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Posted April 18, 2005 at 12:15:00 PM by Bean
It's been a while. Here's alittle something for everyone.

For sufferers of Nintendo-thumb:
Been playing Super Mario Bros. 3 a lot lately. Beat it twice over so far, and I'm on world 7 with the third go-round. I was hoping that something would happen as I continued on, but the only thing I have seen so far is that when you start back at world 1 you can get 20 or so p-wings by pressing A+start when you begin. Good tims. World 7 is much harder than world 8, by the way.

For Caleb and other nerds:
Two big technologies I use at work are PHP and MySQL. I got an email for the MySQL User Conference and took a look at it. It would be neat to go to just to sharpen my skills (girls only like guys who have great skills) and take some free certification tests. Unfortunately, the conference has already started. I then decided to look up the PHP User Conference. Some type of benefits, but this one is in Amsterdam. Sweet. Unfortunately, it's the same weekend as my upcoming race. Oh well. Maybe next year I'll look them up in the winter.

For runners:
My plan was to shed 10 pounds between the Cherry Blossom 10-miler and the Mini. So far I have dropped a total of 0. On the up side, though, my times have gotten better. I ran 5 miles in 36:24, which is 7:17 per mile. Not too shabby. I am going to try a longer distance run tonight and see if I can keep a sub-8-minute pace. Love this weather.

For beer brewers and drinkers:
I kegged and dry-hopped 5 gallons of CHIPA and 4 gallons of Nessie-Wee last week. The CHIPA is top-notch, very bitter. The Nessie is a little on the sweet side. At 8% though, the sweetness is nicely balanced by the alcohol warmth and carbonation. It definitely a sipper. In upcoming brewing news: I am going to brew a light ale this week and a group of us are getting together in Indy to brew next weekend. Anyone wanna help/watch? Did I mention I love this weather we've been having?

For SDP-enthusiasts:
SDP 2005 is tenatively scheduled for July 16. I am probably going to relinquish the domain and move things over to Once things are a little more finalized, I'll update the site. I am just now starting to grow grass where last years slip'n'slide was.
bigD (April 18, 2005 at 07:31:35 PM):
did you make any more of that wet carpet beer?

that stuff was a trach
Bean (April 19, 2005 at 09:14:10 AM):
That stuff was the bomb. Must not have been too trachy, since it all got drankened.

Ran my "sub-8-minute 7-8 miles" last night. Turns out to be more like "over-8-minute 6 miles". 80 degrees and a hilly course that the devil himself must have designed.
Anonymous (April 19, 2005 at 09:46:04 PM):
i found a typo in your bog, you said your times are getting better but you meant "my tims are mo betta mo lessa worsa"
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