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Halloween Night 2006
Posted October 31, 2006 at 07:04:56 PM by Bean
Tonight is Halloween, but I'm not in a Halloween mood. The fact is, I got burnt out setting up for, participating in, and cleaning up after HalloBean 7, which was Saturday night. So tonight, I am sitting in front of the TV, drinking a delicious pint of St. Chucks Porter, and making Stef answer the door to hand out candy. I put away all of the pneumatic props, took down the big hallobean monster face, and unplugged all of the motion sensors. Halloween, for me, was over as of the early morning hours of October 29th, as I dozed off in a post-HalloBean haze.

HalloBean number 7, I think, was a great success. Everyone that was able to show up seemed to have a great time. I've got pictures, and I plan on posting them soon, but I am waiting on other party-goers to send me their pics too so I can post them all in one album (m1, ocifer notty, I'm talkign to you).

Happy Halloween, everyone - only three hundered and sixty some-odd days uintil the next witching season!

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corbin (November 01, 2006 at 07:53:49 AM):
that picture freaks me out

stoked for LOST!
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