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Lost: Maternity Leave (S02EP15)
Posted March 02, 2006 at 08:53:40 AM by Bean in the Lost category
It's good to know that the makers of Lost are still willing to put out a great episode with a lot of plot movement every once in a while. Last night's episode introduced a lot of new things, and I'm glad, because last week was a repeat and the week before that was probably my least favorite one so far. Maternity Leave was a Clair-centric episode, but explored a lot of other aspects of the island as well. Here are a few highpoints:

The Third Hatch
Claire started having flashbacks about her missing 2 weeks when Danielle questioned her about her baby. Determined, she convinced Kate and Danielle to help her find the hatch and complete her memories. [begin flashback] Turns out she was taken by Ethan to a third hatch (with a new logo) where she was seriously drugged up. The were nice to her, and injected her baby with somehting that aparently keeps him from getting sick. They explained that they would be taking her baby to keep him safe, and that she would be sent back to her camp after delivery. Just before they were about to cut her open (and kill her) to take her baby, Alex (Danielles long lost daughter) helped her escape and put her in th ejungle where Danielle would find her. When she woke up, she though Danielle was trying to hurt her, when in reality, she was just helping her get back to camp [end flashback]. So now Danielle is mo betta accepted by Claire, and Kate and Claire head back to camp. The hatch is now abandoned for whatever reason, but it still has power. I'm sure we'll see more of it later on this season.

Matching Logos
During a walk in Claire's flashback, Ethan giver her a drink of "water" from a canteen with a Dharma logo on it. The logo matched the one from the shark back in season one. Also, the "water" wasn't water - it was something sour. Here's a thread about it.

More Eko
We get to see Eko chopping down the trees he marked with X's. Maybe he's making a log cabin, or a church? Anyway, he heads down to the hatch to ask John for a saw and notices that they are keeping a captive down there: Henry Gale (the baloon guy from the last ep). Being a clever fellow, Eko demands that Jack and Locke let him talk to Henry alone or else he'd tell the whole camp about him. They obligue. Eko basically confesses to Henry that he killed two "others" back when they crashed on the island, and explains that he has repented and returned to good life. It's not clear if Eko thinks Henry is an "other" and is basically apologizing or whether he just wanted to have some kind of confession. More on that here.

Henry Gale
The guy locked in the gun closet is a weird one. He seems to be telling the truth, and maybe he isn't an "other" - but he is definately up to something. At the end of the ep, he says to Locke "I don't see why the doctor gets to call the shots" at an attempt to get under his skin. He is successful - John goes nuts and breaks a bunch of dishes and in the last scene we get a closeup of John Locke's face looking quite menacing. Looks like the next ep deals more with Henry and the search for his baloon.

While in the hatch, Kate finds some theatrical makeup and fake beards. It seems pretty obvious that Ethan (a doctor?) and the other doctors are working with the group that confronted the Losties in the jungle and stole Walt from the raft. "Zeke" didn't really have a big beard - he's clean shaven, and working with Ethan, et al. Well, Ethan is dead now, I guess, but whatever. In Claire's flashback, A guy who may or may not be Zeke is shown talking to Ethan about Claire and he mentions that because he did this or that (don't remember) that "he" was going to be upset - referencing some higher authority. Man - they add characters to this show at an astounding rate. They need to kill some more off.

All in all, it was a great episode and has reaffirmed my love of and addiction to the best show on television: Lost.
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corbin (March 02, 2006 at 12:13:28 PM):
i don't remember ethan being dead...???
Chaz (March 02, 2006 at 12:27:33 PM):
Still not as good as 24.
bean (March 02, 2006 at 12:33:26 PM):
Charlie shot Ethan after the lured him into a trap with Claire. They were gonna interogate him, but Charlie popped out of the bushes and popped him.

Though, the guy in teh flashbacks sure acted a lot different than Ethan did. Twin? Clone?
corbin (March 02, 2006 at 06:32:39 PM):
oh yeah, remember now. who the eff knows. i'm sofa king lost on lost. it rox0rs my cox0rs
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