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Bum Pee
Posted April 25, 2005 at 09:11:00 AM by Bean
So I come into the office this morning and the lobby, stairwell, and halls all smell like pee. What a way to start the week! Here's what I believe probably happened:

Over the weekend, one of my co-workers came into the office with her family to watch the fireworks (Thunder Over Louisville). I know she planned on hanging out inside while letting her kids run around outside, so I bet she left the doors unlocked. Our building isn't necessarily in a bad part of town, but we have our fair share of vagrants that frequent the area out front. Usually, either A) There are enough people in the building to keep an eye open and make sure they don't hang out in our entryway or B) the doors are locked (2 big deadbolts). Saturday, there were only a few people here, all upstairs, and the doors were wide open. Besides that, a lot of people were out and about to watch the airshow and fireworks. So I am guessing that some angry bum, pissed AT my office because it was normally off limits to him/her, gained easy entry and, well, pissed IN my office out of spite.

Maybe it's wrong that I immediately think of renegade, peeing bums out to get the man for not letting them sleep in the stairwell. Or maybe there's just some freakin' crazy-ass bums in this city.

Update: As I was writing this, I found out what really happened. Co-worker's kids (who were roaming around Saturday) bought some "Fart Spray" and sprayed it in the hallway. Great. Should have been called "Angry Bum Pee Spray."
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Anonymous (April 25, 2005 at 10:11:23 AM):
i hope they fire that thoughtless tarker.
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