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So I finally rewrote the CSS for this new blog and got something that looks good enough for my low standards. I didn't bring over much of the superflous sidebar filler from If you were attached to it, don't worry - it's still there. Anyway... CSS is a little tricky and I'm not sure if it'll show up the same on all browsers. I've tested with IE and Mozilla. If you use something else (Dear M1, Opera sucks.) and it isn't showing up right, lemmee know.

One thing I really like about Blogger is that it gives each post it's own unique URL. For instance, in order to look at an old blog on, you link to an anchor inside a month-level archive page like this: Chewin on Boogers. But with, you can link into a page that is completely dedicated to the specific entry you seek, and you even get to see the comments embedded in the article, like this: Chilifest Recap. I imagine this helps out alot when it comes to searching too.

And speaking of embedded comments, do you think I should embed comments on the front page like they are in the entry-specific pages? It's easy to do... but I'd probably be a prime target for a tubgirlbomb.

Okay, enough dork-talk. I'm starting to sound like Bad Andy.
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