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Lost: Dave (S02EP18)
Posted April 05, 2006 at 10:10:01 PM by Bean in the Lost category
Tonight's Lost was Hurley-centric - which is great, because Hurley is fat, and I'm fat, so he is by default my favorite character on the show. It followed Hurley throughout most of the 65 minutes, but there were a few side stories mixed in there too. Standard Beanblog Lost fromat, GO:

Hurley, Libby, and Dave
In the opening scenes, we see Hurley and Libby hangin out, getting closer, etc. Libby help's Hurley destroy his food cache and face his demons. Just then, everyone rushes to the supply drop from the end of the last ep. To Hurley, it's a nightmare - more food. And it's get's even worse when he see's his old friend from the mental institution, whom we find out from a flashback is named Dave, and was a bad influence on Big H.

Hurley Can Run?
Hurley chases Dave into the woods, but only ends up with his slipper. He decides to go to Sawyer to get some meds, but ends up just kicking the con man's ass when he makes fun of Hurley. Hurley chases Dave one more time, to the edge of a cliff where Dave tries to convince Hurley that the whol ecrash, island, etc. is all in his head and all he has to do is jump off the cliff to wake up. Dave jumps, right after saying "see you in another life" (just like Desmond said to Jack) and Hurley conmsiders following.

Side Story: Eko's Building
Eko is building something. It seems to be on another cliff somewhere on the island, and I suspect it's a church, altar, or somehting of the sort. Charlie makes his way to the cliff and is drafted to help - but Eko wont tell him what it is. Kind of a pointless scene, really.

Side Story: There's Something About Henry
Caught in lie, then another, Henry still won't talk. Sayid almost shoots him (Ana grabs the gun at the last second) - Henry is willing to die rather than talk, because he is afraid of what the the mysterious "HIM" will do. "Him" is not Zeke (in fact, Zeke is "nobody"), but someone or something bigger. He also goes into some obscure talk about God, and how he can't even see the island. During some 1 on 1 time, Henry tells Locke that he never even pushed the button and that this whole hatch deal is riduculous, a joke, fake, etc. He loves gettign in Locke's head.

Back to Hurley at the cliff - Eventually, we learn that Dave is Hurley's imaginary friend who always makes him eat - or atleast that's what the doc tells him in the flashbacks. So now what.. to jump or not to jump?

The Libby Factor
Libby shows up, and talks him back from the edge. Hurley realizes that maybe he actually is sane again. Then the fat guy get's some - which is always great! Last second twist - we find out Libby was in the mental hospital with Hurley - as speculated by many. So what is she... a habitual liar? psycho? chubby chaser? I'm guessing we wont know for a while.

Thrilled that next week is new! As always, the preview looked svveet... links here for the US and canook version.
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stef (April 06, 2006 at 10:38:00 AM):
I think that should be canuck, but what do I know?
Alt+So- good episode and welcome to those people who are getting on board the Lost bandwagon! It's aboot time :)
conley1 (April 06, 2006 at 12:45:02 PM):
really good ep in my opinion.... did you notice that Jin was holding what looked like some orange tarp? thereby answering one of the lost forums questions of where are they getting all the tarp for their tents...

i also liked how hurley kicked sawyer's arse... don't mess with the big guy, even if he is a softie most of the time.

i think she's a chubby chaser... she could have had a similar ordeal to hurley's accident and she just had a breakdown -- i'm giving her the benefit of the doubt since she's hot and i think hurley needs to get some lovin...

i think henry is playing with locke's head and still lying...

all in all, a good ep to me...

supposedly, we'll be seeing desmond come back in the last 4 episodes
bean (April 06, 2006 at 01:15:34 PM):
yeah... the writers mentioned that eps 20-24 will be the best yet.

bean (April 06, 2006 at 02:10:25 PM):
Interesting photo comparison here:

makes me think that maybe dave was real.
SS (April 06, 2006 at 08:32:19 PM):
eff you anti robot box! good episode, good point on the picture, libby is hot
bean (April 06, 2006 at 08:53:42 PM):
hottest chicky on the cast, IMHO. Also, if you forget to click the robot box, just use 'back' on your browser - most of them will remember the cached form data.
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