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Posted December 07, 2005 at 09:25:47 AM by Bean
I was trying to make a cappuccino this morning, but the steamer arm deally on the machine wasn't working properly, so I couldn't steam my milk. And by "milk" I mean "water and powdered creamer" because I don't have any milk at work. It's a cheap little machine that bosslady brought in, so I knew it would poop out eventually. So here I am, with 2 shots of espresso and no steamed milk, so I did what any coffee-drinking manly man would do - poured them into a cup of coffee. Coffeccino was born.

And here's three things about coffeccino:
  1. It's not a word, but you know what it is. Kinda like contanister.
  2. It tastes like burnt dirt.
  3. It makes you have to go to the poo-room really quickly.
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