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Deutschblog #3
Posted August 15, 2005 at 08:44:00 AM by Bean in the Vacation category
Well, we only have one more full day and part of a night left in Germany. We have to get up around 3:30AM tomorrow to catch a train, then a plane, then another plane, then another plane. It'll be a long day/night/whatever it is after the 6 hour time diff kicks in.

Saturday, Stef and I toured the Erdinger brewery, which is the largest wheat beer brewery in the world. They had an amazingly clean place with lots of windows so you can see into pretty much every room. The tour was in German, but being the avid homebrewer that I am, I was able to tell what most of the stuff was even without having to consult Stef to translate. They had a storage facility where they cold-aged their bottles for in-bottle carbonation for 3-5 weeks. It was by far the most beer I've ever seen in one place. Rows and rows, all hunderds of feet in length, and stacked atleast 80 feet high. I got drunk just standing there.

After the tour, we had a few "samples" and some German munchies, then headed back to the train. We then realized that although we were able to catch a taxi FROM the train station to the brewery, it was bit more difficult to find on at the brewery TO the train station. Erding is a pretty small town. We ended up walking to a grocery store and having the lady at the returns desk call a taxi for us.

Yesterday, we visited the Olympic Stadium. Pretty impressive structures... I took some pictures and will put them up when we get back. It's like a little festival every day in there I think, complete with carnie rides, a beer tent, and "Authentic American Mini-Donuts" which did not look american or really that much like donuts. We had lunch at the Augestiener brew tent, along with a few beers, then hopped a train. We made it back and then headed to the Hoffbrauhaus (sp?) for one last round... okay, two last rounds. And a round is a lot of beer. It pretty much did us in. We walked around the city a little more, got some ice cream, and came back to our room for a heavy does of MTV. Jackass and Pimp My Ride (with or without the "Fahrrad" on the end) seem to be pretty popular.
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