Danielle is mo betta accepted by Claire, and Kate and Claire head back to camp. The hatch is now abandoned for whatever reason, but it still has power. I'm sure we'll see more of it later on this season.

Matching Logos
During a walk in Claire's flashback, Ethan giver her a drink of "water" from a canteen with a Dharma logo on it. The logo matched the one from the shark back in season one. Also, the "water" wasn't water - it was something sour. Here's a thread about it.

More Eko
We get to see Eko chopping down the trees he marked with X's. Maybe he's making a log cabin, or a church? Anyway, he heads down to the hatch to ask John for a saw and notices that they are keeping a captive down there: Henry Gale (the baloon guy from the last ep). Being a clever fellow, Eko demands that Jack and Locke let him talk to Henry alone or else he'd tell the whole camp about him. They obligue. Eko basically confesses to Henry that he killed two "others" back when they crashed on the island, and explains that he has repented and returned to good life. It's not clear if Eko thinks Henry is an "other" and is basically apologizing or whether he just wanted to have some kind of confession. More on that here.

Henry Gale
The guy locked in the gun closet is a weird one. He seems to be telling the truth, and maybe he isn't an "other" - but he is definately up to something. At the end of the ep, he says to Locke "I don't see why the doctor gets to call the shots" at an attempt to get under his skin. He is successful - John goes nuts and breaks a bunch of dishes and in the last scene we get a closeup of John Locke's face looking quite menacing. Looks like the next ep deals more with Henry and the search for his baloon.

While in the hatch, Kate finds some theatrical makeup and fake beards. It seems pretty obvious that Ethan (a doctor?) and the other doctors are working with the group that confronted the Losties in the jungle and stole Walt from the raft. "Zeke" didn't really have a big beard - he's clean shaven, and working with Ethan, et al. Well, Ethan is dead now, I guess, but whatever. In Claire's flashback, A guy who may or may not be Zeke is shown talking to Ethan about Claire and he mentions that because he did this or that (don't remember) that "he" was going to be upset - referencing some higher authority. Man - they add characters to this show at an astounding rate. They need to kill some more off.

All in all, it was a great episode and has reaffirmed my love of and addiction to the best show on television: Lost.
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Lost: One of Them (S02EP14)
Posted February 16, 2006 at 07:47:01 PM by Bean in the Lost category
First off: I am sick, out of town, and generally just in a bad mood, so this will be a short blog. So solly. Last night's ep was mediocre in my opinion. It was Sayid-centric. Here's a few plot points.

Hurley has been hoarding food. A fat guy? Hoarding food? Who knew?!

Sayid met Kate's step-father during his service in the first gulf war. We even see a picture of a young Kate. Go here for more deets.

The Countdown
Well, we were expecting the counter to reach zero, and it did. But did we really expect to see any kind of closure? Of course not. We get a few glimpses of some strange symbols (turns out they are glyphs and are not uncommon - here's a random web image that someone found that matches), but then Locke somehow reverses the process by typing the number late. How convenient.

Also, Sawyer squished a frog and Sayid found some rich baloonist in a trap and beat the shit out of him.
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Lost: The Long Con (S02EP13)
Posted February 09, 2006 at 09:21:58 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Last night's episode of Lost was a good one, as always. It focussed mainly on character development, not so much on "island mystery." Here are a few of the high points in my opinion.

Bad People
Sawyer and Charlie carried out a "long con" on the island in order to humiliate Locke and Jack. Charlie wanted revenge on Locke for punching him and turning the whole group against him and Saywer wanted to get back at Jack for stealing his stash of goodies. Once they had all of the guns, Sawyer strode into camp declaring that he was the new sherif in town (the only one armed) and let everyone know that Jack and Locke were no longer in charge. Nobody knew Charlie was in on it. Anyway - when Charlie asked Sawyer how in the world he came up with the elaborate scheme that resulted in them getting the weapons cache, Sawyer replied that he was just a "bad man" and that he'd never done a good thing in his life. It's beginning to be a reoccurring theme - are the Losties all bad? Do (did?) the others only take the "good" ones? Don't know.

