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Lost: The Long Con (S02EP13)
Posted February 09, 2006 at 09:21:58 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Last night's episode of Lost was a good one, as always. It focussed mainly on character development, not so much on "island mystery." Here are a few of the high points in my opinion.

Bad People
Sawyer and Charlie carried out a "long con" on the island in order to humiliate Locke and Jack. Charlie wanted revenge on Locke for punching him and turning the whole group against him and Saywer wanted to get back at Jack for stealing his stash of goodies. Once they had all of the guns, Sawyer strode into camp declaring that he was the new sherif in town (the only one armed) and let everyone know that Jack and Locke were no longer in charge. Nobody knew Charlie was in on it. Anyway - when Charlie asked Sawyer how in the world he came up with the elaborate scheme that resulted in them getting the weapons cache, Sawyer replied that he was just a "bad man" and that he'd never done a good thing in his life. It's beginning to be a reoccurring theme - are the Losties all bad? Do (did?) the others only take the "good" ones? Don't know.

Sawyer's Backstory
We already knew he was a conman. But damn, just when you think he's actually going to call it quits and stay with his chick - he doesn't. It's hard to tell what exactly happened with him and his partner (who threatened to "put one in his ear" if he didn't follow through with the con) but it is clear that he just could not change his ways. I was almost sure he was gonna try to run away with her and end up getting her killed in the process - but lo and behold, he's just a bad ole conman.

The Radio
Hurley attempts to cheer Sayid up by giving him the shortwave radio that Bernard was carrying. At first, he refuses. After realizing that Hurley was really just trying to befriend him and help him out, Sayid rigs up some kind of antenna and they both use it to tune in some radio station while chillin' on the beach. They pick up a faint signal that's very "big band" and Sayid declares that it could be coming from anywhere in the world due to the whole ionosphere bouncing and whatnot - and Hurley jokes that it could be from anywhere in time - referencing the old timey sound of it. After some research, I found out that the song was Moonlight Serenade by Glen Miller (a WWII era classic) and the radio call letters were WXR which was a Coast Guard Radio broadcast in Kodiak, Alaska circa 1945.

Lot's of WWII/military references in this second season. Kate's Dad is an army recruiter. Ana carries a US Army knife. Zeke had a WWII era Luger. The door to the bunker as well as the interior of the bunker the Tailies find looks very similar to a quonset hut. The music and radio station mentioned above. Not sure where it's going.

Twins were mentioned in two seperate instances in this ep, and have been a theme in both seasons. The first was when Ana and Jack were walking on the beach - Ana mentioned that Scott or Steve wanted to join their "army" and Jack corrected her, noting that one of the twins was dead. Also, Hurley finds an unpublished manuscript in one of the suitcases and starts reading it. It's titled "Bad Twin". Aparently, it's going to be released, and is already available on Amazon. Read this thread for deets.

It's a given that I'm looking forward to the next ep. Battle lines are drawn - most of the main characters are taking sides. Oh, and here's another interesting read on people's theories about the dog, Vincent.
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bean (February 09, 2006 at 10:08:19 AM):
The author of "Bad Twin" is Gary Troup. His name is an anagram of purgatory. This better not be another fuckin' Twin Peaks.
corbin (February 09, 2006 at 10:49:55 AM):
good episode, didn't see the charlie/sawyer con, but did see a con of some sort coming. nice that sawyer is always looking out for #1. charlie is becoming very anakin skywalker/darth vaderesque
conley1 (February 10, 2006 at 10:17:35 AM):
I didn't really like this episode. It pissed me off in that there wasn't continuity from the hunting party episode... I think they are long conning us and are going to pull something way out of left field to leave us hanging over the summer.
bean (February 10, 2006 at 11:03:04 AM):
no doubt they'll end the season with a big question mark. They never really have done much in the ways of continuity - there are too many story lines to even attempt to. What with so dagon many character and all.
conley1 (February 10, 2006 at 12:04:00 PM):
true with all the characters and story lines, but they should at least give us a little indication of where they're going... i don't think they even know where the story is headed...
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