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The Falcons
Posted March 01, 2006 at 09:37:14 AM by Bean in the Plugs category
As previously mentioned, Stef and I went and saw The Faclons last Saturday night at Steinert's Tavern in New Albany. Mothereffer's dad, Goostermon, is the drummer in the band. We had front and center seats and got to enjoy a darn good show.

I don't knwo all fo the band members' names, but I came up with my own. Starting on the left we have Paul McCartney on keyboard and vocals (and occasionally guitar or a random percussion instrument), cause he looks like Paul McCartney. Next was the front-man: Big/Little Petey. He's a large sweaty guy that plays bass and has a deceptively beautiful voice. Then we have the man, or mon as it were: Dave Beck tearing up some drums. He's the only one whose name I actually know. Then came two guys on guitars that sang backup vocals and harmonies. The first guy, I call Manager, cause he looks like he also manages the band. This is pure speculation. The other guitar meistro looks a lot like a slightly older version on Stef's cousin Ben, so his name became Other Ben. By the way, their real names (and photos and sound bytes) are available at their website:

I can say without a doubt that Paul, BLP, Goostermon, Manager, and Other Ben are the best band I've ever seen at Steinert's. Granted, that's not a huge feat since a lot of Steinert's bands are no so good, but I thouroughly enjoyed the show - especially their rendition of Hotel California which was dedicated to us and featured an awesome parallel guitar duo by Manager and Other Ben.

And one other funny story: Stef and I were sitting next to Susan (Dave's wife) during one of the earlier songs, and as we were watching Big/Little Petey, he flipped us the bird. Clear as day, right there in the middle of the song, a middle finder was directed at us. Once we made eye contact, he curled it back down and continued playing. We were shocked, and Susan said "what did you guy's do?" and we could not come up with a proper answer. For the rest of the song, we felt weird, and so did BLP (his mannerisms changed). When the song was over, he motioned us up to the stage and showed us the reason for the misunderstanding: a large gash on his middle finger. He was looking at it under one of the stage lights to assess the dammage. A good hearty laugh was had by all.
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