Sawyer's Backstory
We already knew he was a conman. But damn, just when you think he's actually going to call it quits and stay with his chick - he doesn't. It's hard to tell what exactly happened with him and his partner (who threatened to "put one in his ear" if he didn't follow through with the con) but it is clear that he just could not change his ways. I was almost sure he was gonna try to run away with her and end up getting her killed in the process - but lo and behold, he's just a bad ole conman.

The Radio
Hurley attempts to cheer Sayid up by giving him the shortwave radio that Bernard was carrying. At first, he refuses. After realizing that Hurley was really just trying to befriend him and help him out, Sayid rigs up some kind of antenna and they both use it to tune in some radio station while chillin' on the beach. They pick up a faint signal that's very "big band" and Sayid declares that it could be coming from anywhere in the world due to the whole ionosphere bouncing and whatnot - and Hurley jokes that it could be from anywhere in time - referencing the old timey sound of it. After some research, I found out that the song was Moonlight Serenade by Glen Miller (a WWII era classic) and the radio call letters were WXR which was a Coast Guard Radio broadcast in Kodiak, Alaska circa 1945.

Lot's of WWII/military references in this second season. Kate's Dad is an army recruiter. Ana carries a US Army knife. Zeke had a WWII era Luger. The door to the bunker as well as the interior of the bunker the Tailies find looks very similar to a quonset hut. The music and radio station mentioned above. Not sure where it's going.

Twins were mentioned in two seperate instances in this ep, and have been a theme in both seasons. The first was when Ana and Jack were walking on the beach - Ana mentioned that Scott or Steve wanted to join their "army" and Jack corrected her, noting that one of the twins was dead. Also, Hurley finds an unpublished manuscript in one of the suitcases and starts reading it. It's titled "Bad Twin". Aparently, it's going to be released, and is already available on Amazon. Read this thread for deets.

It's a given that I'm looking forward to the next ep. Battle lines are drawn - most of the main characters are taking sides. Oh, and here's another interesting read on people's theories about the dog, Vincent.
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Lost: Fire + Water (S02EP12)
Posted January 26, 2006 at 08:36:23 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Fire + Water was a Charlie-centric episode, but it touched on a lot of other hotpoints as well.

Fat Guy and Hot Chick
Yeah, even on a deserted island, I don't think Hurley has a real chance with Libby. In one part of the ep, Hurley and Libby head down to do some laundry in the suprisingly modern laundry room inside the hatch. Hurley's been mentioning that he's interested in her to various other Losties for a few episodes now, and he finally get's the nerve (thanks to Sawyer) to seek out some alone time. While doing the laundry, Hurley asks Libby if he's met her before. She mentions that he stepped on her toe when he boarded the plane and then distracts him by asking about a little purple top (clothing) that she found. She eventually asks him to turn around so she can strip down and try it on. Way to change the subject, slut. Hurley sat in and boarded the front of the plane, Libby was in the back - she's lying. Something isn't quite right with her - here's a discussion thread over at thefuselage.

Without gushing with too many details, I'll just say that I think Locke is up to something. He is the primary person that continues to isolate Charlie and push him away from Claire and her baby. He may even have done somehting to cause Charlie to halucinate - put some magic jungle goo in his water, hell, maybe even herion. Some of the halucinations were really creepy. Anyway, Locke IS saving all of those statues (why didn't he trash them?) for somehting. Whatever the cause, Charlies visions and dreams caused him to pretty much be exiled from the group. In the end, his wish was granted though. Claire, taking in all of this drama, decided to heed Charlies warning and have Eko baptize the herself and the baby. Lock belittled the whole baptism thing, and throughout the episode, I got a really bad feeling from him. He's working on something and he's being pretty sneaky about it. Something isn't quite right with him either - here's a another discussion thread at thefuselage. Plus, the preview for the next new ep indicates that Locke hides the guns from Jack. ???

