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March Almuni Meeting
Posted March 10, 2003 at 02:21:04 PM by Bean


Dooley, Joe Miller, Joe Dirtass, Caleb, me.


Met at Charlies for free appemmetizers around 6:30.  The fried mushrooms were so good that I was forced to eat around 30 of them.  Got a PJ Tweety, asked for grilled onions AND regular onions... only recieved grilled onions.  I was upset, but ate the burger nonetheless.

After everyone finished eating, we decided to return to Dooley's Hautian garage, fire up the kerosene heater, and play beerpong.  We only played one game, but it was long.  Final score was Me & Caleb 30, Dooley and Dirt 28.  Joe Miller documented the game with multiple cameras, and pictures will be posted shortly.

After pong, Dooley passed out.  We markered on him and Dirtass put his Dirtass on his head for a few pictures.  We then left and had Amy drive us to a bar that had kareoke.  We soon found out that no bars have kareoke on Friday night.

Ended up at the Moose Lodge.  We were the only ones there I think.  We got free sloppy joes, $1 beers, and a few shots of something.  the jukebox sucked... took it like 2 hours to get to Calebs Billy Joel selections.  Killed time by playing pool and shuffelboard.

Shortly after the shots, my recolection of the night becomes choppy.  I know that Dirtass and I ended up back at Dooleys, locked out.  We made noise outside until the indian let us in.  Slept on the couch.

Went to Charlies for omlettes the next morning.  They were darn good.  Drove back to Indy to enjoy the 60 degree Saturday.


Dooley ended up with a broken finger and a red ear.  A few of us had our minds erased. 


Charlies refuses to put more that one type of onion on a tweety, but their omlettes are really good.  The Moose Lodge is party central.  And by "party central", I mean "like drinking at my grandma's."

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