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Movie Reviews: House of Wax and Sin City
Posted November 12, 2005 at 11:12:01 AM by Bean in the Movies category
House of Wax
Well, this movie was almost as good as The Ring Two. (PS - The Ring Two SUCKED) Not really very scary - just a lot of random gory scenes. The plot revolved around two effed up x-cojoined twins that are killing innocent campers and hot women and turning them into wax statues in an attempt to create a "wax city" as some kind of sick tribute to mommy. Unfortunately for them, wax burns well - and the end of the movie see's all of their hard work burn and melt into a town-sized glob of wax. The only saving grace of the whole movie is getting to see something cylindrical go into Paris Hiltons forehead instead of any of her pre-existing openings. (Steel pipe through the head). Overall: 2 thumbs down and a big ole fart noise.

Sin City
First off - I knew nothing about this "graphic novel" going into it, so I wasn't really sure what to expect plot-wise. Turns out to be three seperate stories, only barely related, about rough and tough men taking justice into their own hands. Each story was good on it's own, but I would have rather seen more connections between them or one big story involving them all. Interesting, and worth watching, but not worth watching again. My favorite things about Sin City were (1) The awesome camera work which was very comic-boos-esque, and (2) the gratuitious, often sloppy violence.
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fooiemcgoo (November 14, 2005 at 11:59:53 AM):
i liked sin city as well, but, like you said, i don't think i would want to watch it again. I liked how they really kept it like a comic book in terms of the camarawork, dark scenes, and black and white with some red here and there. I would like to see more comic book movies done this way. like batman and spiderman.

i found some of the blood to be exessive. i liked most of the characters,especially the huge guy with the big jaw. that "whore-city" was stupid.

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