Love Triangle
Well, the love triangle between Kate, Jack, and Sawyer seems to be all but gone. Kate and Sawyer are always together, as are Jack and Ana. Fine with me. I could do without all of the lovey dovey wishy washy stuff - show me more scenes with the monster!

Charlie's Backstory
Seems like he (along with his brother and band) was a one-hit wonder. He and his brother got into heroin before they started to fall from teh spotlight. The tried to stay afloat by doing some wicked crazy baby diaper commercial using their hit, but eventually bottomed out. Charlie's brother sold the piano that Charlie loved so much and split (with wife+kid) for rehab, leaving Charlie alone and broke. Serious abandonment issues - and now he's being abandoned again.

That's it for now. For other great Lost stuff, check out Sledgeweb. PS - next week is a repeat. SUCK.
Lost: The Hunting Party (S02EP11)
Posted January 24, 2006 at 09:18:55 AM by Bean in the Lost category
I'll start off with two disclaimers. 1: I left for vacation right after this ep, so I was unable to bask in the message board afterglow and fully take in everything that happened. 2: I already blogged once, but my browser crashed and I lost it, so you'll be getting a summary.

The Others
Michael went out after Walt. Jack, Sawyer, and Locke followed to try and find him and bring him back, and Kate tagged along too. They ran into the Seabilly and his group, who surrounded them and took all of their guns. Seabilly aknowledged that Walt was okay, and we hear him reference Alex (Danielle's daughter) too. However, his reaction to the Losties mentioning Ethan was perplexing. Are there two groups of other or are they all the same? Seabilly also seemed to know a lot about the Losties. They are obviously being watched very closely. And is Walt in the upper right of this pic?

General Impression
I liked watching this ep, but at the end I was frustrated that it did not reveal very much new information. It's an ongoing compaint with the show for many people - why don't the Losties ask more questions? When they met Desmond, Danielle, Seabilly, etc., why didn't they ask about the monster? Or the bunkers? Or anything? Yeah, yeah, it's a TV show, but still - Hurley and Charlie are chit-chatting about girls instead of talking about the GIANT MIND-READNG BLACK CLOUD that Charlie ran into? Seriously?

Interesting back-story with Jack. Work-o-holic doctor who spends too much time at work and loses the love of his beautiful wife. Maybe he's gay.

Sorry, but that's all I have for now. I'm looking forward to an in-depth blog about tomorrow's ep, so stay tuned!
Lost: The 23rd Psalm (S02EP10)
Posted January 12, 2006 at 08:47:38 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Boo yah! Lost is Back after a 6 week break! Last night, there was a 1 hour recap show that covered all of season 1 and the first half of season 2 followed by a new episode. Lots of new information, particularly regarding the monster, Eko, and Charlie.

Eko's Backstory
This ep was definately Eko-centric, giving us Eko's complete backstory. As a kid in Nigeria, Eko was playing with his little brother and some friends when a truckload of thugs ride up and gather all of the children into a circle. They handed a gun to Eko's little brother and told him to shoot an old man. They kept pressuring him and pressuring him until he was just about to do it. But, at the last second Eko swoops in, takes the gun, and shoots the man himself so his little brother doesnt have to. The terrorists/thugs liked what they saw and drafted Eko into a life of crime. His brother went free and eventually became a priest. As grown men, they still kept in touch, but had very different lives. When Eko came to his brother to help him smuggle drugs out of Nigeria, his brother agreed, but only after Eko threatened to burn down his church if he didn't. They stuffed heroin into a bunch of Virgin Mary statues and got set to fly them out of the country under the guise of Christian missionary work. His brother signs paperwork making Eko a priest so that he himself can fly the drugs out. Just before take-off, his brother shows up with the military. A gun fight ensues and his broither is shot, then at the last second, Eko's partner crosses him and takes off with the drugs (and Eko's brother's body) himself. The military mistakes Eko for his brother the priest, and we assume from that point forward that Eko takes over in his brothers place and is a "saved" man.

