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Hallobean Nostalgia, 2/3
Posted September 05, 2007 at 04:17:02 PM by Bean in the Hallobean category
Hallobean 4 was the first Hallobean that took place in an actual house. I remember that specifically because I spent some time putting a big inflatable Frank up on the roof of my new house. What fun! I discovered the joys of windshield wiper motors for use in making cheap, moving props. I made a hallobean sign that flickered and shook for over the porch and a pair of waving skeleton arms for use in my yard. I also put my old laptop to use powering a relay board I built. I used it that year to flash different lights on and off in sync, at random, or in Knight-Rider fashion. I also built 3 PVC frame dummies, complete with capes and hoods. They made good filler for dark corners or off-limit areas. Check out Hallobean 4 pics.

HB5 was the first one in our current home, but it hit at an odd time. It was 2 weeks before our wedding. Realizing that many of our out-of-town friends would probably choose one event or the other, we weren't surprised with the relatively low turnout. Along with the turnout... I snapped a pathetically low number of Hallobean 5 pics. Aparently the fog machine was running well that year though. I was Christina Aguilera... in the "Dirty" outfit. HOT!

FYI: Hallobean 8 is officially ON, and you, my loyal blog following, are all invited. Check out the details at the Hallobean website and let me know if you are coming by RSVPing via the evite. Thanks!
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