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Lost: The Constant (S04EP05)
Posted February 29, 2008 at 06:15:04 AM by Bean in the Lost category
So it's official: Lost definitely involves time travel. Fabulous. Last night's episode was very Desmond-centric, with little bits of everyone's favorite twitchy physicist, Dan Faraday sprinkled in for good measure. It took place almost 100% off-island... if fact, if you were just tuning in you might not even know there was an island.

Desmond and Dan
Ever since the big EMP discharge from the end of season 2, Desmond has had trippy visions and apparent time jumps. Well, after leaving the island via the helicopter, he got worse. His consciousness kept bouncing back and forth between 2004 (current time in the show) and 1996 (when he was in the military). Apparently, Dan knew this was going to happen and sent 1996 Des on a mission to find 1996 Dan. Minkowski and 1996 Dan's mouse, Elowise, both died from time-jumping too much and short circuiting. 1996 Dan and 2004 Dan work together to help Desmond stay alive by finding a "constant" - something that is in both 1996 and 2004, something to ground him and keep him sane - Penny. Des 2004 finally gets to talk to Penny, live via the phone on the boat, thanks to Des 1996 getting her digits. She knows about the island, and she's still looking for him.

There were lots of graphs, notes, etc in Dan's journal in 2004 and on his chalkboard in 1996. We also get our first real look at the freighter and a few more freighter people, Keamy and Omar. And, in 1996, we get to see Mr. Widmore buying a painting (and mysterious unopened ledger/journal) of the Black Rock. I bet the painting or book has a secret map in it!
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