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Movie Review: Aeon Flux
Posted December 19, 2005 at 08:46:55 AM by Bean in the Movies category
I didn't have the opportunity to watch the old Liquid Television series, so this movie was completely new to me. Aeon Flux was the first movie I ever downloaded on my new cable modem connection at home! Netflix be-damned, it's all illegal downloads from now on!

The beginning of the movie was hard to follow, but once things started coming together, it got a lot better. There are quite a few nice action scenes and effects (including a sweet black chick with hands where her feet should be). The giant blimp that held everyones DNA was a little on the WTF side of things, but the ending, in my opinion, was great. The premise (spoiler) of the story, for those who haven't seen it and probably wont, is this: A nasty virus cause a world-wide disastrophe and almost wiped out mankind, until we found a cure for it. Unfortunately the cure had sterility as a side affect - not a good thing when every surviving human on the planet takes it. So, in a panic, somebody develops human cloning techniques, builds a small fortress/city, and implants cloned embryoes into chicks when they come in for a manuhmanuh exam. 400 years pass, the masterminds continue to clone everyone in secret while cloning and teaching new versions of themselves the truth, the last human city grows larger, and the nth generation clones start feeling weird. Eventually, Aeon Flux catches onto this, and in a mish-mash of plot twists, ends up destroying the DNA bank which was the source of the clones, and discovering that the natural ability to breed has finally returned to humankind. On a scale from 6 to 9, I rate this movie 8.5.

I downloaded the 16 original episodes of Aeon Flux last night and plan on watching them this week ass wheel.
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