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Lost: Fire + Water (S02EP12)
Posted January 26, 2006 at 08:36:23 AM by Bean in the Lost category
Fire + Water was a Charlie-centric episode, but it touched on a lot of other hotpoints as well.

Fat Guy and Hot Chick
Yeah, even on a deserted island, I don't think Hurley has a real chance with Libby. In one part of the ep, Hurley and Libby head down to do some laundry in the suprisingly modern laundry room inside the hatch. Hurley's been mentioning that he's interested in her to various other Losties for a few episodes now, and he finally get's the nerve (thanks to Sawyer) to seek out some alone time. While doing the laundry, Hurley asks Libby if he's met her before. She mentions that he stepped on her toe when he boarded the plane and then distracts him by asking about a little purple top (clothing) that she found. She eventually asks him to turn around so she can strip down and try it on. Way to change the subject, slut. Hurley sat in and boarded the front of the plane, Libby was in the back - she's lying. Something isn't quite right with her - here's a discussion thread over at thefuselage.

Without gushing with too many details, I'll just say that I think Locke is up to something. He is the primary person that continues to isolate Charlie and push him away from Claire and her baby. He may even have done somehting to cause Charlie to halucinate - put some magic jungle goo in his water, hell, maybe even herion. Some of the halucinations were really creepy. Anyway, Locke IS saving all of those statues (why didn't he trash them?) for somehting. Whatever the cause, Charlies visions and dreams caused him to pretty much be exiled from the group. In the end, his wish was granted though. Claire, taking in all of this drama, decided to heed Charlies warning and have Eko baptize the herself and the baby. Lock belittled the whole baptism thing, and throughout the episode, I got a really bad feeling from him. He's working on something and he's being pretty sneaky about it. Something isn't quite right with him either - here's a another discussion thread at thefuselage. Plus, the preview for the next new ep indicates that Locke hides the guns from Jack. ???

Love Triangle
Well, the love triangle between Kate, Jack, and Sawyer seems to be all but gone. Kate and Sawyer are always together, as are Jack and Ana. Fine with me. I could do without all of the lovey dovey wishy washy stuff - show me more scenes with the monster!

Charlie's Backstory
Seems like he (along with his brother and band) was a one-hit wonder. He and his brother got into heroin before they started to fall from teh spotlight. The tried to stay afloat by doing some wicked crazy baby diaper commercial using their hit, but eventually bottomed out. Charlie's brother sold the piano that Charlie loved so much and split (with wife+kid) for rehab, leaving Charlie alone and broke. Serious abandonment issues - and now he's being abandoned again.

That's it for now. For other great Lost stuff, check out Sledgeweb. PS - next week is a repeat. SUCK.
Bean (January 26, 2006 at 10:02:42 AM):
Extra tidbit: During Charlies freaky dream with his mom and Claire on the beach, just before the dove flys out, the Beechcraft drug plane can be heard and seen in the HDTV version of the broadcast. You can hear it either way.
corbin (January 26, 2006 at 03:12:17 PM):
i think libby was a stripper or hooker in her real life, at least that's what i like to pretend...

i think locke effed charlie in the a as part of an alterior motive, same with der drugs.

i figured next week was a repeat when the preview at the end said, "wednesdays at 9" instead of "next wednesday"
conley1 (January 26, 2006 at 04:21:33 PM):
I tend to agree with the folks on the Fuselage that Libby might have been in or around Hurley at the mental institution. Even if she is crazy, Hurley should 'hit that', as Ana Lucia would say (starting to like her a little more).

I concur that Locke is up to something as well... he's moving in on Claire, and closing up shop on the guns (he changed the combination again). I feel bad for Charlie, getting dumped on and used by Locke. I don't think Charlie was using the heroin, I just think he's feeling the effects of the island.
Bean (January 26, 2006 at 05:19:24 PM):
Someone posted this about Libby on another thread. I think it's interesting:

Okay, just throwing in my two cents here... since the beginning, I've thought that there's NO way that Libby could be a psychologist- I'm in the process of becoming one myself and she totally doesn't act like one. If anybody is familar with psychologists at all, they know that the majority of them are constantly analyzing situations and people's behaviors, and there's no way the writers wouldn't have taken advantage of this to spice up the show. So far, Libby has seemed rather... dumb, maybe? She's hasn't really attempted to talk to anyone that much, as far as we've seen. She hasn't volunteered any insights as to people's crazy behavior (Ann-Lucia, Charlie, etc, everybody!) which is completely non-psychologist behavior. At first, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, because she was just introduced as a new character- but her behavior as of late is very, very suspicious. First of all... her apparent flirtation with Hurley- sorry, I love Hurley as much as anyone, but the chances that she'd become attracted to him right off the bat without getting to know him (i.e. attracted to him solely on his physical apperance) isn't very believeable. Secondly, her little mind games in the laundry room, and her seeming familar to Hurley when his subconscious memory kicks in. She was clearly trying to distract him from recognizing her, what with her sudden explosion of sexual flirtation (ripping off her clothes and changing into a sexy tank top right behind him?!?) and her quick little story about him stepping on her foot. Okay, so with all that in mind, here's my theory- she definitaly knows Hurley from before the plane crash. By her claiming she's a psychologist, and Hurley's odd behavior when his mind is telling her that she's familar somehow, I'm thinking that she more than likely was in the psych ward with him at the same time as a fellow patient. I'm thinking that she was probably FOLLOWING him for some reason... perhaps because of his newfound multi-million dollar status or some sort of nutty attachment to him in the psych ward. This would explain how she can physically describe his appearance when he was boarding the plane- if she was stalking him, I'm sure she was watching him on the plane. Her story about the foot-stepping incident was more than likely created to give him an excuse for her appearing familar, so that he would be less likely to remember where he REALLY knows her from. Then, again, sure, she could be one of the others.. and a real 'psychologist' who isn't volunteering information on the situation because the whole durn thing is one huge psychology experiment to assess tormented, guilt-ladden people's reactions in stressful situations (remember the Dharma group had a bunch of psychs)! That'd explain them removing the little kids and the "good" people- the former would be a compromise of their ethnical treatment of people (not that this whole situation would be ethnical at all), and the "good" people would need to be in their own seperate control group! Yeah! Nice!
corbin (January 26, 2006 at 06:59:47 PM):
maybe she's a chubby chaser
conley1 (January 26, 2006 at 07:48:26 PM):
did anyone else notice that one of charlie's brother's toys was Voltron??
corbin (January 26, 2006 at 08:01:55 PM):
that brought back memories
Jewfish (January 27, 2006 at 11:45:26 AM):
I like the idea of Libby being from the psych ward. It would make sense to me that she would claim to be a psychologist to cover that up -- she probably picked up enough buzzwords to cover her ass when talking to people on the island.

Voltron was the shiz-nite!
terri (January 28, 2006 at 11:39:52 PM):
did anyone notice that Libby is a tailie and could not have been passed by Hurley? Flash back to "exodus" Hurley did not step on anyone's foot.
conley1 (January 30, 2006 at 10:17:49 AM):
yeah, we all agree that libby is lying and made up the story to distract hurley... everyone's just trying to figure out her intentions, whether she's a chubby chaser, or if she is loco, or if she's both...
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