Charlie and Mary
The drug plane? Yeah, it crashed on the island. Fast forward to season 1 where Locke and Boone find it, and eventually Sayid and Charlie as well. Charlie begins to find statues full of his past vice (heroin) and stashing them in a hidden place. When Eko finds one on him, he is ousted by Claire and the baby and forced to take Eko to the plane.

The Monster
By far the greatest revelation last night was a long, detailed shot of the monster. It was a black cloud of smoke that moved like an amorphous entity rather than regular smoke. En route to the plane, Eko get's an up close an personal shot of it (so does Charlie, who is in the background). As they stand face to face, the camera pans through the cloud and we see images from Eko's past in it. It seems to be either reflecting or extracting memories from him. A detailed discussion of the Monster is going on over at the Fuselage. Also, this guy has captured a lot of screenshots and posted them (he runs a great Lost fansite). It does no harm to Eko, and eventually swooshes away into the jungle. They reach the plane and Eko finds his brother's body, along with a lot of drugs and whatnot. They burn the plane and recite the 23rd psalm. Little does anyone know, Charlie has a nice big stash of statues hidden. Some great pics of the monster can be seen here.

Rambo Michael
Michael gets some gun training from Locke as he prepares to head out and look for Walt. He uses the computer again and is able to get through to "Walt" who tells him to come to somewhere (we can't see the whole sentence). Jack walks in, the screen clears, and the camera jumps to another plot point. Previews for next week indicate that Michael knocks out Locke, takes a bunch of guns, and head out to find the others and Walt.

The last few minutes were of the people at the base camp. It showed the Tailies integrating into the group. Hurley helped Libby put up her tent (I think Libby is going to be very importent later on) and Sun and Jin bring Ana some fish for dinner. When Charlie and Eko get back, Charlie seems more concerned about getting kicked out by Claire than by the close encounter with a GIANT BLACK CLOUD MONSTER.
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My Lost Theory
Posted December 07, 2005 at 09:31:24 PM by Bean in the Lost category
I've got a theory about Lost. It's a great base for a show and leaves the canvas wide open for creative writing. I really hope I'm wrong about it, cause I like to be suprised.

Most of the visions that people have had on the island have been of someone they knew but that we did not know the status of. They could have been ghosts, mental projections, images generated by the viewer or the person being viewed, or even by some mysterious third party.

With the visiona of Walt by Shannon and Sayid, we make an assumption that Walt is not just some crazy image in Shannon's head, but an image visible by both Shannon and Sayid. We think, then that Walt may be projecting himself or something may be projecting him on behalf of the island. we basically rule out the idea that it originates from Shannon.

And with Jack's dad, we are left with plenty of options - it could be a ghost, it could be all in Jack's head. Maybe it really is his dad... we don't know, because there is nobody else around to see him. Lost of feasable explinations.

But, the kicker that started the wheel in my mind churning but was Hurley's vision of Jin. When I rewatched EHH, it all began to make sense. Jin, as we know... was not dead, so no ghost, and he was not projecting himself to Hurley or anything - we'd have seen that from the Tailies point ov view. That really only leaves one other option - this image is definately originating from within Hurley. Nobody was there to see it, as was the case with Shannon at first, but I think that the guy in the chicken suit, Jin, Jack's dad, and Walk were ALL projections from within the initial viewer, somehow made real by somehting on the island. Once made real, they are visible by everyone.

I think it explains a lot. And the more I dwell, the more it fits. The polar bear was created from Walt active mind while reading the comic... the monster was probably somebody's nightmare, made real. Even Danielle and Desmond could be fake (or atleast made-up)... thoughts and wishes from inside the losties heads. Locke really wanted to find some kind of bunker or reason to go on and dreamed up the whole Dharma thing, Desmond, the hatch, and the computer. Sayid dreamt of a French woman, and Danielle was created. Walt, on the raft, must have had a nightmare about being taken by pirates and Mikes fear of sharks and Sawyers desire to be a tough-guy hero result in them barely surviving at sea. The tailies may even be somehitng dreamed up by jin... or someone else (see below).

