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Reading dooleys blog reminded me of a bunch of ARA stories which I will blog Monday. Habba enjoy weekend.

As promised:

When I was at Rose, the student union, and hence ARA, was pretty much always under construction. This meant that there was always a way to get in through a construction entrance, an unfinished wall, or an old door that they forgot to lock. This led to many alcohol-induced ARA raids.

Once we (BSB 2) took a 5-gallon bucket of cookie dough ice cream. We ate about half of it and then dumped the rest out the window onto the sidewalk.

Once I took a big bag-in-a-box of ketchup. I managed to use about 1/4 of it before it started tasting rotten. I dumped the remainder out the window onto the sidewalk.

I had an ongoing supply of those cheap little fake wooden cereal bowls and silverware. I treated them as "disposable."

There are many many other things that we took and/or ate whilst breaking into the food area, but the best story of all was the time JCTMH headed over there while drunk and started raiding the kitchen. Me and somebody else followed him over and snuck in on him as he was picking up a carton of eggs or something. We scared him and he dropped a big knife that he was holding and the carton of eggs. They all broke. Messy messy. On our way out, he attempted to fill a bottle with milk from the milk dispenser but accidentally broke the nozzle off of it. Milk was flowing onto the floor as we left. God knows how many gallons are in those things.
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I fixed the comments, yo.
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BANG birch!
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