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Lost: Further Instructions (S03EP03)
Posted October 18, 2006 at 10:14:13 PM by Bean in the lost category
Third Lost blog in a row. I'll break the pattern this week.

Tonight was Locke-centric, which is great, cause he's a very central/interesting character. I have to admit that I am still a bit confused on what happened in this episode, but I'll do my best to break it down for ya, beanblog style:

They're Not Dead!
The ep starts, as many other do, with an eye opening. This one happens to be Locke's. Locke? Yep - alive. Apparently when the hatch ex/imploded, the four occupants were somehow spit out into the jungle. Locke see's Des running through the jungle nekked, and eventually makes it back to camp where he's reunited with Charlie for some fun trippin'. We are also reunited with a very damaged Mr. Eko about 40 minutes in. So, in short, the hatch was destroyed and left a big crater, but somehow all of the people in it are still alive. Sound familiar? As in - A plane broke apart many thousand feet in the air and yet over 50 of the passengers managed to survive the carnage.

Fun Trippin'
When he wakes up, Locke is mute. He convinces Charlie to stand guard while he eats some psychotropic plant and meditated in a sweat lodge. He has a wicked trip and comes out with the attitude that he mus "clean up his messes" - as in go save Eko, who is currently held captive by a giant polar bear in a cave. WTF? Anyway, so, basically, that's what he does. He goes and find this big cave, rescues Eko from the polar bear (after flame-throwing it with some hairspray), and heads back to camp. He then announces to the rest of the Losties that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are captured, but that he will bring them home.

Hurley is this episodes' saving grace. Finally, a character starts asking questions and telling other people what he's observed. Perhaps his biggest role in this ep is as an observer: He hears Desmond reference a speech that Locke gives BEFORE Locke gives it. When he then actually hears the speech, you can see his mind churning, trying to figure something out. And then, the ep ends. I hope he continues to talk to everyone and ask questions.

Re: Des talking about the future as if it already happened. A lot of people are suggesting that the failsafe implosion deally may have given Desmond some kind of power to see the future / precognition. I don't buy it. I think something else happened after/during the implosion. Perhaps John was programmed to give that speech. Perhaps while they were "out" after the failsafe, the others (or some other group) took them, programmed them, and dropped em in the jungle. Des knew the speech was coming because he was programmed too. All of the hatch inhabitants do seem a little different, as if they've been brainwashed or something. I mean, if you just got blown up, and suddenly woke up in the jungle, wouldn't you be asking more questions of yourself and your fellow hatchies? Eh.

The Commune
Apparently, after Locke's bout with depression from having his dad steal his organs and his girl dump him, he joins a commune. The commune grows lots of good things: peaches, corn, marijuana. They also have a lot of guns. Weird - it's a new side to Locke. He picks up a hitchhiker and brings him "home". We later find out that the hitchhiker is a cop attempting to infiltrate the commune, and that Locke was chosen as the in since his psych profile shows him as prone top coercion. Again, Locke gets walked all over, and end up blowing it. Rough.

Pet Peeves
Why is it that before all of the action surrounding John happens, he trips out? I hate the fact that the writers now have an all-purpose "out" for anything that happened with him, the bear, Eko, etc. It's just like the phantom voices that Jack heard in the last episode being questionable because Juliet said he was dehydrated and could be hallucinating. "Oh, well that clue didn't actually mean anything, John was just high." If this trend continues, consider the proverbial shark jumped.
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foo (October 19, 2006 at 01:09:26 PM):
interesting perspective on the brainwashing of those 3 hatchees. I never would have thought of that.

i am suspecious of the implosion of the hatch. who says it was implosion and not a explosion. john said that, and it looked as though he came to taht conclusion based on looking at the crater. and if it imploded, why did the hatch shoot off? (unless it did from the increased air pressure from the walls of the hatch caving in or something) OTH, since he was there, he should know what happend....anyway, unless something magical happened, those three must have escaped before the final blow that squirted the hatch onto the beach. right?
bean (October 19, 2006 at 04:37:19 PM):
Yeah, you would think so... but then again, they did "survive" a 3000 foot fall .
Stef (October 19, 2006 at 04:56:14 PM):
I was just thinking: no one else talked to Desmond, did they? Do you think Hurley's making him up like he did his friend in the hospital?
bean (October 19, 2006 at 05:00:38 PM):
Yeah, I read a theory like that on thefuselage. Locke did aknowledge him though, he was just unable to talk to him to get his attention.

I just rewatched the s2 finale bigbang scene and took note of the following 3 things, discuss:
- It looks like Charlie, Eko, and Locke all had ample time to escape the hatch via the door. Charlie was clearly pushed out long before the ex/implosion.
- Des caused the failsafe, and was most definately in the hatch when it went.
- Benry seemed mad when he heard and saw the big bang. Did he want it? I think he wanted the magnet to asplode, but from an overload, not the "failsafe".
Brad (October 20, 2006 at 09:54:04 AM):

Whatever the button controlled was used to create the magnetic field that prevents the boats from navigating properly.

This is why Henry Ben Gale Linus now wants that boat so bad. Because the navigation works!
Bean (October 20, 2006 at 10:47:09 AM):
So you think the island is no longer "hidden" as well?
Brad (October 20, 2006 at 10:48:28 AM):
How do we know it is hidden?
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