Hell, maybe the who shebang started when someone on the flight though about a plane going down in flames (Kate?) and as it became real, someone else dreamt of surviving the crash and landing on a tropical island ala Lord of the Flies (Walt?)... who knows. It a flexible premise, I know, but it fits so well. All that would be left then would be a mystery as to what was this force that has been bringing peoples thoughts, dreams, wishes, and fears into reality?

I know it a pretty all-encompasing theory, but each unexplained event can be traced back to an individual. Here are some other supporting theories:
  • Rose's strong belief that Bernard was still alive may have, in fact, created the whole tailies crash site and caused the survival of more flyers.
  • Charlies desire for a fix created a downed Beechcraft conveniently stocked full of heroin. He also really wanted a guitar, and happened to find one dangelin' in a tree.
  • Locke wanted to walk so bad, so after the crash - he did.
  • Kate's horse from her memory was made real, and seen by someone else. She even said that it was the SAME horse - that she knew it. This one fits perfectly, just like Sayid's vision of Shannon's Walt.
  • Hurley is fat, and fat people love food. His mind created the bunkerfull of food. He's crazy too - bonafide (was in a amental institution) - obsessed with 4 8 15 16 23 42 and that's why those numbers are popping up all over the place.
I could just go on and on. Or you can... if you leave a comment.

It's like the end of Ghostbusters where they try not to think about anything because they know it will become real and attack them. They think of harmless marshmallows and end up fighting the Stay Puft dude.

I posted this on The Fuselage. You can see the thread here.
Lost: Collision and What Kate Did (S02EP08/09)
Posted December 01, 2005 at 09:12:34 AM by Bean in the Lost category
The Shooting
2 weeks ago, we flashed back to the shooting and found out that it was, indeed, Ana Lucia that popped a cap in Shannon. In a panic, Ana tied up Sayid (who almost shot her in retaliation) and the Tailies hunkered down to figure out what to do. Sawyers condition was clearly getting worse, so Eko picked him up and carried him to the Losties camp. Eventually, everyone else went too, leaving Sayid and Ana to settle up. They confessed a few things to one another and both admitted to being "dead" inside, then Sayid was freed to go tend to Shannon's body.

We got a lot of Ana Lucia flashback in Collision. She is (or was) a cop. She was shot up real bad on a call and lost the baby she was carrying. Rather than arrest the guy who did it, she refused to press charges or ID him and took her own revenge by shooting him outside a bar. Now with Shannon's death, she's riddled with guilt because she knows she taken someone that someone else loved.

Eventually, the Tailies join the main camp and there is a reunion between Sun and Jin and also between Bernard and Rose. Sayid is devistated and falls apart at Shannon's funeral. Ana refuses to join the group for teh funeral, but she does abandon her plan to live in the jungle once she realizes that Jack is there. It's almost like a reality check for her I think, since she chatted with him pre-flight.

Eko is a great character. It's obvious (with his frequent biblical references) that he is in someway affiliated with the church. Locke shows him and Michael the Swan tape and then Eko comes forward with somehting: the missing splice. He found it hidden in a bible in the other hatch. Locke splices the tape back together, all the while talking about what kind of coincidence it is that Eko had the missing piece and everything. He was probing to see what Eko thought of it all, I think, since we know Locke is all about Fate on the island - and Eko replies that they shouldn't mistake Fate for coincidence (or somehting like that). I think these two will get along just fine.

Dr. Marvin Candle
This chump was the speaker in the tape. When they watch the tape, the missing piece says that if they fail to hit the button, or attempt to use the computer for anything else, another "incident" will happen. In the missing splice, Candle was much more stern than in the rest of it. And, in fact, there are some indications that the splice wasn't even supposed to go in that tape, or in that spot. Check out these two screen caps: original and splice. They are definately different.

