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Posted June 10, 2003 at 09:11:55 AM by Bean

There's a city where the streets smell like vomit, hot sauce is served with every meal, daquaris are available in the drive-thru, and the bars never close.  Stef and I spent a long weeknd (and $500) in said city.

We did something "cultural" each morning, but once it hit noon, we made our way to Bourbon Street and started drinking.  We drank hurricanes, hand grenades, daquaris, and and lots of huge-ass-beers.  We ate oysters, catfish, crawfish, po-boys, gumbo, and everything creole.

Here is a story from night #1:

We were all drunk and dancing at Razoo, a club that is half karaoke, half dance.  They had 3 for 1 drinks, so we stayed, and got mo betta drunker.  A friend of a friend named Randy (girl) acquired the largest set of bead that I had ever seen (baseball sized) and gave them to me to hold.  2.5 seconds later, I was swormed with bead whores asking what they had to do to get them.  I politely said "they are not mine, I am holding them for someone else."  Politeness is something that is wasted on drunk New Orleans bead whores.  They tried to snatch them off my head, but were foiled by my cunningness as I had looped them around my arm as well.  Determined, the whores mobbed me, kept grabbing, and ripped off all of my other beads and put them around their own necks.  When I tried to grab them back, I got super dirty looks and heard growling.

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