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Posted April 27, 2005 at 09:59:00 PM by Bean
Earlier today m3 posted a blog about sugar gliders. It made me remember my ferrets that I had sophmore year in college (Naola and Napolean). I gave them away before I Junior year because Pete didn't want our room to smell like ferret. Valid point. I'm sure they are dead by now.

Anyway, during my senior year, Big D and his roomie procured a ferret. I played with him a lot. His name was Mungo. This evening, as I was digging through some stuff in a box labled "Ben's random junk," I came across a stack of assorted photos. And wouldn't you know it, sure enough, halfway through the stack was a polaroid of good old Mungo. I tested out the scanner portion of my relatively new printer/scanner/fax to give Mungo his proper place in innerwebspace and revive his memories for everone who had the pleasure to know him. I'm, sure he's dead by now too.

bigD (April 28, 2005 at 09:17:06 AM):
I sure hope that stinky bastard is dead.
corbin (April 28, 2005 at 02:28:35 PM):
good tims pooping on the pool table!
jctmh (April 28, 2005 at 11:10:14 PM):
ferrets fucking stink. why was it a valid point when pete said no ferrets but when I said no ferrets you got a second? ass
Bean (April 29, 2005 at 08:39:24 AM):
Cause Pete had veto power. and TK.
Turbo (May 05, 2005 at 10:08:47 AM):
Damnit Bean, it was MONGO
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