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Hess Family Reunion 2005
Posted July 21, 2005 at 08:49:00 AM by Bean
My mom's mom's maiden name is Hess. Saturday, 4 generations of Hess decendants gathered for a reunion.

I wont go into a lot of details, because surely, you don't care, but here are some funny notes.
There must have been 300+ people there. Keep in mind, this is basically just my mom's cousins and their families, along with my grandparents and my grandma's siblings. Here is a picture of my mom and 48 of her 63 cousins. And this is JUST ON HER MOM'S SIDE! (total cousin count: 120+) Hayride? Hell yes. But one wagon just wont do, so we used two. The whole shebang was held in a barn. My mom's cousin, Father Tom is a Catholic Minister, and the extended family (all Catholic) more than constitutes enough people for a church service, so we had one - complete with communion, holy-water-flingin', and lots of singin' and prayin'. At one point, my nephew Justin came up to me and sat on my lap... he looked around during a prayer and said "What is this?" I said "Church." Puzzled, he looked around again then said "But it's a barn." He's right. Stef and I made another watermelon pig. Here's a picture of an unknown relative of mine not knowing what to think about it.One branch of my mom's mom's side is also on my mom's dad's side, due to a pair of brothers marrying a pair of sisters. Father Tom is in that branch. Stef came up to me at one point and said "I could have sworn Father Tom was on your grandpa's side" and I said "Yeah, he's on both." "I don't even wanna know..." she replied. My grandpa's brother's name is Bud. At the last family reunion I saw him at, he was wearing a "Bud, King of Beers" hat.
PS - This weekend is SummerDuckPlunge 2005. You should come. If you are reading this, you are invited.
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Bleach n Sheets (July 21, 2005 at 12:06:57 PM):
Funny Stuff. Justin learned an important lesson. God also lives in Barns.
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