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What About Bean?
Posted March 20, 2003 at 02:06:07 PM by Bean

Many of the reader ("reader" intentionally left singular) of the BeanBlog are probably wondering "What's Bean up to?"  Well, let me tell you:


I am training to run in the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon again this year.  My time last year for the 13.1 mile run was 1:39:39, which comes out to about 7:39/mile, and my final position was number 1515 out of 21923 finishers.  Since my goal was 1:45 for the race, I was pretty happy with my finish, and I'll have a good starting (seed) position this year. 

I've gained a little weight since last year, but I hope to be down to 195 or 190 by race time.  I have only been running short (3-6 mile) training runs so far, but I think I am on track to beat my time from last year.  My goal is to run 8mph throughout the race, which would make my finishing time around 1:38:15.  I'll be happy with any time that is under last years, though.

I have modified a bunch of mp3s to match my running pace (87 beats per minute) and have been using the music to keep myself at a constant 8mph (or greater) pace.  Today at lunch, I ran 4.4 miles in 32 minutes flat, which is a pace of about 7:17 per mile, or 8.25mph... yee haw!  Prease to rish me ruck!

Home Again, Home Again, Rooty Toot Toot

Stef and I are in the process of building/buying a house.  We are both pretty pumped.  I am especially excited because I will finally have a small chunk of dirt to put a garden in, and a big enough house to host a party worthy of the name HalloBean.

The house is going up in Southport, on the south side of Indianapolis.  it is located just west of the intersection of Emerson Avenue and Stop 11.  It's being built by Crossman, who just recently got bought out by Beazer Homes.  I am happy with my dealings with them so far, and I would recomend them to anyone looking for "starter" home.  If you are looking to build or buy a new home, check them out, and put me down as a reference - I'll split the 500 bone referal bonus with ya!

Moving into the house with Stef and I will be 4 cats.  Right now we are all living in a small, one-bedroom place on the NW side of the city.  4 cats is too many cats for such a small place.  It's a little scarry... no matter where you look, a cat is looking back at you.  Hopefully the new house (which is quite a bit bigger) will give them all enough room to roam and space to play.  Me rikey dis cats.

A buddy of mine, Andy, will also be moving in for the summer.  He will be interning for a company here in Indy for the third summer in a row, and using one of the spare bedrooms.  I hope he doesnt bring any additional cats.


I work for a company called Acterna.  We just moved to the south side about 1 month ago.  Right now, I have a 30 minute commute to and from work and it is driving me fucking crazy.  I have become perhaps the most agressive driver on the road and I am sure to either get a ticket or get in an accident soon.  Please say a prayer and ask [jebus, or insert Diety here] to help me.

Other than the commute, and the dirty, dirty shower facility at the new building, I am happy with the move.  We have a ping pong table in the office now, which is nice.  I fear it may be adversly affecting my beer pong game though, which is not nice.  Speaking of ping pong, I think I'll go play right now!

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