Kate's Crime
Kate blew up her abusive stepdad, who it turns out, was really her dad. The guy whom she though was her dad didn't have the heart to tell her. Worst part is: her mom ratted on her. When she goes to her fake dad at the recruiters office, you can see Sayid on the TV in the background. Weird. Also, we see the marshall who ends up capturing her again. I guess he ends up chasing her for quite a while. Anyway, Kate has some crazy flashbacks when she's tending Sawyer and kinda faces her demons right as he wakes up. Then they see a big black horse in the jungle.

The Clifhanger
In the end, right after Eko and Locke watch the spliced film which tells them to not use the computer for communication no matter how tempting it is, Michael uses the computer for communication.
>: Hello?
Who is this?
>: Michael. Who is this?

And man oh man, the preview for next week was totally tits. Feel free to share any thoughts on the show. I left out a lot.
Lost: The Other 48 Days (s2ep07)
Posted November 17, 2005 at 08:37:26 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Last night's Lost was like all of season one crammed into a single episode, but focussed on the survivors of the tail section of Oceanic Flight 815. We got to see the crash, the minutes immediately following, and the then bit's a pieces of the day's leading up to the point that they met Jin, Sayer, and Mike. Here's a few highlights:

Mr. Echo
Well, we now know for sure that the big black guy who called himself "Mr. Echo" WAS on the plane and not just some crazy island native or something. He was wearing normal clothes and acting like the rest of the Tailies until he ran into the "others" and ended up killing some of them in self-defense. Then he took of his shirt, grabbed a big stick, and put on war paint. Now, he's a bad-ass jungle guide.

Goodwin and the Others
Just like the original Losties with Ethan Rom, the Tailies had a mole. Goodwin (they guy we see with a stake through his torso in previous ep's) is one of the Others. Ana takes him out, but not until the Tailies are picked off for a good 40 days or so. Before she impales him, they have a pretty interesting conversation where we hear Goodwin say that only the "good" Tailies were taken, the kids are fine, and that the others aren't "attacking" them, but making them better off. We also get a glimpse of how organized the Others are when Ana kills one of them and find him with a detailed list of all of the Tailies that were taken.

Lost Scene
They've been airing a special lost Lost scene on GMA lately. To save you the trouble of watching it, I'll tell you what it is: A large crate washed up on the Tailies beach and they all gathered around to open it. Turns out it was a shipment of Austrailian boomerangs! Guess that's where all those hockey-stick-looking weapons came from - boomerangs tied to sticks.

We see that the Tailies use the radio they found in their hatch a few seconds every day. They were the ones talking back when Boone used the radio in the drug plane to call for help.

And finally, we find out that it was, indeed, Ana Lucia that shot Shannon. There was a lot of speculation that it may have been someone else due to the tricky camera angles from the previous episode, but the end of this one clearly shows the shooting scene is as simple as we first thought. Everyone was hearing voices, then the two groups met and Ana shot Shannon. Now Sayid is pissed (as was evident in the previews for next week).
Lost: Abandoned (s2ep06)
Posted November 09, 2005 at 05:55:57 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Lost was new last night, for the first time in 3 weeks. It was pretty good episode with some decent plot action, but I think it's more of a staging for next week. We'll finally see what happened to the rest of the Tailies. The Others are becomming more and more of a plot feature, rather than the "monster" or the "smoke" from season 1. Can't wait to meet them.

Death and Confusion
Shannon bit the dust last night, shot by someone in the forrest. We are made to think that it's Ana Lucia from the Tailies, but there is some evidence that the actual shooter was someone else. Creative camera work may lead to a plot twist next week. As for what we were led to believe: Shannon and Sayid were chasing Walt (or a projection of him) and bumped into the Tailies making their way to the main camp. They were all disoriented and wiggin because of the whispers which both groups were hearing, and BANG. Who knows if that's actually what happened though. There may be other people or groups of people involved.

