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Project Update
Posted June 02, 2003 at 09:14:33 AM by Bean

Besides helping relaxed-fit m1 move to Indy this weekend, I was able to knock two items off of my project list:

Garage - I insulated the garage and put pegboard up on both of the unfinished walls.  I used 256 linear feet of 15" wide R-13 fiberglass insulation and 10 4'x8' sheets of pegboard.  The total cost was $120... not bad.  I had to cover all parts of my body with clothing and wear a SARS mask while handling the insulation, so as to not inhale bits of shredded glass and whatnot.  Tonight, I am going to buy some pegs.

Garden - I put in my garden outline yesterday afternoon.  I made a retaining wall out of 44 12" brick peices.  I had to double them up in the back to account for the downward slope of the yard.  I'd say it's about 5' wide and 9' deep.  I have two tomato plants and a green bell pepper plant in it already.  I still need more dirt before planting the rest of the veggies.  Total cost (not counting plants) was about $65.

And speaking of projects... When Stefanie and I were packing up her apartment, my parents came up to help out one evening.  Stef lived in The Woods of Eagle Creek... it's a pretty big complex with a somewhat 'urban' mix of people living there.  My dad took note of all the people just hanging out outside, listening to their car stereos, gathering on the corners, etc. and said "Stefanie, does anyone else who lives in this project have a job?"  Luckily, Stefanie saw the humor in the statement and was not offended by my dad insinuating that she live in the Projects.

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