Walt and Shannon
Right before she was shot, Shannon and Sayid saw Walt, who appeared all wet and mumbled soemthing backwards. Reversed it said "They're coming, and they're close". Freaky little kid. It's confirmed in this episode that Shannon and Boone's dad was in the car accident with Jacks to-be-wife. Mr Rutherford died and more of the Boone-Shannon relationship was shown. Too bad the this episode was so Shannon-centric when all they did was kill her off at the end.

One of the Tailies asked if Mr. Eko and Jin saw "the children" when they saw the others. I'm guessing the answer is yes, what with the teddy-bear and everything. Some bad stuffs must have happened to them in the first 48 days. Next week will be an "extended episode" and will focus on them. Here is a preview.
4 8 15 16 23 42
Posted October 18, 2005 at 09:02:00 AM by Bean in the Lost category
I think it's fair to say that I am more addicted to the show Lost than I have ever been to any other show in my life. And dammit, it's about time I devote a blog to it.

I'll start off with a brief summary of the show for those of you not currently in the know. A plane rips apart in the air and 42 survivors wake up on a beach. They make due with what they have and try to just survive until they can be rescued, but then some crazy shit starts happening. As their hopes for rescue start to fade, they realize that there is much more to the island than they know. Then, as the show continues we find out more and more about the "Losties" and discover lots of connections between them, the island, other inhabitants, and the mysterious numbers. Season 1 ended with lots of open-ended questions, and season 2 (only 4 episodes in so far) is doing a great job answering some of them while keeping the story line fresh, interesting, and in my opinion extremely addicting.

If you didn't catch season 1, download it and watch it tonight. Then go here and download the first 4 episodes of season 2. I guarantee you will be hooked.

And now, for those of you that are fans of the show, here is a summary of some of the stuff I've been reading about the show. There are a lot of forums out there for discussing theories on Lost and lots of people as obsessed as I am. If you've not seen the show but plan on it, you may not want to read all of the following comments as they may spoil the fun. The following is in no particular order.

Randy, Hurley's obnoxious boss at Mr. Clucks is also Locke's annoying boss in the flashback where he is working at the box factory. The actor who plays Randy (Billy Ray Gallion) is credited in both episodes. Here's a good screen-cap.

Dipper Grid
Late is season one, a shot of the night sky reveals that the Big Dipper is backwards. There are other references to stars and whatnot that I'll mention below, but what's cool about this (besides the fact that it's backwards in the first place) is that if you create a grid of numbers and plot out 4 8 15 16 23 42, you get this. A stretch? Yes. But still pretty neat.

When people were starting to use the numbers as coordinates for latitude and longitude to locate the island, the makers of Lost stated that "people should be looking for the answer in the sky and not on the ground." The orientation mentions that there are 6 research stations (most likely all on the island). The ones we've seen so far (based on the Dharma logos) are the swan (the original hatch) and the arrow (the one revealed in season 2, episode 4). The swan and arrow are both constellations of Apollo (candy bar reference?)Cygnus = swan (duh)
Sagitta = archer/arrow (new bunker)
Corvus = crow (?)
Crater = goblet (One of Danielle's maps made reference to "Le Cratêre")
Ophiuchus = serpent handler (doctor?)
Orion = hunter (?)
My bet for the other four station symbols: crow, goblet, serpent, hunter.

Messier objects are non-star entities that wereoftenn mistaken for comets in the 1800's and categorized by Charles Messier. The following objects (and theconstellationss they appear in) were pointed out in a Lost thread I read yesterdayM4 - the constellation Scorpius (scorpion- not familiar with this constellation)
M8 - Sagittarius (archer)
M15 - Pegasus (winged horse)
M16 - Serpens (serpent? not familiar with this one)
M23 - Sagittarius (archer)
M42 - Orion (hunter)
M108 - Ursa Major (bear or big dipper)

Dharma Logos
They are all over the inside of the hatch, and even on the shark. Here's the one from the new hatch (arrow).

Yeah, I could keep going, but this blog is long enough. If this shit interests you, here are a few forums you can read ABC's Lost Forums or The Fuselage (run by the creative team behind Lost)

Habba enjoy!
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